10 Awesome Up-To-Date Designing Tools for Advanced Web Development


It is essential to get armed with excellent up-to-date designing tools if you want to take your advanced web development career to the next level. Every year, new designing tools enter the market, making advanced web development easy and enjoyable. You can’t love your work if you aren’t using new and best quality designing tools. Every web designer should have an easy time accomplishing their tasks using a plethora of tools, apart from Photoshop.

Every day, technology changes and brings with it new advanced tools for web development.

Below, I have picked 10 excellent up-to-date designing tools that will help every web developer and designer accomplish their tasks much easier while enjoying the job at the same time.



MarvalMarvel is another awesome tool that you can’t miss to acquire as a web designer. It is a collaborative, prototyping, and code-free design tool. With Marvel, you can quickly view your mock-ups using different devices, including Apple Watch. You can utilise the use of timers to handle the transition between pages or slides when creating your prototypes. There is a library of demo prototypes to check out on the website if you want to have a clear view of how Marvel works.



MacawMacaw can be a superb tool for those who are code-savvy. The Macaw user interface is designed to help you rapidly construct mock-ups, prototypes, and wireframes. You should feel comfortable when using this tool if you are familiar with Adobe’s flagship image manipulation app.

Macaw is also designed to generate the underlying CSS and HTML in the background as you continue with your work.



FrontifyFrontify stands as one of the best tools for advanced web development, given its impressive features. The Frontify Style Tutorial has helped many web developers and designers create style and branding tutorials for their projects.

This tool also comes with prototyping software called Workspace. It is through Workspace that you and your team get the chance to give presentations, approve changes, add comments, share designs, all through the online app.



PixatePixate is one of the best designing apps. It is specially designed for creating interactive and intuitive prototypes for Android and iOs. Pixate comes with a drag-and-drop interaction and animation panel. All you need to do is choose the interaction you want to use to make an element interactive. There are various types of interactions that you can consider using, including tap, drag, or double-tap.

Pixate Android or iOSam app gives you real-time working prototype on your device.



AtomicAtomic is the most awesome web designing tool that every designer should grab before 2017.

The tool is specially designed to allow you develop in your browser, on both Macs and PCs, after which you can easily showcase them on various devices.

In fact, it is a great tool that you can use to send your developer a draft of how you want a certain task to be done or showing clients your mock-ups.



FormYou can consider adding Form in your list of advanced web development tools. This tool is worth keeping for prototyping tasks. Form helps you explain things to your audience in a better way by allowing you create prototypes for various devices and then add all the necessary animation and interactive effects. In fact, there are multiple prototypes and demos available for download from the website.



AvocadoAvocode makes it very easy for advanced developers to code apps or websites from Sketch or Photoshop. With just one click, you can easily sync your PSD into Avocode using its Photoshop plugin. Avocode brings everything into a beautifully designed UI, by quickly and automatically analysing your Sketch or PSD file. Also, this tool gives you full control over SVG exporting as standard and how you export other assets.

Wire Flow


Wire FlowWire flow is an impressive wireframe design tool for Android.

The Android-only Wire Flow has many uses, and the good thing is that it is easily accessible such that you can work while in a meeting. It’s upon you to figure out how you can utilise this tool’s features to achieve the best results for any project. You can use this tool on a mobile device and explore numerous features that it presents. Creating wireframes will be simplified and easy if you make proper use of the Wire Flow tool.



OrigamiOrigami is a unique tool that has been used to develop Facebook’s popular products, including Messenger and Instagram. The Facebook team has created this free prototyping and wireframing tool. You can quickly increase your workflow by taking advantage of its Sketch integration.



RelayRelay should be of interest if you like using Slack. Relay is compatible with Sketch, the Chrome browser, and the Adobe CC web design tools.