10 Of The Most Beautiful One-Page WordPress Themes

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Although WordPress might have begun its life solely as a blogging platform, it’s now much more than that. Yes, it’s still one of the most versatile and most widely used blogging platforms out there (used by millions and millions of people every month) but it’s also used as a basis for thousands of sites all over the web.

The versatility of the platform has made it the perfect platform to build an entire website around and now, there are a host of themes, templates and plug-ins.

Recently, one-page websites have been used by thousands of brands looking for a simple solution for their website. One-page sites tend to be perfect for landing pages, creative agencies or even those looking to showcase their products/services in a unique and elegant way.

So, we thought we’d round up a few of our favourite one-page WordPress themes that have come onto the market in the past year or so. Enjoy!


#1 – Snapture


Snapture is the perfect theme for any photographers out there as it’s both elegant and beautiful. It would also be suited to premium brands and those looking for a trendy website to showcase their services or any designers with a portfolio.

Snapture features a fully-responsive design that looks great on desktops, tablets and mobile devices alike. It makes great use of HTML5/CSS to create a beautiful menu that neatly folds away when not in use.

It also features a beautiful age builder so creating the perfect website is easier than ever.


#2 – Kanso


Kanso is one of our favourite one-page WordPress themes as its simplicity is outstanding. You’ll notice from the image above that Kanso features a largely flat design which gives it an elegant yet subtle look.

The theme would be perfect for any creative agency, freelancer, photographer or even corporate business. It makes subtle use of parallax effects to create a sense of depth within the design, but it’s not overdone at all (unlike many themes).

It features a fully-responsive design (Retina-ready) and also has advanced SEO support.


#3 – Town


Town is a beautiful one-page theme that can also be used as a multi-page template if you so-desire. You’ll notice that it makes use of a large background image on the homepage along with bold, uppercase typography which helps to keep things simple and stylish.

It comes with five different homepage variations (one of which is a video background style) and is fully responsive. It’s also Retina-ready and features a beautiful AJAX portfolio.


#4 – Miinus


Miinus is an extremely beautiful, elegant and minimalistic theme that can be used as a one-page or multi-page template. It primarily has a black and white colour scheme which makes it perfect for those seeking a simple and premium-looking solution.

The theme features a number of custom animations and is fully SEO optimised too. It’s Retina-ready and if you so-desire, you can change the colour scheme to any combination you like (although we think the black and white scheme looks perfect).


#5 – Widely


Widely is a blog and portfolio theme that is focussed around imagery. It can be used as a multi-page or one-page theme and is highly customisable via the admin panel.

The theme has been built with mobile devices in mind meaning that it looks just as elegant on an iPhone as it does on a desktop computer. It has a range of post formats for blog posts including audio, video, gallery and image-based posts.

It’s a great theme for those looking to showcase their work as the design is heavily focussed around imagery.


#6 – Haven


Haven has to be one of the most beautiful WordPress themes we’ve ever come across and what’s more, it’s perfect for just about any use.

The theme features a fully-responsive design along with an AJAX masonry portfolio and Retina-ready icons. It makes great use of imagery (as you can see from the homepage screenshot above) and the typography is modern and inviting.

One again, the theme makes subtle use of a parallax scroll which further adds to its beauty.


#7 – Only


Only is an extremely simple, elegant, beautiful and versatile theme that is perfectly adaptable for a variety of uses.

It makes use of large uppercase typography and whitespace to create an elegant desire that would be suitable for any creative agency, freelancer, blogger or even corporate client. It features a beautiful portfolio solution that allows you to showcase your work in a visually appealing manner.

It is fully responsive and looks great on Smartphone’s, tablets and desktops alike.


#8 – Nayma


Nayma is an extremely versatile multi-purpose WordPress theme that manages to retain its beauty despite its versatility.

The theme can be customised in a number of ways and features twelve builder modules in the backend to help build your site. It is also compatible with WooCommerce and has a visual composer to ensure that everything is as straightforward as possible.

It features a number of blog layouts and portfolio combinations. If you’re looking for a beautiful yet customisable WordPress theme, Nayma is the theme for you.


#9 – Playne


Playne is an extremely minimalistic theme that has been created primarily as a blogging solution. It offers a beautiful, clean and simple way of showcasing your written content, yet it still has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Playne makes use of a subtle yet rather elegant scroll effect which will help draw the attention of your sites visitors. There are a number of post formats to choose from so there is some flexibility with the theme too.

It’s possible to assign custom headers, footers and background images to each post individually through the backend.


#10 – Magnum


Magnum is the perfect solution for those seeking a stunningly beautiful portfolio theme that just oozes creativity and confidence.

It makes use of a full screen background image (or video) combined with large bold typography to create a subtle yet beautiful design. It has a number of great features too including a responsive lightbox for images, custom thumbnail cropping and Retina-ready icons.

It’s fully-responsive and looks great on all devices.



We’re sure that we’ll see a whole host of beautiful WordPress themes released this year (both one-page and multi-page) but for now, these are some of our personal favourite one-page themes out there.

What’s more, they’re available for just a few dollars and can be installed on your existing WordPress blog/site in a matter of minutes.

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