7 Amazing Apps to Enhance Business Productivity


With the continuous boom in mobile technology and growing importance of remote work, many entrepreneurs are rethinking their ways and habits. They are ditching clunky desktops and embracing mobile devices as essential tools in their arsenal. The days of relying solely on PC to do everything are numbered: We take our smartphones everywhere, so we may as well make good use of them.

Besides, there are a mind-boggling number of business apps out there and they all promise great results. This is all great and fine, but you need to pick the tool that really delivers value and that isn’t easy. In any case, being more productive and harnessing the power of technology is not optional: It’s an absolute must in the highly competitive business landscape.

Therefore, if you mean to stay competitive and make strides towards your goals, you must leverage powerful digital tools. Here are some that stand out and could be worth your while.

Google AdWords

This app has been around for some time and it works miracles for those actively managing PPC campaigns. Namely, with AdWords, you no longer have dreads when handling a variety of small, technical tasks. You can allocate your time and resources much more efficiently. It is possible to easily disable/enable campaigns, change keyword bids, and create ads and ad groups. The platform also alerts you when you need to address different areas of your account.

So, with this digital helper, businesses are able to quickly optimize their PPC efforts and reach people who are interested in their products and services. The ultimate goal of advertising is within reach: You can use the right keywords for your target audience and display only revenue-generating clickable ads in Google results. Scattergun tactic was never fruitful and not it has become obsolete.

Business overdrive


Meetings are an integral part of business goings-on, but they can consume quite a bit of time without adding real value to your company. Well, with GoToMeeting, this is a thing of a past. Businessmen can finally handle meeting with clients or team members who are scattered across multiple locales. The app comes as a life-savior to companies that implement flexible work arrangements and remote work.

As a comprehensive virtual platform, GoToMeeting enables attendees to take part in meeting without physically present in the room.  Setting up and joining meetings is effortless and it can be conducted anywhere and anytime. Provided that you have a solid connection, the quality of sound and audio is pretty good. So, trim commute costs and make the best use of your available time.


Accounting is the lifeblood of any company, but also one of the least glamorous aspects of being a businessman. Now, even if you cannot afford a professional accountant on your payroll and lack the expertise yourself, you shouldn’t fret. You can sort this out using Harvest, a digital tool that allows you to deal with time and expanse sheets more efficiently than ever before.

Likewise, it’s much simpler to send invoices, take and upload photos of receipts, and edit time entries. You will never get overwhelmed trying to meet accounting requirements and avoid falling behind on schedule. There’s a free plan, but if you want to take on more than a handful of clients and project, you might have to come up with a monthly fee of $12.


When caught in hustle and bustle of daily operations it’s easy to forget about a particular task or obligation. So, instead of keeping tabs on everything manually, you are better off using this online solution for storing and accessing lists. As the name suggests, Todoist app is tailored to business people who want to stay on top of a bunch of different to-do lists.

It syncs across devices, which is to say it works like a charm both for desktop and mobile users. Moreover, the collaboration features allow others to effortlessly join your lists. The user interface is sleek and minimalists, making it easy for beginners to grasp the basics. Everyone within the company can stay on the same page and directed towards set goals and deadlines.

Seomator crawler

Getting the hang of SEO is a challenge for numerous businesses. Fortunately, to grasp all the moving parts and start driving organic traffic your way, you can use a Seomator SEO crawler app.  As the name suggests, this tool is capable of crawling your pages and links, producing error reports, and assessing the level of SEO-friendliness.

This is to say you are equipped to uncover technical issues, such as broken links, duplicate content, and non-existent pages, as well as to prevent them from impeding your search engine ranking.  The intuitive interface and seamless features help even novices make the sense of all good SEO demands. So, don’t miss the opportunity to fix your pages and get ahead of the competition in SERPs.


Internal business communication can be a tedious hodgepodge. Sometimes, even tackling a pile of emails in your inbox is enough to give you headaches. The good news is that Slack brings order to the matrix of channels and streamlines the processes of creating discussion channels, communicating via direct messaging, sharing files, etc.

The package includes a robust set of features, settings, and tools, although calendar and task-management is not included. Nevertheless, a great thing about this app is that everything is archived and rendered searchable. When it comes to private backchannels and nonessential discussion, it does not get better than Slack.


Dealing with the complexity that is web is a time-consuming and draining endeavor. Pocket empowers you to rise above the tumultuous matrix of links, content pieces, and other detail. It represents a single dashboard for collecting and managing stories and posts that are relevant to your interests. Think of it as a digital library where you can store everything that you find interesting, useful, and educative.

An intuitive interface facilitates the process of tracking industry influencers and helps you avoid lagging behind important events, goings-on, and trends. In addition, this app comes in handy when you want to organize your own digital presence. Chrome users will be delighted to find out that Pocket also works as a simple extension for the browser. So, take advantage of it to separate the wheat from the chaff and make your life easier.

Kick your business game into overdrive

Mobile technology is constantly evolving, spawning new productivity tools and changing the way we work. Indeed, apps are a vital part of many successful online businesses, but also a game changer for all companies that aspire to capture internet audience or ramp up efficiency.

There is an app for virtually everything, and some tools can serve as highly-efficient personal assistants and productivity boosters. The only problem is how to pinpoint the product that is right fir for your organisation. We have presented some apps worth your attention, but at the end of the day it’s your call.

So, buckle down and do the research. Download an app that suits your specific needs, and ensure that 2018 is a year of breakout for your business. Make it all work, even while being bombarded with a slew of tasks from all sides. It’s high time to take your productivity to new dizzying heights. Outpace your competition using digital get engines that lie at your disposal.