9 Proven Ecommerce Business Ideas to Make £10k A Month


Your ideal customers are buying products online right now. You need to be where they are to serve them better.

According to this study, “93.5% of global internet users have purchased products online.”

There’s no better time to start and grow a profitable eCommerce business.

If you want to generate £10k per month, you need to first validate your idea — even if you don’t have a product yet to sell.

That’s why I did all the research to help you find proven eCommerce business ideas that are already generating £10k each month. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel — simply pick an idea that’s already working and define a strong USP.

I’m only referring to legit eCommerce businesses. Not a churn and burn business model that will waste your time and money.

No eCommerce business idea is better than the other. Every idea has the potential to make you £10k and even more every month.

Whether you’re selling Jewelry, Mannequins, handmade hats, or the latest tech, your success or failure largely depends on your customers, how you package the products, and the marketing involved.

Ecommerce business ideas | Mannequins

As individuals, we all have different interests, skills, and strengths — so it’s important to invest resources (time and money) into an idea that suits you.

Essentially, there are 4 ways to make money with an eCommerce business model:

  • Create and sell your own product
  • Dropshipping / Online Arbitrage
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Private label

The 9 proven eCommerce business ideas below fall into one or multiple categories above. They’re all effective and profitable, so let’s dive into the ideas:

Idea #1: Sell Handmade Treats To Pet Owners

A lot of people own pets and they care and love these pets so much. If you think that dogs and cats are owned by a few people, think again.

Pet ownership has already begun a movement — with nationwide dog shows and events in most countries of the world.

The good news is those pet owners are willing to spend money on dog grooming, dog food, dog health, and most importantly, on treats.

Some of the dogs treats sold online have been reported to be toxic. As a result, pet owners are skeptical — they now prefer handmade treats. The Dog bakery is a great example. It sells dog treats made of all-natural ingredients.

dog bakery

Homemade pet food products are gaining tremendous popularity in recent times. If you have pets that are enjoying your healthy recipes and treats, you can make some and sell them online.

The market is growing at a steady rate, and you can easily maximize customer lifetime value (CLV).

Ideally, offer subscription boxes for treat supplies, cross-sell with complementary homemade pet foods or kennels. The opportunities are just endless.

Why start a handmade treat store?

  • Pet owners are ready to buy healthy handmade pet treats
  • The pet food market is always growing (it hasn’t declined since 2015)
  • You can be confident that your pet treats are safe and healthy

Idea #2: Sell Wholesale Baby Toiletries For Eco-Friendly Parents

Ecommerce stores like Bundle Baby Shop and Deebee are already dominating this space. Generally, baby care products are always on demand — regardless of the economic or social welfare of parents.

bundle baby

Babies are precious, so we treat them with care and love. We don’t want them to feel abandoned or neglected in any way.

If you love caring for babies, you can start a diaper service in your city. As you scale, you can expand into other cities and states.

There’s an established market for eco-friendly baby products. According to statistics, there will be 80 million babies in the US by 2020. This will account for 24% of the entire US population.

This is good news for eCommerce entrepreneurs. Another data also shows that about 20% of baby products sales happen online — which is higher than other consumer packaged goods.

Why start a wholesale baby toiletries store?

  • There are thousands of local shops to resell for you
  • Parents are ready to buy eco-friendly baby toiletries
  • There are stunning baby-friendly eCommerce themes to customize for your store

Idea #3: Start a Vape Hardware, Flavors, and Liquids Niche Store

The vaping industry is growing dramatically and has become a highly lucrative business idea.

Vaping has since transitioned into the mainstream, with the vape industry projected to grow from billion in 2015 to billion in 2025.

Even though there are thousands of vaping-focused online stores, there’s still a lot of opportunities — especially if you start a store to sell to local communities.

Vapella has a huge collection of vaping products and thousands of customers.

vape shop


Many Vape shops don’t survive the teething phases because the founder assumed it’s a hobby or passion project. But that’s the wrong way to go about it.

Although Vaping and e-Cigarettes can be an enthusiast driven hobby, given the vast vape community that talks about everything from the latest mods, new discounters, new types of liquid and even pending FDA legislation.

To thrive in this growing Vaping hardware, flavors, and liquid space, you need to be relevant on social media platforms. You also need to offer top-notch customer service.

Why start a Vape Hardware and e-Liquids shop?

  • It’s easy to sell to local communities
  • There are plenty of Vape supplies around the world
  • A thriving community of vaping enthusiasts to rub minds together

Idea #4: Sell Skateboards, Electric Scooters, and Hoverboards

I have sold Hoverboards as an Amazon affiliate. Although my niche website generates fewer than 5,000 monthly page views, the site still earns $1,000 in commissions every month.

That’s for affiliate marketing only. No dropshipping or private label opportunities yet.

Now imagine how much you can make if you scale this to 20k – 50k monthly pageviews, the earnings will significantly be multiplied.

You can also sell Electric scooters and skateboards, these devices have become mainstream.

Aside from Amazon and other big eCommerce sites, smaller stores are selling these devices as well. For example, Skatehut resells Skateboards and accessories.

skate hut

You can now enter this market with a huge number of enthusiasts and buyers who are searching for high-quality products and accessories.

Yes, getting this product from the manufacturers to the customers might be a hurdle, that’s why dropshipping is a great way to improve the logistics and lower the cost of setting up the business in the niche.

Why choose to sell Skateboards and Electric scooters?

  • It’s a growing industry
  • They’re a great gift for a friend, spouse, or kid. So you’ll get consistent sales
  • There are manufacturers in the US, UK, and China, offering dropshipping programs

Idea #5: Selfie Drones Online Shop

Just like Skateboards and Hoverboards, selfie drones are also becoming a growing trend, with expensive products and accessories to buy.

This eCommerce business model offers you a chance to generate £10k/month, by recommending and selling drones. Air Selfie Camera facilitates aerial photography with its drone, which is affordable. You too can resell such drones in your online store.


Today, some drones deliver packages to farmers to help monitor their crops. Videographers also make use of drones to capture aerial shots, and so on. As the days go by, the demand for selfie drones grows as well.

With Selfie drones, people can easily capture pictures from any angle they want, without using a selfie stick. It’s projected that by 2020, this industry will exceed 7 billion in sales.

Don’t be left behind. Start a Selfie Drones online shop and start making money today. Yes, you can dropship drones. To engage the buyers, create videos where you show how the drone works. Also, get video testimonials of your happy customers — use these videos to drive new sales. Videos are powerful sales tools.

While online tech stores use videos predominantly, health-related sites are also using them.

One good example in the health niche is Infinite Recovery, a detox center that uses video success stories to encourage new patients to enroll in their counseling programs. You can apply this video marketing idea to your eCommerce business — regardless of the niche.


If you have a tech-related eCommerce website or blog, you can partner with manufacturers who may be interested in buying leads and customer contacts. Either way, you’ll make £10k/month from this eCommerce business model if you don’t give up.

Why start a selfie drone site?

  • Drones are useful for various purposes — photography, wildlife, security, etc.
  • Drones eliminate manual inspections (it helps you get ahead quickly)
  • Drones are quite expensive (the profit margin is high)

Idea #6. Resell Sleeping Mattresses and Pillows

Millions of people in the US and around the world believe that good sleep leads to a better life and overall good health.

When you sleep better, you perform better!

If this is true, then starting an eCommerce website to sell sleeping mattresses and pillows can help you generate a decent income. You don’t have to manufacture these products, it’s okay to resell or drop ship them.

The sleep industry is huge and quite broad. It might be difficult to succeed if you don’t have a big advertising budget. It’s better to narrow your niche and dominate it. A favorite example of mine is Zoma, an eCommerce website that sells soft mattresses to Athletes.


Being a healthy-related niche, there’s a lot of money and government regulations to keep an eye on, but it’s as straightforward as it can be.

You can start your site with Shopify or use WooCommerce to launch an online store on WordPress — then customize the look and feel of your pages to match your brand.

You can also get help from a WordPress designer. Use a remote tool like ClickUp or Slack to collaborate and stay on the same page. It’ll make you productive and organized while your store is being built.

Why start an eCommerce store to resell mattresses?

  • You’re catering to a huge audience (with willing customers)
  • You can sell locality in a physical store
  • There are plenty of mattress and pillow manufacturers to partner with

Idea #7: Start a Meal Planning Online Store

All over the world, people take what they eat seriously. The food we eat has a direct impact on our health and intelligence.

If your friends love eating your meals and trying your recipes, it might be an opportunity to scale this business idea and sell custom meal plans online.

Better yet, if you’re a fitness coach or fitness enthusiast, you can start an online store to sell meal plans as a complementary product to any weight loss program.

Any successful brand taking this part? Of course, there are so many of them. My favorite example is the Ultimate Meal Plans — it offers simple, tasty meal plans to help individuals get healthy as they lose weight.

meal plans

It costs $8/month, but it’s completely worth it considering you get to choose your perfect meal plan, track your weekly shopping list, download customized meal plans, and interact with the community.

This online store also uses email marketing to engage customers and upsell other products. Your email list is your asset, so start today with MailChimp (build your first 2,000-contact list for free). Or choose a MailChimp alternative from this list.

Also, remember to optimize your food-related online store for search engines. A quick SEO audit will help you discover meal planning keywords and content ideas to boost your traffic and rankings.

Why start a meal planner online store?

  • The meal plans niche isn’t as saturated as weight loss (so you can easily dominate it)
  • People spend a lot of money on the “right” meal
  • It’s easy to get started if you’re passionate about healthy eating

Idea #8: Dropship Capsule Filler Machines

I’d never have considered this eCommerce business idea. But it’s a lucrative niche to build an eCommerce website on.

Here’s a quick statistic: by the end of 2027, the Capsule Filler market is projected to attain a market value of $1 billion.

The demand for Capsule Filler machines is on the increase. This is as a result of the technological advancements plus the need for optimizing production.

That’s why eCommerce stores like Ifacapsulefillers.com and others are at the forefront of this niche trend.

capsule fillers

If you’re medical personnel or have some interest in medicine, this new niche is still untapped. There’s a lot of opportunities to dropship, presell, or even partner with Capsule Filler machine manufacturers.

Truly, this eCommerce business idea may not be suitable for everybody, it’s still a proven idea that works — especially if you turn your blog into an online learning platform with blog posts, video, podcasts, eBooks, infographics, and other forms of content to educate your customers and presell them.

Why choose this untapped eCommerce idea?

  • The profit margin is high
  • The demand for capsule filler is on the rise
  • It’s easy to dropship capsule filler machines directly from the manufacturer

Idea #9: Start a Clothing Line Shop

If you’re fascinated about custom designs and fabrics, and a little bit of time on your hands, you can quickly launch your clothing store in no time.

To be honest, the clothing market is too broad to delve into as a beginner. It’s going to be tough to compete against eCommerce giants like Amazon, Ebay, Zappos, and the likes.

clothing store

Niching down is always the best approach. Instead of selling everything ‘clothing,’ you can choose a specific aspect and become the go-to online store in that space. A great example is 3Wishes, a clothing brand that specializes in Lingerie and Costumes.

wishes store

Orizabariginal.com also niched down with its recycled Mexican fabrics approach. That’s their unique selling point (USP).

textile product store

Alternatively, start a print on demand clothing store using Shopify. Simply integrate with Oberlo, Printify, Printful, or similar product sourcing apps.

Each of these apps will automatically link your store to apparel printers and clothing manufacturers.


They’ll handle the logistics, the branding, and the retail fulfillment process for you. You simply have to design and ship a wide range of custom outfits that will thrill the customers.

Why choose a clothing line?

  • You’ll be selling products that people will use daily
  • It’s easy to build a clothing store and start selling in 15 minutes
  • See your custom designs come to life, make money in the process

Ecommerce Business Ideas (How to Build Your Own Online Store)

Building an online shop has become a fun project. In this day and age, there are easy-to-use online store builders that make the job easier.

All you need is a domain name, web hosting plan, and an intuitive website builder to build a clean website design.

You don’t even need a coding skill or experience. Shopify makes the design process easy, with a ton of themes and apps that enhance your storefront, manage products and customers, market your online shop, and make money online.


If you don’t want to spend $29/month to use Shopify, you can design an online store for free with WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin.

This powerful plugin will handle the eCommerce side of things for you. If you already have a domain and web hosting service, then it costs $0.00 to start with WooCommerce.


All in all, starting an eCommerce business could be the best way to earn $10k per month in the coming year. Because millions of customers have switched to the internet to buy products — since the new normal.

Remember that having a functional and beautiful eCommerce store is just one part of the equation. Bringing customers to your store is as important as having a great idea.

So take marketing seriously. Buyers are not going to find your online store just because it exists — you’ve got to promote it using SEO, social media, paid ads, content marketing, and so on.

Smart eCommerce marketers and brands start their online marketing campaigns before they even source products from suppliers.

To thrive in this space, focus on product quality and good customer service. If you follow these tips, your one-time customers will come back again, and this time, they’ll bring their friends and fans to buy from your online store.