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A Look Ahead at Web Design Trends for 2017

Every year the world of web design becomes more and more exciting. New technologies, ideas and innovations mean that designs can produce ever more elaborate, interactive and informative sites, improving user experience and making the internet an easier and more intuitive place to explore.

With the year now drawing to a close, it’s safe to say 2016 was no different. A variety of new trends has already hit the web, with a broad range of unique new sites and eye-catching redesigns transforming the way we access online information. So with 2017 just around the corner, it’s time to take a look at the trends set to take the internet by storm in the coming year. From personalisation to user experience and design to functionality, 2017 is set to bring us many exciting and innovative web design trends.


To grab the attention of site users, and turn them from one-off visitors into regular customers, sites need to tailor their user experience. There are lots of ways to do this, from creating a site that remembers users and their preferences, to building a web page that’s tailored towards a particular geographic region, demographic or niche interest. The more personalised and targeted the site, the more users will trust its contents and explore its pages.



Thanks to the rise of the mobile web, scrolling is well and truly back in fashion. In general, smartphone users prefer to navigate a site by scrolling than by tapping, trends that have caused web designers to rethink the way they structure their sites. In the coming year, we’re likely to see more and more sites that are built to be scrolled, allowing mobile users to find the content they’re looking for quickly and improving the user experience.


Imagery has long been a fundamental part of web design. In the past, most designers used either photos, graphics or illustrations to animate their sites. In 2017 however, it’s likely we’ll see increasing numbers of sites combining a range of image styles, with examples appearing alongside photos and graphics to create stylish, unique and contemporary designs.


Over the last few years, the popularity of the video has been on the up. We’ve seen many sites incorporate video into their backgrounds, with increasing numbers of web pages playing films automatically when you click on a link. It’s likely this trend will continue over the coming year, with even more content delivered in a video format.

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Mobile optimisation

With more than 70% of people in the UK now owners of a smartphone, the rise of the mobile web are unstoppable. As a result, the trend for mobile optimised sites will continue strongly into 2017. Virtually all new sites will be built with the mobile web in mind, with the SEO benefits, as well as the user experience, making mobile optimisation beneficial for businesses.

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