Achieve WordPress Site Accessibility and Drive Online Business Growth with accessiBe: A Plugin Review


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If your WordPress website isn’t accessible, you run the risk of getting slapped with accessibility-related lawsuits.

The penalty for such lawsuits could cost you thousands of dollars.

While WordPress offers basic accessibility features and themes, they are severely lacking and would fail catastrophically at helping you achieve compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

The good news is, the Web Accessibility by accessiBe plugin can help you make your website more accessible and compliant with these laws and guidelines.

In this review, we’ll look into the accessiBe plugin for WordPress, its features, and how it can help you achieve website accessibility and ADA and WCAG compliance.

accessiBe’s automated solution: A quick overview

accessiBe’s AI-powered, automated web accessibility solution was designed to enhance your website’s usability and accessibility and achieve ADA and WCAG compliance.

The company offers a WordPress plugin that allows you to install and configure accessibility features for your website without writing a single line of code.

Installing the accessiBe WordPress accessibility plugin allows users to browse your site with ease and to personalize their experience. This helps your site cater to wider audiences and set your business up for growth.

Installing the accessiBe plugin for WordPress

Installing the accessiBe web accessibility plugin for your WordPress website is a pretty straightforward process with these steps.

1. Log into your WordPress website management.

2. Navigate to the main menu, click Plugins > Add New.

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3. Type in accessiBe in the search box on the Add Plugins page.

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4. Click Install Now and Activate after successfully installing the plugin.

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plugin activation

6. Look for Web Accessibility by accessiBe on the Installed Plugins page, and click Settings.

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7. Customize and design the accessiBe icon’s and other elements’ appearance according to your website theme and click Save changes.

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Once the plugin is installed, accessiBe’s AI technology will scan your website for new and updated content every 24 hours and make automatic adjustments to keep it accessible and compliant.

accessiBe plugin features

Installing the accessiBe plugin to your WordPress website gives you access to the solution’s web accessibility services.

accessiBe’s solution is two-fold: the AI-powered background process, and the accessibility interface, that run simultaneously to make your site accessible and ADA and WCAG compliant.

Accessibility interface

The accessibility interface handles the User Interface or UI-related adjustments. It allows users to customize your WordPress website’s interface based on their disability and preferences.

The accessibility customization options include the following:

Accessibility profile

accessiBe’s Accessibility Profiles automatically enable a set of common accessibility combinations to accommodate specific disability needs.

This includes seizure safe, vision-impaired, and cognitive disability profiles (among others). Website users can easily choose a profile and turn it on or off in the Accessibility Adjustments interface.

Accessibility profile

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Content adjustments

The accessibility interface allows users to make content adjustments to your website, letting them see and use your site’s content, elements, and functionalities easily.

content adjustments

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Users can scale the content, change the text to a readable font, highlight titles and links, magnify text, and adjust the font size, line height, and letter spacing.

Color adjustments

Visitors can modify your website’s text, title, and background colors and adjust the saturation and contrast accordingly.

Color adjustments

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The adjustments help color-blind and visually-impaired users see your site content and elements effectively.

Orientation adjustments

accessiBe’s interface orientation adjustments allow your WordPress website users to hide images, mute sounds, enable a reading guide, stop animations and flashing content, and more.

Orientation adjustments

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The accessibility adjustments interface also includes a built-in dictionary to help users look up meanings of words without opening a new tab or window.

The interface offers seamless accessibility and customization options that users can easily tailor to their individual needs and specific disabilities.

The AI-powered background process

accessiBe’s AI-powered background process optimizes your WordPress website to make it compliant with the more complex web accessibility requirements, such as screen-reader compatibility and keyboard navigation.

Screen-reader optimization

accessiBe uses Artificial Intelligence to learn all your WordPress website’s components and ensure ongoing compliance with accessibility requirements — even with your daily site updates.

The AI background process scans and analyzes your website through image recognition and contextual understanding.

This allows the Artificial Intelligence to learn your site’s functionality and elements and automatically adjust them to your users’ screen-reader software.

The screen-reader adjustments include:

  • Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) attributes
  • Alt tags
  • State controls
  • Roles and landmarks
  • Buttons and icons
  • Validations and forms

Website visitors who use screen readers get automatic announcements to enable the screen-reader mode as soon as they land on your website.

Essentially, accessiBe’s AI-powered background process ensures that users who rely on screen-readers can comprehend, navigate, use, and enjoy your website’s functions.

Keyboard navigation optimization

accessiBe’s AI technology learns and understands your WordPress website’s structures and elements behavior on the fly. It then adds keyboard-only functionality to each one.

The automated keyboard navigation adjustments include:

  • Menus
  • Forms
  • Dropdowns
  • Popups
  • Buttons
  • Skip Links

This allows users to navigate your website using the Tab and Shift+Tab keys, including triggering links and buttons using the Enter key and other keyboard functionalities.

Keyboard users can also tap Alt+2 to enable the content-skip menus for quick and easy site navigation.

Leverage the accessiBe WordPress accessibility plugin

accessiBe’s automated web accessibility AI service handles the heavy-lifting of making your WordPress website accessible and ADA and WCAG compliant.

Installing the plugin provides an almost effortless way of connecting to accessiBe’s service without the hassles of configuring theme files and coding.

accessiBe can keep your website accessible and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines at all times, save you boatloads of time and money, and protect your site from accessibility-related issues.

It can also help you provide exemplary, personalized customer experiences. This lets you widen your reach, accommodate more prospects, and drive conversions and sales ultimately.