Best Ecommerce Software for Small Businesses 2021


The World Wide Web has become an integral part of our lives. From banking to blogging, the virtual platform supports everything. The internet has even changed the way we conduct business. Online stores and e-commerce portals with their robust framework and the global appeal are slowly overpowering the retail shops. Almost everything is available with just the click of a button. Discussed below are some of the top e-commerce website builders for start-ups.



 Shopify shopping


Shopify has all the elements and features required to run a successful e-commerce platform. The flexible online storefront and quick payment processing functionality enhance the website’s performance tenfold. Moreover, the software also includes free web hosting, domain services and inventory manager, site builder and other CRM tools that only make your job easier. This all-in-one e-commerce platform also allows users to create and manage multiple stores with a single account. The SEO optimisation tools further boost the scalability of the framework, making it an ideal choice for start-ups.


 Square space

A full e-commerce platform that is affordable and efficient, Squarespace is tailor made for small-scale holdings and start-ups. The simple site builder comes with a drag and drop interface that is a delight to work on. Also, the extensive archives of ready-made templates, images, and other graphics add on to the appeal of your website. Although Squarespace can be operated by anyone, the platform does allow users to tweak the basic HTML and CSS coding if you have the right technical skill. The smart inventory management, SEO optimization tools, and CRM helps you in building a scalable online store.



 Megento shopping carts

Magneto is popular e-commerce software known for its elastic design and flexible framework. The wide range of high-tech features and customizable tools increase the versatility of the platform making it a perfect choice for both big and small scale businesses. An open-source, intuitive and robust website builder, Magneto comes with a lot of free plug-ins and extensions for boosting the performance of your online store. Nosto, for instance, is one such extension that tracks customer behaviour and displays an array of product suggestions accordingly. The sleek, sophisticated design might come across as complex for a first-timer; however, it is a piece of cake once you get the hang of it.


Symphony Commerce 

 Symphony commerce

Symphony Commerce is a SaaS or software-as-a-service solution for beginners who want to set up their online stores. The platform, however, is not just limited to its SaaS framework, this service provider takes it up a notch higher. Here, you get a team of expert IT professionals and developers who help you create and monitor the e-commerce website. This outsourcing of back-end duties gives you more time to concentrate on building aggressive marketing strategies for the company. Symphony is not for everyone, the pay-as-you-grow design of the platform is best for start-ups that hold potential for earning a profit and becoming market leaders in the future.




Drupal is another e-commerce software known for its robust operation and efficiency. Drupal is perhaps the only e-commerce platform that is built on a CRM framework or content management system. Inexperienced users would find the app particularly appealing, as it allows better control of the workflow and faster lead conversion. Drupal is also highly flexible and intuitive; you can configure it any way you want. However, the platform does require a bit of technical skill; it is best that you hire an in-house developer to realize its full potential.


 Big Commerce

BigCommerce is a small business web builder. A smart choice for any small-scale business holding that wants to associate with public platforms such as eBay without spending a fortune. Packed with robust features that provide ample scope for customizing the store design, framework, and functionality, the platform is ideal for users who prefer having control over the simplest aspects of their e-store. The SEO tools, CRM, and inventory manager (that is synced with your account) can also be integrated with eBay listings, thanks to the drag and drop interface.

Commerce Hub

 commerce hub

Commerce Hub is a cloud-based e-commerce application that is a hit among amateurs and professionals alike. This software has revolutionized inventory management and site-building allowing retailers to expand their business on a global scale and maximize their profits. Commerce Hub works as a connecting medium that brings retailers and buyers on a single platform. It also enhances B2B marketing relationships between suppliers boosting your website’s reach immensely. The cloud-based framework only adds on to the system’s responsiveness and performance. It is a great option for budding enterprises to boost their sales and build a robust presence online.



Vendio Commerce

Vendio is an automated e-commerce solution that helps inexperienced users promote their businesses on modern marketing platforms such as Amazon and Ebay. The platform also allows you to create your web store. The drag and drop interface is user-friendly and saves on time, while the other tools such as inventory manager, email marketing features, and SEO optimisation solutions enhance your profit potential considerably. This cross-platform service provider is compatible with all Apple, Android and Windows devices. You can also check out the extensive list of plug-ins and Google Analytics that are built-in the framework.

Intuit Ecommerce

 Intuit commerce

Intuit E-commerce is a site builder that offers users a simple point and click interface that can be managed and updated quickly. Free web hosting, domain names, website building tools, SEO tools, CRM system and a SimpleStore software to monitor monetary transactions. The platform has its customized Merchant Account feature that is integrated with traditional online banking apps such as PayPal for faster and safer payment transfers. Intuit also provides a Facebook extension feature that allows you to promote your business on social media networks as well.

The rise in e-marketing is exceptionally profitable for web developers and budding entrepreneurs. There are loads of other e-commerce applications and site builders than the ones mentioned above, that require no technical expertise or special coding skills. Consider the nature and scale of your business before making a choice.