Solution: WHMCS 7 and Stripe Card Processor Failed payments

WHMCS billing system

Yesterday evening we started receiving reports of failed/declined payments from our card payment system via Stripe,  we searched around finding some people with the same issue many of them giving up and switching to another payment processor until there is a solution. Upon investigation in the logs of stripe it offers this explanation: The Param “statement_descriptor” is what is written on the customer’s bank statement as to what company the payment was taken. WHMCS ( Billing and invoice system ) allows this field to be populated dynamically using {CompanyName} {InvoiceNumber} in the statement descriptor field.   So as far as we

Top Tips to enhance your Social Media Marketing

Social media master class

Many businesses have found social media to be a rewarding form of marketing that provides an additional sales method to conventional marketing practices. Social media enables your business to communicate with an audience that spans the entire world. It can help to expand your customer base,  increasing your sales and bring more exposure to your brand and products. Using social media can be excellent for your brand Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter,  Linkedin, Instagram and Pinterest allows you to connect with your target audience, some of which you may not be able to reach via other means of marketing. If

10 Awesome Up-To-Date Designing Tools for Advanced Web Development


It is essential to get armed with excellent up-to-date designing tools if you want to take your advanced web development career to the next level. Every year, new designing tools enter the market, making advanced web development easy and enjoyable. You can’t love your work if you aren’t using new and best quality designing tools. Every web designer should have an easy time accomplishing their tasks using a plethora of tools, apart from Photoshop. Every day, technology changes and brings with it new advanced tools for web development. Below, I have picked 10 excellent up-to-date designing tools that will help

Successful Content Marketing Is Not a Myth: 5 + 1 Popular Blogging Strategies

Trends for 2017 in content marketing

According to Content Marketing Institute (2016), 38% of marketers claim that blogging is the most important type of content. Notably, almost 37% of them expressed that visual elements are the best content for marketing, while live video and podcasting were ranked last. Finding your audience and creating valuable content for them, are, undoubtedly, the most crucial steps towards successful content marketing. So, before creating valuable content, it is important to review all the facts, and figure out the answers to the following questions: What type of content is the most beneficial for your audience? What type of content do people

Before Christmas Checklist for Small Businesses – from Legal Loose Ends to Rewarding Staff

Christmas website

If you’ve got your marketing right, you should begin to see a surge in online orders and product purchases over the lead up to Xmas.  Christmas is just around the corner and shoppers across the UK have started stocking up on presents, treats and festive essentials. To help ensure you’re not caught off guard by the festive shopping spree; here’s our checklist of things your small business needs to do before the Christmas buying bonanza kicks off in earnest. The easier to navigate and quicker your website is to use, the more customers are likely to want to buy from

Thinking of Sending Your Clients a Christmas e-Card?

Client e-cards

We’ve long been a fan of sending physical cards, merchandise like branded pens, business cards, coffee mats and various other customisable products to not only thank long term clients but also to let them know we appreciate the repeat custom over the years.  But for a more cost effective and sometimes more efficient to get a promotional offer across to your current client base, e-cards could be a great way of conveying your Christmas greetings. If you’ve been too busy to organise printed cards this year, e-cards will allow you to stay in your clients’ good books this festive season.

Zero to Hero – The DIY guide for the SEO novice

keyword research

If you’re trying to drive traffic to your site, boost your online presence and increase the effectiveness of your web page, good SEO is essential. Without SEO, your site may well languish deep within the search engines listings, limiting the number of people who find your URL naturally and reducing your chances of online success. Though some SEO aspects that are tricky to understand, there are others that even internet novices can implement quickly and easily. To help give your site the best chance of search engine supremacy, we’ve put together a selection of the easiest and most effective DIY

Disaster recovery plan if the unthinkable was to happen in business!

There are entrepreneurs around the world who have spent many years building up their businesses who refuse to give up any degree of control over their operations. When you bear in mind the competitive nature of the online business arena today perhaps there is a justifiable reason why many entrepreneurs have difficulty trusting or finding someone who has the same level of passion for what they do.  However, have you ever thought what might happen if for some reason you were unable to work? Not being able to work maybe the doomsday scenario but if you have others such as