What Graphic Designers Should Know Going into 2018

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From year to year, it might not seem like a lot changes. When you look back five or 10 years, though, you realize just how drastically technology and the global marketplace has evolved. Staying on top of industry trends, learning new skills and continuously changing and upgrading is the key to a long-term successful designRead more

How to Build a Killer Social Media Branding Campaign

Branding Influence

Have you ever wondered why we buy from brands like Apple, Starbucks, Coca-Cola or Nike? The answer is simple- we trust their name. If you’ve already established credibility in your niche, you probably have a plethora of brand advocates that are constantly driving new customers to your site. But, as an entrepreneur, you need toRead more

Why Your Site Isn’t Gaining Conversions (and How to Fix It)

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When it comes to a popular website, all the traffic in the world means nothing if you cannot get your potential customers to convert. Conversions are what drive your business, bring in revenue and build loyal customers. A typical conversion rate for websites is about 2.35 percent on average. However, the top 10 percent ofRead more

Top Tips for giving your website a clean up

Cleaning products

In a perfect world successful websites would look after themselves. However, as competition in the online arena continues to grow there is a need to ensure that your website is correctly maintained, focused, is secure and offers a seamless experience for your visitors. Easier said than done!  We understand this may be too much forRead more

How To Move WordPress To A New Server Or Host 2018

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This could be considered to be shooting one’s self in the foot, as we’ve gained hundreds of clients over the years because there wasn’t clear instructions in a step by step format to move WordPress from one server,  to another properly without the usage of backup plugins.    Although backup plugins may suit some people toRead more

An Introduction To Growth Hacking Search, Social Media, and Online Communities

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One of the first things any start-up should focus on is exposure. In simple terms, exposure leads to brand awareness, brand awareness leads to new user acquisition and new users lead to referrals. Exposure Getting the right level of exposure is demanding work but it also requires working smart as well. Finding a product/market fitRead more

Short Form vs Long Form Content: Which Should You Use On Your Site?

Content writing long and short

Generating content is obviously extremely important. Many businesses have not yet realised the huge amount of positive public exposure a website packed with good content can give them. The question is, though, whether you should go for shorter articles, called short form, or longer pages, called long form, on your site. Here are a fewRead more

Understanding Closure in JavaScript – How and why ?

Javascript closures

Closure is one of JavaScript’s most powerful features, yet sometimes even veteran programmers struggle to understand it. What is Javascript closure? Why is it important? When does it happen, and how can it be leveraged to make code clean, elegant, and reliable? Despite the mystique that surrounds the term, closure is actually a simple conceptRead more

Campaign Monitor Vs. Mailchimp: Is One Right for Your Business?

email marketing

In the digital landscape, where getting and keeping your customers‘ attention grows more challenging every day, email marketing provides you with a direct line of communication to your customers. In recent years, many email marketing management options have cropped up to provide business owners with the necessary tools to reach customers in their inboxes withRead more

The Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Online Business

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This article is 7000 words long, so why not grab a coffee, put your feet up and get comfortable before diving in 🙂  Please like, Tweet and share if you find it informative. Selling their profitable business is often the goal of most entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, it can be an extremely long process that can haveRead more

How to Fine Tune Your Traffic to Get the Most Motivated Visitors

Split Testing

Not all traffic is created equal. In fact – a lot of it is worthless. If you want to make your blog or website a success, you need to make sure you’re getting the right sort of traffic. In this article, I’m going to show you how to un-tap a few streams of good quality,Read more

How to Display the Last Modified Date of Your Posts in WordPress for SEO Freshness

Fresh SEO

If you are searching for this solution you will know that Google loves fresh content and WordPress by default doesn’t allow modified date preference. Rewriting older content making it more relevant to the current time period is a great way to keep your site fresh, relevant and factually correct.   This isn’t only great for yourRead more

Best Ecommerce Software for Small Businesses 2018

Megento shopping carts

The World Wide Web has become an integral part of our lives. From banking to blogging, the virtual platform supports everything. The internet has even changed the way we conduct business. Online stores and e-commerce portals with their robust framework and the global appeal are slowly overpowering the retail shops. Almost everything is available withRead more

Solution: WHMCS 7 and Stripe Card Processor Failed payments

WHMCS billing system

Yesterday evening we started receiving reports of failed/declined payments from our card payment system via Stripe,  we searched around finding some people with the same issue many of them giving up and switching to another payment processor until there is a solution. Upon investigation in the logs of stripe it offers this explanation: { “error”:Read more

Top Tips to enhance your Social Media Marketing

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Many businesses have found social media to be a rewarding form of marketing that provides an additional sales method to conventional marketing practices. Social media enables your business to communicate with an audience that spans the entire world. It can help to expand your customer base,  increasing your sales and bring more exposure to yourRead more

10 Awesome Up-To-Date Designing Tools for Advanced Web Development


It is essential to get armed with excellent up-to-date designing tools if you want to take your advanced web development career to the next level. Every year, new designing tools enter the market, making advanced web development easy and enjoyable. You can’t love your work if you aren’t using new and best quality designing tools.Read more

Successful Content Marketing Is Not a Myth: 5 + 1 Popular Blogging Strategies

Trends for 2017 in content marketing

According to Content Marketing Institute (2016), 38% of marketers claim that blogging is the most important type of content. Notably, almost 37% of them expressed that visual elements are the best content for marketing, while live video and podcasting were ranked last. Finding your audience and creating valuable content for them, are, undoubtedly, the mostRead more

Pre Christmas Checklist for Small Businesses 2017

Christmas website

If you’ve got your marketing right, you should begin to see a surge in online orders and product purchases over the lead up to Xmas.  Christmas is just around the corner and shoppers across the UK have started stocking up on presents, treats and festive essentials. To help ensure you’re not caught off guard byRead more

Sending Your Clients a Christmas Card or gift 2017

Client e-cards

We’ve long been a fan of sending physical cards, merchandise like branded pens, business cards, coffee mats and various other customisable products to not only thank long term clients but also to let them know we appreciate the repeat custom over the years.  But for a more cost effective and sometimes more efficient to getRead more

DIY SEO Guide – Back to basics – Search Engine Optimisation

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If you’re trying to drive traffic to your site, boost your online presence and increase the effectiveness of your web page, good SEO is essential. Without SEO, your site may well languish deep within the search engines listings, limiting the number of people who find your URL naturally and reducing your chances of online success.Read more