Disaster recovery plan if the unthinkable was to happen in business!

There are entrepreneurs around the world who have spent many years building up their businesses who refuse to give up any degree of control over their operations. When you bear in mind the competitive nature of the online business arena today perhaps there is a justifiable reason why many entrepreneurs have difficulty trusting or finding someone who has the same level of passion for what they do.  However, have you ever thought what might happen if for some reason you were unable to work? Not being able to work maybe the doomsday scenario but if you have others such as

A Look Ahead at Web Design Trends for 2017

Every year the world of web design becomes more and more exciting. New technologies, ideas and innovations mean that designs can produce ever more elaborate, interactive and informative sites, improving user experience and making the internet an easier and more intuitive place to explore. With the year now drawing to a close, it’s safe to say 2016 was no different. A variety of new trends has already hit the web, with a broad range of unique new sites and eye-catching redesigns transforming the way we access online information. So with 2017 just around the corner, it’s time to take a

Destroying Your SEO from the Inside

Fundimental basics of technical seo

From link building to incredible content, on-page optimisation to easy navigation, most of us know the basic techniques that improve SEO. However, sometimes using good SEO practices isn’t enough. If your site has a fundamental technical issue, the search engines may not be able to get a good idea of what it’s trying to explain. In some cases, they may even get prevented from crawling your URL altogether. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, take a quick look at these common technical issues that could be destroying your SEO. One of the most important technical aspects of SEO, your

How to change the SSH port on Linux Servers

How to change SSH port linux

A novices guide to changing the SSH port on a linux server, by default Linux boxes are set to use port 22 for SSH ports, because it is a widely known port it’s a recommendation that you change the port to limit the automated port scans and brute force attempts, changing the port to something completely random can drastically hinder any brute force attempts and therefore becomes a nice and easy additional security measure. Things to consider before changing your port,  if you use a firewall such as CSF you will need to add the new port to TCP_IN,  TCP_OUT, 

The Do’s and Don’ts of your Website’s Contact Us Page

Make your contact form convert

One of the most important parts of any website, the Contact Us page is all too often overlooked. Though it may not be the most exciting part of your site, it’s the page that many of your most valuable leads and contacts will get in touch with you through. Getting your Contact Us page just right will not only help to make your site complete, but it could also contribute to encouraging, even more, users to get in touch with your business. Even if a visitor to your site is hugely interested in the products or services you offer, they’ll

How to Build a Strong Online Reputation and Keep it

In the world of business your reputation often goes before you but how do you build an online reputation and, perhaps more importantly, how do you keep it? If you think of a well-known brand name, you’ll immediately associate them with a particular reputation. As your business grows, you want to be in situations where as soon as an individual sees your company name they know what you do and appreciate your reputation. One of the biggest problems we have seen in recent times is an inability for business people to focus their operations. The goal of creating a business

Losing business? Ignore mobile compatibility at your peril


The Internet we see today is very different to that of two years ago, five years ago and unrecognisable to that the ten years ago. Technology and trends move so quickly that some website owners are struggling to keep up with the latest changes and SEO recommendations. However, if there is one element of the changing environment for online businesses which you take at least some notice of it should be mobile compatibility. Unfortunately, many companies believe that mobile compatible websites are irrelevant to their business, their audience and their long-term success. These are the types of businesses which have

Entrepreneurial Influencers: Jack of all trades, master of none

Jack of all trades, master of none

The term ‘ Jack of all trades, master of none ‘ is one which is often used in jest but if you think about it, this term does have certain business connotations. If we are honest, and you need to be if you are running your own business, how many of us take on tasks which we could easily outsource, only because we want to learn or save money? At the time it may seem as though you are doing the right thing but if you are focusing on areas that you will never be completely comfortable, it’s possible you