Using Twitter to contact like-minded people

Those with an online business will be well aware that social media is one of the most fluid forms of advertising available today. How many times have you heard that Twitter is the future, the easiest way to contact customers and you are foolish if you ignore it? However, how do you actually contact like-minded people on Twitter and start online conversations with them? We all know of accounts with tens if not hundreds of thousands of followers that seem to look extremely busy. Have you ever stepped back and wondered how many of those followers are actually active? How

Cut your hours and increase your productivity

In the modern world, how many people measure their working life concerning hours spent at work? On the flipside, how often do you hear the same people talking about their productivity, the deals they have signed and income they have created for the employer? The chances are never. The fact is that many countries around the world, including the UK, have a culture whereby your working life is measured by the amount of hours you do but not your productivity. If you have your own online business, you will know the hours can be long, pressure can be telling but

How to Turn Your Website Visitors Into Email Subscribers

It’s no secret that if you have a website, you should be building an email list. Why? Well, once you have started building a database of subscribers, you have a bank of people you can market to again and again. What’s more, these people have actively chosen to sign up to your list, meaning that they are highly likely to be interested in what you are offering. In this article, we are going to take a look at how to turn your website visitors into email subscribers. You might think that it’s just a case of inserting an opt-in form

Six Ways to Monetize Your Website or Blog

There are numerous ways to monetize your website or blog. However, it is often necessary to experiment with different ideas before finding the one that works best for your particular site. Besides, it can sometimes take a little while before you start seeing some tangible results from your efforts, so you need to stay patient and understand that results don’t just happen overnight. So, how do you go about generating revenue from your website or blog? Here are six of the best methods to consider. Ask somebody to come up with a way to monetize a web asset, and the

How to Get New Content Ideas for Your Blog

If you write a blog, then you need always to be coming up with new content ideas. It doesn’t matter how well designed your blog is or how much time you’ve spent making your blog feel just right, the content is always the thing that matters. For your blog to succeed, you need to be making new posts on a regular basis. What’s more, these posts need to be engaging and exciting, otherwise, people will switch off. It sounds easy in theory; however, the reality is that consistently generating new content ideas for your blog is often rather difficult. As

How to Use Your Website to Build a Social Media Following

I’m sure you’ve noticed that we live in a world that’s increasingly dominated by social media. It is a massively important part of a modern business (and life), and if you are a smart organisation or website owner, then you are probably already active on all the main social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. One of the best ways to build a social media following is through your website. In this article, we are going to explore some of the ways you can encourage people to follow you actively, share your content and engage with your social

Best Tips For Securing Your WordPress Site

Being hacked is a horrible experience that has the potential to cause you weeks or even months of hassle. Fixing a hacked site can be a real problem, and that’s not to mention the long-term damage an attack can do to your business and reputation. Despite the very real threats that exist to your website, it is easy to sit there with the belief that “it won’t happen to me.” But with around 30,000 new websites being hacked every day, this is far from the reality. Here’s the good news: While it is impossible to protect your site against hackers

Five Ways to Speed up Your WordPress Site

Let’s begin by taking a look at some key statistics about internet users. According to recent research, a whopping 40 per cent of people will abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load, whilst 47 per cent of consumers expect a web page to load in two seconds or less. Delving a little deeper, a mere one second delay decreases customer satisfaction levels by about 16 per cent. Pretty shocking, right? Whichever way you look at it, nobody likes a slow website. Not only does it provide your visitors with a deeply frustrating experience, it’s also harming