Why Businesses Shouldn’t Rely on Free or Cheap ‘Sitebuilders’


Over the last few years a number of free and cheap ‘sitebuilders’ have popped-up around the web claiming to offer a great solution for small and medium sized businesses. We’re talking about the likes of Moonfruit, Wix.com, Weebly and Squarespace but by the time you read this article there will no doubt be many more. Unfortunately some small and medium-sized businesses are finding the hard way that you get what you pay for at the end of the day! A lot of these sitebuilders are promoted as being free and offering an intuitive web-based website building application allowing you to

NEVER allow your Web designer register your domain.

Ok, where do we start……Over the years we’ve not made it a secret that we despise (strong word but effectively true) web companies that buy domains for their clients and use their own details for registration purposes. Many do this in such a fashion that they are not only putting their clients at risk but also the future of their client’s businesses. Yet again this week (for the 4th time already this year and we have only just left February!) we are faced with a challenging situation for a new client. They have asked us to help them with recovering

10 Of The Most Beautiful One-Page WordPress Themes


Although WordPress might have begun its life solely as a blogging platform, it’s now much more than that. Yes, it’s still one of the most versatile and most widely used blogging platforms out there (used by millions and millions of people every month) but it’s also used as a basis for thousands of sites all over the web. The versatility of the platform has made it the perfect platform to build an entire website around and now, there are a host of themes, templates and plug-ins. Recently, one-page websites have been used by thousands of brands looking for a simple

5 SEO Predictions to look out For 2014


SEO is an ever-changing subject and every year, SEO’s from around the globe attempt to predict what Google (and Bing/Yahoo) have in store for us in the year ahead. Many times, these predictions are spot-on and a few months into the year, the predicted changes take place. Other times however, predictions are not-so-accurate and instead, Google opts for an entirely different path. Although it’s hard to know what Google has in store for us next, we’ve come up with a few predictions that we think are highly likely to come into play this year or have already started to play

REMOTE_ADDR showing local IP address rather than User IP – Fix

This is something that i come across on a regular basis whether it be on a misconfiguration server, a server which has a proxy attached or a server which is configured with Nginx or similar with reverse proxy.  What basically happens is when using scripts which require a users IP to be logged for example a forum or membership site,  where IPs are used for moderation,  banning purposes the server returns its local IP address ( or server IP ) instead of the users public IP. Many platforms will still work regardless of this problem although many tracking scripts may

Google Adsense and WordPress Just got easier

Google recently announced their Beta release of their new Adsense Publisher WordPress Plugin , According the official blurb its designed to increase productivity and integration into wordpress platforms taking away the need to edit template files or use 3rd party add-ons. Having not tried it on a significant production site yet, I feel it may restrict the flexibility that custom positioning with template edits can give. Having said that this is a great tool for the Adsense starter or novice blog owner for quick and easy integration. One thing that springs to mind with Google pushing the “page layout” penalties

Transferring a .co.uk domain away from Godaddy

There are many reasons why you may decide to transfer domain names to a different registrars including simple consolidation of your domains, poor services, or price differences when “renewing” or “transferring” a domain. Planning ahead can save you expense and delay going forward so this is certainly something to consider for the future. We recently transferred 60 of our domains which were due for renewal and even a relatively small saving per domain can make a big difference when you transfer large numbers. As we are writing this review the cost to renew a .co.uk with Godaddy is £6.50 (for

An Introduction To Content Marketing


You’ve probably heard a lot about content marketing in the last year-or-two but despite this, you might still feel a bit “left in the dark” in regards to what content marketing actually is. There is a lot of misinformation online, so we thought we’d compile an introductory guide to get you started with the topic. We’ll be looking at what content marketing is, what types of content is might involve and the benefits of getting involved in content marketing.   Essentially, content marketing is a relatively new form of marketing (on the internet at least) in which you provide media