Branding Tactics that Bring More Customer Engagements


These are strategies that enhance interaction between a particular business and their customers. Many businesses around the world that are doing exemplary well such as Amazon, have put in place some of the following strategies;

Emotional Connections.

You can connect with your customers emotionally so that they know whoever they are doing business with. When writing an email or newsletter to your customers, do not forget to introduce yourself. When welcoming a new customer to your online platform, send them a short message that is personalized. Whenever a customer asks something on Facebook, Twitter or any other platform, replying to them using you personalized image other than your business logo can make a big impact on the customer’s opinion about your business. Your customers will be able to know you and hence you develop a relationship with them.

get into your customers head

Create a forum.

Once you have an online forum, you will be able to interact with your customers for example by answering their questions about your products, giving them information that they need to know and also updating them on activities and issues that come up in your business. Nowadays social platforms have made it easier for people to create forums because most people are on these social media platforms. You can, for example, create a group on Facebook because many of your customers are in this platform.

Organize a competition for your customers.

People will enjoy when you give them free products so can have attention asking customers to send some art and the person with the best piece of art is given a present. You can also ask your customers to tag people on various social media platforms and the person with the highest number of tags gets a reward for participating. You can also ask your customers to create their own version of your products and reward the best creator.

Make use of technology

You can develop an application for your business and make it available on Play store and Apple store for your customers to download. In this application you can display all your products and their cost and customer with the application can be able to view whatever is available for them. In this application, you can design a feature in which people can rate and write a review about the products that they buy from you. By using the latest technologies you can boost your product value and thus enhance your brand. An instance can be company like Ford using some of latest technologies like SYNC 3 in their SUV cars to attract customers and boost their sales.

Show your customers that they are part of your team.

Celebrate with your customers the business achievements so far so that they feel that you appreciate them. You can include them by giving them exclusive discounts on various products and shopping vouchers so that they feel appreciated for being loyal to your business. You can also announce a loyal customer every week or at the end of the month because this makes your customers feel appreciated. Moreover, they will promote your business and earn you more customers. 

Organize a Product Tour.

For your customers to know everything about the products they need to see it and if for instance it’s a machine, they will want to know how it works. You can also take videos for your product tour and share them on various social media platforms for people to see and this way you will be to showcase your items.

Hosting Events.

You can host an event on social media or in your local area and have your customers meet up and interact. Advertise your event on social media so that it can reach as many people as possible. If you are not able to host an event, you can network with other stakeholders such as the trade fairs where you can set up a stand. In this stand you can interact with your customers one on one.


Surprising customers

You can make your customer feel special by sending them an item that they did not expect. You can send personalized messages and emails to welcome new customers. You can give them free journals, tips and E-books. You can create a personalized pop up that appears to new customers once they visit your website or blog. An eye-catching pop up will create interest to visitors who are visiting your site.

Making the customers happy.

If your customer is happy, he or she will bring a lot of customers to you because they will share their experience with their friends and family. You can make your customer happy by being transparent, creating offers that will save your customers money, respecting your customers despite their culture and background and always listening to your customers. This is one of the simplest engagement strategies because you can use it at any time.

Make attractive posts.

Your posts on social media can earn you a lot of referrals because your customers will like and share if they are good. Your blog title should be very attractive so that visitors will want to know more. Use smart images that are eye-catching and which will make the visitor read through your blog. If your post is good enough, people will like and share across social media platforms and you will earn yourself very many new customers.

Deal with negative feedback appropriately.

People on social media can say a lot of things and some of it may be negative about your products or services. Put yourself in the customer’s shoe when handling negative feedback. Make a quick response regardless of how the feedback has been sent. Take your time to think and respond appropriately and don’t react in a hostile manner. Check the customer’s profile and understand the problem and send them a personal message beginning with an apology and finally a solution to the hitch. Take this as a lesson for your business and ensure it doesn’t happen to another customer.

For your business to grow and have loyal customers you have to consider the above tactics which are very easy to achieve as a business person.