Pre Christmas Checklist for Small Businesses 2017

If you’ve got your marketing right, you should begin to see a surge in online orders and product purchases over the lead up to Xmas.  Christmas is just around the corner and shoppers across the UK have started stocking up on presents, treats and festive essentials.

To help ensure you’re not caught off guard by the festive shopping spree; here’s our checklist of things your small business needs to do before the Christmas buying bonanza kicks off in earnest.

Fine Tune websites

Website fine tune

The easier to navigate and quicker your website is to use, the more customers are likely to want to buy from you. In the run up to Christmas, it’s a good idea to give your site a full service and Audit, looking for any glitches or anomalies that could slow down the customers or put them off.

If you are running Christmas promotions, you could also update your photos, logo, aesthetics and edit your copy to give your site a festive feel. This will help to get buyers in the mood and showcase your products in the best possible light.

Packaging prep

When the online orders start pouring in, you need to be able to package and dispatch them as quickly as possible. To (or “intending to”) do this, you need to build up your packaging stocks and keep plenty of bubble wrap, cardboard, polystyrene and other materials on hand throughout the festive period.  Ensuring you have courier and postal services arranged to cope with any influx you may have.

Social media

Christmas is a fantastic opportunity to get stuck into social media. By posting your special offers on your company profile, you can raise awareness of your product line and get customers excited about your festive offerings. Create good quality Christmas related content to get people in your network sharing and liking your links.

Reward staff with parties and gifts

Terms and conditions

Ensure you’re legal document’s are up to date this Christmas, it’s a good idea to go through the terms and conditions on your website with a fine toothcomb. Make sure you’re not leaving yourself open to any legal problems which you could do without during busy times, keeping on top of things and not creating unneeded work for your employees can save headaches for all.

Make sure your Terms of Service,  Privacy policy’s, Delivery / Returns and Contact pages are clear and concise, the user experience is critical so don’t hide pages away to frustrate customers further when they need to reach out to you.

Staff party

Last but not least,  rewarding your hard-working staff is an excellent way to keep morale high and show how much you appreciate employees going above and beyond the call of duty. However busy your business is in the run up to Christmas, it’s important to put some time aside to treat your staff to a decent party, treat them to dinner and occasional gifts and maybe a Christmas bonus.

It’s a busy time of year; your primary goal should be to keep your business running smoothly, so if you would prefer to let someone else carry out website maintenance and check your website for problems feel free to reach out to us, we can help. Send us a quick email.