Ecommerce in 2022: How to Attract Customers and Maximise Sales


As more customers shop online, the ecommerce sector is getting highly competitive.

That may prevent you from reaching your target customers and converting them into sales.

That is why you need to build a solid sales and marketing strategy.

Here are a few tips on how to boost online sales in 2022.

Provide Spotless On-Site Experiences

Most customers come to you via search engines and finalize purchases on your website. That is why you need to design a spotless and user-centric ecommerce website.

Focus on User-Centricity

Use web analytics tools to learn more about customer behaviors, such as how much time they spend on your website, which pages they visit, when they leave your site, etc.

Once you collect this data, use it to improve your website design and make it more user-centric.

  • For starters, optimize the user flow.
  • Make your website easily navigable.
  • Simplify its architecture and search menu. Start by reducing the number of product categories and sub-categories.
  • Offer breadcrumbs so that users can always know where they are on your website.

Most importantly, provide multiple search options to help users find the desired product categories and items. For example, have a search box and offer product filtering options.

How to Attract Customers

Offer Cross-Selling and Upselling Opportunities

To maximize cross-selling and upselling, create the Recommended Products section on your website.

Track user behaviors, product views, and purchases to determine which kind of products they prefer. Based on this data, recommend similar or related products.

That is one of the simplest ways to deliver targeted user experiences and transform customer satisfaction into conversions.


In addition to optimizing website design and functionality, keep it user-centric. Many brands focus on delivering personalized user experiences.

For example, you can utilize new technologies, such as virtual reality. Online shoppers cannot touch or feel your products. They rely on the product descriptions and photos you provide.

With VR tools, you can create 360-degree photos of your products. Or, you can follow Sephora’s lead and allow customers to try on products via their smartphones.

Keep Testing Everything You Do

Test the changes you make to your website.

Conduct A/B tests to analyze two different designs of the same product page, content, or CTAs.

The goal is to see which version of website content resonates with your target audience the best.

Provide Diversified Payment Solutions

Modern customers have different payment preferences. While some still use cash or checks, others prefer cashless payments.

Mobile payments are gaining momentum. They will account for 54% of all online sales in 2021.

Cryptocurrencies are emerging as a new type of payment, too. They have gained a mainstream status. For example, did you know that PayPal recently announced that its users could hold cryptocurrencies in its digital wallets?

By diversifying payment methods on your website, you will cater to different customer groups and encourage sales.

Also, keep payments flexible. Remember that many customers abandon shopping carts because they cannot afford the product at that very moment. That is where promotional financing shines. The goal is to allow customers to purchase the product right away and pay for it later. For example, the Humm90 interest free credit card in Australia provides customers with up to 111 interest-free days.

Promote Consumer Advocacy

In today’s crowded online retail landscape, there are many brands selling products similar to yours. Therefore, getting noticed in the sea of similar brands can be challenging.

Moreover, today’s customers come across various brands via their digital channels. They are skeptical of promotional content. To build trust with prospective buyers, you need to rely on your satisfied customers.

According to research studies, 91% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Now, there are many ways to encourage brand advocacy.

For starters, encourage customers to rate and review your products via multiple channels. Big ecommerce brands, including Amazon, allow users to rate and review each product on their website. They can also leave reviews via Google, social networks, and business directories.

Encourage your most loyal customers to write testimonials, as well. Publish them on your website and social channels, along with customer names and photos. Additionally, you can create testimonial videos to make them more relevant to customers.

Finally, user-generated content is another powerful way to build trust with your target audience. The goal is to encourage customers to create unique photos and videos of your products, tag your brand, and use your hashtags. UGC increases brand visibility and awareness. To encourage consumers to share this form of content, consider hosting a contest and offering valuable rewards.

Get Personal with Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most profitable digital marketing practices. That is going to remain so in 2021 and beyond.

Unfortunately, most ecommerce brands still do not harness the full potential of this practice.

Just because you have designed engaging lead magnets and generated qualified leads does not mean they will convert.

To turn your leads into paying customers, you need to personalize your email marketing practices.

Start by segmenting your newsletter list. When registering on your website, ask customers what types of content and products they are interested in. Analyzing customer behavior on-site can also help you.

Based on this data, you can create highly relevant newsletters. You can break your email list into narrower segments based on many criteria, including customer age, gender, location, salary, purchasing habits, content preferences, etc.

You should also build on-brand and consistent user experiences. Let’s take the example of Amazon. When customers make purchases, they receive an email asking them to rate and review it on their website. That maximizes user engagement and proves that the brand cares about their opinions.

Over to You

Online retailers are seeing a surge in the number of digital buyers. As more competitors flood the internet, it may be challenging for your brand to grab the attention of the right people. To gain their trust and convert them, you need to have a spotless online presence.

I hope these tips will help you!


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