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How to Get New Content Ideas for Your Blog

If you write a blog, then you need always to be coming up with new content ideas. It doesn’t matter how well designed your blog is or how much time you’ve spent making your blog feel just right, the content is always the thing that matters.

For your blog to succeed, you need to be making new posts on a regular basis. What’s more, these posts need to be engaging and exciting, otherwise, people will switch off.

It sounds easy in theory; however, the reality is that consistently generating new content ideas for your blog is often rather difficult. As time goes on, the problem can also become worse as you start to run out of ideas.

So – how DO you get new content ideas for your blog?



Participate in online forums and discussion groups

To come up with new ideas you need to engage with your audience and find out what sort of content they want to read. One of the best ways to find out this information is to read and participate in online forums and discussion groups. Take a look at the threads people post and notice the main topics that seem to come up again and again. Find out what questions people ask and then write some new content that would answer one of the issues.

Besides, don’t be afraid to get stuck in and actively participate in the discussions. As well as helping you to get new content ideas for your blog, online forums can be a great source of new traffic to your website. By participating in discussions, you are showing yourself to be an expert and someone worthy of people checking out further.

Read magazines

If you’re feeling stuck for ideas, one of the best ways to instantly come up with some new content ideas is to buy a magazine related to your niche. There’s bound to be an article inside that you can take inspiration from and use as the basis for a unique new post. Notice the unique part here. You can read the article, do a little more research online and then put your spin on it.

Read blogs

In the same way, regularly reading other blogs in your field is a fantastic way to get new content ideas for your blog. The added advantage of this over a print magazine is that you can easily see which posts were particularly popular. Pay attention to which posts get lots of comments and shares because this is a sure-fire way to find out which topics are hot (and which aren’t).

Keep reading and listening

You’re probably noticing a theme here. Coming up with new content ideas requires you to be always reading and listening. Don’t think that this just means online, either. You might just get a new idea while watching TV, reading a book or sitting in a café.