Google Adsense and WordPress Just got easier

Google recently announced their Beta release of their new Adsense Publisher WordPress Plugin , According the official blurb its designed to increase productivity and integration into wordpress platforms taking away the need to edit template files or use 3rd party add-ons.


Having not tried it on a significant production site yet, I feel it may restrict the flexibility that custom positioning with template edits can give. Having said that this is a great tool for the Adsense starter or novice blog owner for quick and easy integration.


One thing that springs to mind with Google pushing the “page layout” penalties more this coming year is the wonder whether this plugin is the first steps of a “guide”, maybe recommendations of ideal Ad positioning. Or whether Google will yet again contradict them selves as separate entities regarding “search” and “Adsense”, with one team telling you to place more ads in certain places while the search team continue to push the “user experience” of little to no adverts.


I will be testing more intensively on a large scale site this coming week, at which time i will update this post with more detailed analysis.

Points of reference :

Already tried it ? have your own thoughts on it ? Comment below and let us know 🙂