How To Increase Sales Conversion For Your SaaS Business


With the technological changes, most businesses are moving online. The competition for whom to buy your services in on rice each day.

How can you ensure that your business succeeds amidst all this competition?

That’s the most important question that business owners need to ask themselves.

This blog post shines a light on ways on how your SaaS business can attract leads, convert them to clients and increase their sales conversion.

Have social proof on your website

Trust builds a relationship, the relationship builds customers and customers build your business. Trust is essential for your business growth.

Before potential clients buy your services, they first look for social proof from other existing clients. They like to know if other clients are using your services and if they are happy with them.

Here are social proofs you can include in your business website.


It is essential to have your services reviews on your website. Positive reviews of your services will encourage a high conversion ratefrom your leads. Ask your reputable customers to give reviews of your services.

The reviews can boost sales, as more potential customers trust your services. Be honest when giving reviews. It is entirely not practical to have positive reviews only on your website.

Remember the first rule of your business: trust, let your potential clients know the shortcomings of your services. However, maximizing the positive reviews of your product should be a priority.


Ask your existing clients to give a testimony to the services. Here is an example of testimonies for Shane Barker business website.

What people say

Customers trust the business that others have worked with and are happy with their services.

Social sharing buttons

These help potential customers to share, comment and mention your brand to other potential customers. Potential and existing customers become your brand ambassadors and help you market your products to other people.

Make it easy to share your blog post and any other promotional content on your website that can help generate leads.

Post content to your blog

Blog often to ensure your website is ranking high on the search engine. Blogging attracts leads to your website and makes it easy to convert them to clients.

Your blog content should be tailored to your potential customers’ needs. Ensure the content is educative, informative and shows your potential clients how your services will help them solve their pains.

Alongside your content, include screenshots, images, and links to help your prospects consume your content with ease. Use short sentences and short paragraphs.

Include a lot of white spaces between the paragraphs, headings, and sub-headings to increase content readability and make it easy for readers to skim and scan through the content.

Offer a free trial

Your prospects need to know how to use your service for their business, right?

Well, why not offer them a free trial of your services? The trial helps familiarize your service to your customers. They can use the services for a certain period.

With the free trial, your prospective customers will know the features of your services better. They will also know how your services will benefit them in solving their pain points.

Conduct your potential leads during their free software trial. Let them tell you how satisfied they are with your products and the improvements they suggest on the services.

Apart from your leads knowing your service, free trial offers a competitive advantageof your services.

Your free trial can help you out-perform your competitors who don’t offer a trial for their services. Length of your trial depends on your market niche and customers.

The free trial can be

Free online trial (which is basic with an upgraded version of more features and benefits)

free online trial

30-day free trial (you use the product for a month before you sign the contract)

More trials

14-day trial (use the product for two weeks before signing the contract)

60-day trial

For SaaS business, it is essential to limit your free trial to two weeks. Most customers convert by the end of the 14- day trial.

Shorter trials encourage potential leads to take action. It also eliminates potential customers who don’t commit to using your services.

With a shorter trial, you can shorten the sales cycle and reduce your cost per acquisition.

Use the power of email marketing

To start with, you need an email list of your prospective clients. Work on getting your customers to subscribe to your email list. According to Salesforce, email marketing has a 3800% ROI.

Sales force

As a SaaS business, take advantage of the email marketing to grow your sales conversion.

You can grow your email list in many simple ways. Nurture your leads through the buyer stages before selling them your services.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 93% of B2B markers use email to distribute content and nurture their leads.

business to business

The above statistics show how powerful email marketing for your sales conversion.

Once you have the subscriber list, send your subscribers content that is educative and informative. The content will walk your prospect customers across the sales funnel stages of your services.

It is essential to send your prospective customers to demo videos of your services.

Demo videos act as a practical guide to your clients on how to use your service. Include a call-to-action (CTAs) alongside your email to encourage your subscribers to take action.

You can use different email types to market your SaaS services to your customers. Email most of the B2B markers use according to the Content Marketing Institute is shown below.

content marketing

Use webinars

A webinar is a great way to advertise your business brand, get potential clients to know your services and lead to sales conversion.

With webinars, you will get high-quality leads. The fact a person signs up for a webinar is a clear sigh he or she has pain points and likely to be a potential client.

Offering a webinar places you as an authority in your market. The webinar attendees are likely to trust your business expertise and do business with you.

Here are ways to ensure your webinars are successful at increasing your sales conversion.

Choose an expert to speak at your webinar

Choose a speaker who understands the needs of your audience. The speaker should fulfill your audience needs and handle their questions.

Webinar topic

Your potential leads to attend your webinar for a reason. And that is to learn how to solve their pain points.

It is essential to know the challenges that your prospects have and create your webinar around the topic. Your topic can in different ways.

Your blog posts

You are offering educative, informative and actionable content on your blog, right? Well, then if prospective leads like, share or comment on particular posts on your blog, it is a sure fact they like the content.

Use such content and turn it into webinars. Since you have already done your research on the content, it will be easy to create the webinar.

Trending topics in your niche

Within each industry, there are changes that happen from time to time. Your prospects could not be able to understand how such trends affect their business.

Create a webinar that will handle the changing trends in the industry. Your webinar should handle such trending topics, as that is a great way to build trust.

On the trending topics, be on the watch for the topics that well-established and respected companies write. Use such content to create your webinars.

Customer experience

From your social media to your blog post comments, your prospective customers will have questions they ask. Consider the questions that most of your customers ask.

They are what they need to know within your niche. Use those questions to create a webinar that helps solve their pains.

Right tools for your webinar

For your website to be successful, it is essential to have the right webinar platform. Consider these factors when choosing the platform:

Recording and replay features

Your SaaS service promotion will not end with the presentation. You need to send out your prospect list a reply of your webinar.

Your registered prospect could miss a webinar because of circumstances. Sending them a recorded webinar can help convert them to clients.

The webinar platform is effective to help host the webinar on your website.

Cost of software

It is essential to use software that is cost effective. Plan for your webinar in advance to avoid unnecessary expenses during and after the presentation. To ensure you get the best platform with the features you want, do a webinar trial host on your chosen platform.

If you subscribe to a webinar platform, host many webinars. The webinars will help you cover for the expenses of the software and help you increase your ROI on the software.

Easy to use the platform

Your platform could be cost-effective, but it will do you no good if it’s difficult to operate.

Remember, to your attendees you must be professional in all the ways. It will frustrate attendees if you can’t handle the software. This will affect your authority and bring a negative reputation to your brand.

Mobile friendly

Your webinar platform should be mobile friendly. A report by ClickMeeting, a webinar platform shows that 32% of attendees use mobile phones to sign up for the webinar.

Mobile friendly web design

If the attendees can’t access the webinar through the phone, you are missing a lot of opportunities to increase your sales conversion.

Promote your webinar

Promote your webinar before the presentation. Wednesday is the best day to promote your webinar. This is as per the research conducted by BrightTALK and compiled by Smart Insights.

Promote your webinar

You can post about the webinar on your business website, send your email subscribers a notification email, post it on LinkedIn posts and other social media accounts.

Have 24/7 customer service

Most of the time your prospect clients will have questions that need answers. It is essential to have an experienced team that can handle leads questions in a timely and effective manner.

The support team should be there all the time and offer instant responses to prospects.

You need a professional customer care team to handle prospects needs and build trust with your business brand and services.

Simplify the checkout process

A complicated checkout process is one major reason prospects abandon cart during online shipping.

It is essential to make the checkout process less complicated to encourage sales conversion.

Ways to simplify the checkout process include:

Visual progress indicator

Potential clients need to know what to expect in every checkout process step. That helps them provide the needed material during the checkout.

It is also essential to reduce the steps in the checkout page. Complicated steps will shy prospects away and affect the sales conversion rate.

Different payment options

Include different payment options on your checkout page. Restricting payment options is a major reason for cart abandonment. Let the prospects be free to use any payment method of their choice for your services.

Page loading speeds

Your website loading speeds affect how potential readers trust you and your brand. The same is true for web design.

Ensure your checkout page speeds are super high. Low loading pages encourage prospects to leave your website for your competitors.

Include security seals

Prospects need to trust that the personal information they give out is safe. It is essential to include security seals on your checkout page.

You gain trust from your potential clients. They feel free to do business with you. You can also create a trust sealfor your checkout page.

Besides security seals, you can include credit card logos on the page. All help build trust with your prospects.

In the effort to build trust, including a live chat on the page in case the prospect needs to ask questions before the purchase.

Your privacy policy and FAQ links should be easy to access from the checkout page.


Your business growth is proportional to the sales you make. Your SaaS business is no exception.

The above are ways you can use to increase your sales conversion, grow your business and generate a high ROI.

Remember, your business is all about your customers, not you. Be on the watch to see how you can help solve your clients’ pains.