How to Inspire Your Tech Company and Increase Morale


When it comes to starting or running a tech company, one thing is certain — you’ll face a lot of competition, and new startups will come in and try to bump you aside. One way to stay ahead of the game is by hiring the best and brightest in your industry. However, you also need to keep those people on your team so you can grow together over time. Employee retention is a vital part of growing a business.

Fortunately, inspiring your tech company employees and increasing morale are both a matter of focusing on how employees are feeling and figuring out how to inspire them toward greatness. Here are eight ways to bring out the best in everyone in the company and pull up anyone who falls behind.

1. Use Project Management Software

Instead of using emails to try to get everyone on board, use project management software. Not only will everything be in one location if you need to go back and look at some notes, but it can increase employee morale. One study showed that about 92 percent of employees see a rise in blood pressure just from reading office emails. Use online tools, such as Slack, so employees can quickly check on projects anywhere they are located.

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2. Create Predictable Promotion Tracks

Politics can play a big role in who gets promoted in a company. There seems to be that one person who doesn’t do any of the work but always manages to get ahead, usually on the hard work of others.

Creating predictable promotional tracks can alleviate some of this problem and help you keep the overlooked employees who work the hardest. Use a system where specific training or tasks help employees get that promotion, rather than having to go to long lunches with the boss to schmooze their way to the top.

3. Bring in Inspirational Speakers

Does your team seem a bit down or has work become boring and blah? Bring in strong leadership speakers to offer some inspiration and give everyone on the team a fresh perspective on their work.

A really good motivational speaker will bring positive energy to your company and infuse your workers with that contagious energy. Speakers tend to specialise in different areas, so take a look at what you feel your team is lacking or the type of inspirational boost most needed and choose a speaker based on those needs.

4. Offer Prosocial Bonuses

While employees appreciate bonuses for themselves, another type of bonus you might want to use involves allowing employees to give back to their community. A mere 46 percent of Americans are satisfied in their workplace. This means that 64 percent are dissatisfied.

One way to alleviate this dissatisfaction is by allowing employees to feel they are making a difference in the world. While there are some drawbacks to prosocial bonuses, this is a creative way to allow employees to impact one another or the world at large.

5. Be on the Cutting Edge

Another way to excite employees is to get in on the cutting edge of whatever tech your company is involved in. For example, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are both growing areas. If you can incorporate at least one AR or VR project into the business you’re already doing — your most talented employees will feel excited and challenged.


6. Recognise Greatness

Plan a weekly meeting where you recognise the contributions of your employees. Give out small awards for helpfulness, kindness or work ethic. Even better, let the other employees vote on who should get these awards. That way, you can’t be accused of playing favourites, and it gives co-workers a chance to thank someone who went out of their way to be helpful or is doing outstanding work.

Make it a rule that they cannot vote for themselves. You also should recognize teams who have finished big projects. Give them a small gift card or send them off to a catered lunch as a thank you.

7. Invest in Team Building

Team building exercises allow everyone in the company to work together more efficiently and understand one another’s strengths and weaknesses. Most employees and leaders in a company — 97 percent — feel that a team not being on the same page negatively affects how a project turns out. Take the time to help your employees understand how they work together as a team and how they can bring out one another’s strengths.

8. Give Feedback

Your employees need to know that they are doing a good job or how they can improve and become even better. Regular one-on-one meetings, short notes letting them know they did a good job and regular performance reviews are all good time investments. Forty-three percent of employees who are highly engaged get feedback from their bosses at least once a week.

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Increase Your Tech Company’s Morale

Improving company morale isn’t a one-time effort. Inspiration comes from all types of sources, so take the time to read widely in your industry, connect with other tech company owners and figure out ways to keep employees engaged and feeling a part of the team.

Company culture can both attract and retain the best candidates out there. Having the brightest minds on your payroll allows you to stay a step ahead of the competition.