Important Ways Mobile App Development is Enhancing Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is a foundational pillar of business success, and it has been for many years now. Even if you weren’t dealing with a pandemic, you would still need to invest heavily in digital marketing to generate qualified leads, enhance your online presence with SEO, and ultimately boost conversions and loyalty. This is why having a marketing strategy is so important nowadays; however, it’s not just about sticking with the tried and tested methods.

It’s about innovating and bringing new solutions in to enhance its effectiveness and achieve better results. Now that mobile apps are dominating in the digital world, you should consider making an app to boost your marketing efforts.

A mobile app can enhance your digital marketing, sales, and support in many ways, and it’s definitely a sound business investment. You can achieve all of this with an app if you’re in Ecommerce, SaaS, or even if you run a physical store. So, here are the most important ways that mobile app development is enhancing digital marketing.

Hyper-personalisation for the user

Personalisation is a big, ever-growing trend that has had a major impact on businesses in the last decade. There’s no denying that personalisation is going to stay a powerful force in the years to come, however, nowadays companies are elevating their strategies to facilitate hyper-personalisation. This is a big step up from traditional personalisation, and it allows companies to deliver unique, tailored, and contextual experiences to their customers, users, and followers.

Mobile App Development

There are many ways you can facilitate hyper-personalisation nowadays, but having an app is definitely one of the most powerful solutions. An app allows you to collect vast amounts of user data, but more importantly, it allows you to put that data into the right context. This is because your app analyses the user and their behaviour, and provides data that tells you all about their habits, wants and needs, likes and dislikes.

Needless to say, this type of insight gives you the opportunity to completely tailor your in-app content for the user, but also drive your other marketing efforts outside of the app.

A clear and effective communication channel

Marketers and sales experts have always been trying to establish a direct line of communication with potential clients and customers. If you’ve been in sales or marketing for any amount of time, you know just how difficult it is to reach a customer, let alone get them to make a purchase or place an order. Well, with a mobile app you get a direct line of communication with your customers automatically, which is one of the most underutilised marketing strategies nowadays.

In fact, an app allows you to deposit marketing right into their pockets, and make your brand a part of their daily lives. People are scrolling through their smartphones all day long, and while they’re using your app, you can choose to communicate with them directly through tailored ads and curated marketing materials. You can enable notifications as well to keep them engaged and there’s nothing stopping you from sending them a message in their app inbox from time to time.

In marketing and sales circles, this is a gold mine of opportunity you can’t afford to gloss over.

Building the hype and engaging the user

Building hype is one of those tried and tested marketing and sales tactics that you need to use to make your new products, services, and promotions a success. No matter what you’re selling, getting people interested before the launch date is a great way to get pre-purchases and loyal followers. An app can help you build hype in the digital world, but you can also use your app rollout as a way to build interest for any digital product.

If you take a look at the competitive Australian market, for example, you’ll notice that experienced app developers in Sydney emphasize this tactic to bring successful digital products to life, but also to enhance their digital strategy to build hype around a new app. Reaching out to early backers and users and promoting the app will enhance your entire digital presence and ensure high levels of engagement online. When the time comes to roll out the app, you’ll have a loyal following and a dedicated community of users.

Using app data to drive digital marketing

We mentioned earlier that your app can help you take your entire digital marketing strategy forward. You can achieve this by gathering relevant data from your app. Whether you’re trying to design your website just right and appeal to your target audience, or if you’re trying to optimise your content and ads across the web, the data you pull from your app users will prove invaluable.

Utilising app data is not just about enhancing the functionality of the app, it’s about taking your entire digital strategy to the next level. Be sure to share this data with your sales and support teams as well, because they will be able to leverage the user insights to improve their results as well.

Receiving feedback and enhancing customer support

Finally, keep in mind that having an app is one of the best ways to inspire people to give you constructive feedback, leave reviews and testimonials, and simply keep the conversation going. Feedback is one of the most important elements of long-term business success, but oftentimes it’s hard to inspire people to devote their time to fill out a survey or rate your products.

With an app, you can do this organically by making reviews and feedback a natural part of their journey. After they’ve placed an order or even interacted with your app in any way, you can subtly prompt them to tell you about their experience. Be diligent in collecting and analysing this information in order to create detailed and actionable reports.

Over to you

A mobile app can take your business forward in many ways, but for marketing, sales, and support, it can be paramount to success in this app-driven world. Consider developing an app for your business to enhance your digital marketing and achieve better results in 2021.