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At Rivmedia, we care about the success of our customers and deliver tailored strategies designed to increase your brand’s visibility naturally over time. We deliver great results as well as tremendous sales and credibility gains

SEO for Car dealers

How Can SEO Help Car Dealerships?

You’ll be well aware by now that not all car buyers are the same. Some are looking for a specific make and model, some want to purchase a car from their local car dealer, while others are looking for a particular kind of service. But all these buyers have one thing in common: they’re dependent on the Internet.

In this new day and age, prospective car buyers are using search engines to find the right dealer. The dealers they identify are those who know how to use car dealer search engine marketing, also called search engine optimisation (SEO).

Are you one of those dealers?

Common SEO Issues With Online Car Dealerships

Unlike print or TV ads, in which you speak to a large audience and hope somebody is interested, it is consumers alone who power car dealership SEO. If you don’t know how to approach your customers or talk about your dealership on your website or social posts properly, your message isn’t going to hit your prospective clients.


Some of the main issues we see time and time again with car sales and car dealership websites include:

That’s why SEO is an important investment for all car dealerships in the UK

Marketing Services for Car Dealers & Car Dealerships

Keep reading to learn how we can optimise your dealership’s SEO, and learn how a car dealer’s search engine marketing can help your dealership not only to secure further sales but to also create a credible and trustworthy brand that looks and feels reliable and trustworthy.

We’ve been involved in many car dealership website success stories using our web design and SEO services to register short-term improvements with an eye on medium to long term results. Ranking in the world of car dealerships and vehicle sales can be a challenge, but keeping a long-term focussed approach will lead us and your dealership to success. Top 10 ranking positions for your major keywords is well within our reach!

How is Digital Marketing For Car Dealerships Different From Traditional Car Sales Methods?

One of the main differences between Internet marketing and traditional marketing for car dealerships can be summed up with one keyword: Interaction.

In traditional marketing campaigns, you might consider placing adverts on radio and TV or maybe even in the local newspapers. Traditionally this should bring in a few interested parties who might want to buy a car from you. This is better known as a one-on-one conversion. In 2020 and beyond, these sales have to take place before your potential customer has even walked through your showroom door! 

Rivmedia can make this possible by investing our time into your marketing efforts and attracting potential customers through a wider and more accessible range of channels which include: 

Back in the day, it was much easier to bring new buyers into dealerships with one-way messages. Sadly, these days, if you aren’t conversing and actively engaging with customers before they stop by, they’ll likely choose to visit another dealership over yours.

What is Automotive SEO?

Automotive SEO, also known as Automotive Search Engine Optimisation, is a digital marketing technique that uses on-page and off-page optimisations to boost the ranking of your website on Search Engine Results Pages ( SERPs). These optimisations will increase traffic, online conversions and sales on your website.

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Reasons To Use Rivmedia For Car Dealer SEO Services

People don’t have time to search countless websites to figure out what they want. They’re going to look at two, maybe three, and overlook the rest. In fact, 75% of all search engine clicks go to the first three results.


That’s one reason the SEO for car dealers is so important. Why else, though, should you invest in SEO for car dealerships? A few explanations, including the following:

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Increase Awareness of Your Dealership

You may be the best car dealer in town, but if nobody knows that you exist, you won’t draw new customers or close sales. Car dealer SEO helps ensure that your dealership appears online in front of the appropriate audience. This will increase your brand awareness and ensure that more people can find and contact your dealership.

If more customers are aware of your brand, not only will your dealership be at the forefront of their minds when they need to buy a car, but the awareness of your care will also spread by word of mouth, especially if they’re satisfied with their purchase. 

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SEO Gives You A Competitive Edge

If you rank higher than your rivals in search engine results, your website draws more traffic and generates more clicks. This also results in more leads and higher sales — more than the competition will get when they have a lower rank.

If your business uses automotive SEO, it means that you’re serious about attracting more customers than your competitors-and that’s the best way to do that.

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Greater Authority

People tend to have a better opinion of high-quality websites. They see them as being more respectable and authoritative. As  the dealership site ranks higher, it will take on higher authority, making it a go-to site for people looking for car dealers.

If you rank higher, you are seen as a pioneer in your industry and are considered to have beneficial knowledge that users can benefit from, which is another incentive to use SEO for your car dealership.

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Get More Targeted Leads

If you just add broad keywords to your site such as “car dealerships,” you’ll barely crack the top 100 in any search. However, if you also add keywords that concentrate on your location and products, you start to rank higher among locally searching customers, leading to more targeted traffic over time.


The way SEO lets you target more specific traffic is through the use of ultra-specific long-tail keywords. These would be keywords such as “Honda accords in [your city]” or “2011 white jeep patriot.”


In addition, the SEO car dealer targets customers who are already looking for the goods and services you offer, which ensures that SEO traffic is highly targeted.

Looking For More Leads For Your Car Dealership?


  1. Optimise Your Website For Search
  2. Optimise Your Website To Convert
  3. Improve Off-Site SEO
  4. Improve Social Media Marketing
  5. Offer Incentives To Buy On Your Website
  6. Make Sure Your Site Has Clear Calls-to-Action
  7. Highlight Your Service Facilities & Amenities
  8. Highlight Your Location & Contact Details So Local Companies Can Find You
  9. Tell People Why They Should Buy From You
  10. Hire A Digital Marketing Agency Like Rivmedia

As of the October 1 2020, the top 10 keywords ranking for car dealerships are as follows:

  1. Car dealership – 60,500 searches per month in the UK
  2. Car dealership near me – 60,500 searches per month in the UK
  3. Car dealerships near me – 60,500 searches per month in the UK
  4. Car dealership near me used – 14,800 searches per month in the UK
  5. Car dealership 0 financing – 6,600 searches in per month in the UK
  6. Used car dealer – 3,600 searches per month in the UK
  7. Car dealership used cars near me – 2,900 searches per month in the UK
  8. Car dealership glasgow – 2,400 searches per month in the UK
  9. Car dealership Bristol – 1,900 searches per month in the UK
  10. Car dealership Birmingham – 1,600 searches per month in the UK

SEO Strategies For Car Dealerships & The Automotive Industry

Automotive SEO can seem like a large, complicated procedure if you’ve never done it before. It starts that way, but it becomes easier over time, particularly if you’re working with a professional SEO company

Here are some of the things we’ll work on to ensure you get the best SEO services for your car dealership. 

The first thing Internet users frequently do when searching for a product or service is to type the appropriate search words into their favourite search engine. The only way your site can come up is if the material uses certain search words as well. 

To start with, we’ll do all of your keyword research and research to understand exactly what your customers and potential customers are searching for online, so we know the best words and sentences to target with our digital and content marketing techniques. 

Both humans and search engines love fresh, high-quality content. And customers would be more likely to want to find out more about your dealership after they’ve come across the valuable content you’ve published online.

We can start by developing a blog and posting interesting information about your industry and buying tips for cars. Blogging is an excellent way to connect with potential customers and address questions they may have about your dealership or inventory. In addition, we can improve your website with the content about the cars on your forecourt or in your showroom and the services you offer.

It’s a win-win because you’re refining your SEO auto dealer plan and delivering useful information to your website’s users.

Instead of overusing keywords in your copy, we’ll use them in other places. This may include ALT text for images, URLs, title tags, and meta descriptions associated with each page. This can also help to boost your rankings and increase the probability of anyone clicking through your site.

We’ll strive to customise as many of the pages on your website as possible so you can achieve the best results.

Many business and website owners simply assume that their chosen keywords are working, but how do they know? How can they tell if their website traffic and search engine rankings have increased or not? More critically, do they pull in the kind of traffic you want?

Our approach to Google Analytics means that we monitor, track and trace all of the SEO activities and how they affect your website, both positively and negatively. We’ll build a roadmap to keep up with how you’re doing and then focus our efforts even further by understanding how good you’re already doing. By understanding your weaknesses, we can concentrate our time on strengthening those areas to make your SEO strategy even more robust.

Google My Business is a strong localised technique for the SEO of car dealers and car showrooms. With Google My Business, your dealership could appear in the local search results — or the search results of people searching for a business locally, such as “car dealership near me”. It’s free and simple to set up a Google My business account. If you don’t have one then we’ll get one set up for you, if you do, we can optimise it to get you in google ‘3 pack’ which is the top 3 businesses in the local area. 

The most popular car dealers can be found at the top of the search engine results, but they don’t appear by mistake. We work hard to ensure that our customers websites, social media accounts and blogs are designed for the most targeted searches.

Your car dealership needs to do the same, or at least get the support of experts like us who understand SEO for car dealers. If you don’t think you can execute SEO tactics on your own, get in touch and we’ll see how we can help you. 

The process of establishing relevant, inbound links to your website that will help your website achieve higher ranking with the major search engines and drive targeted traffic to your site,  we use high quality and authority building link building techniques.  Safe, sustainable and long term SEO is what we excel at.

As a matter of course we will carry out a full website/SEO audit which will focus on both weaknesses and strengths in relation to the visibility and performance of your website. This allows us to build an actionable list with an achievable timescale for you to consider.

One thing that many car dealerships fail to understand is how crucial it is to develop local ties, not just for local SEO needs, but also for confidence and support from the local community.

For example, You may want to include a link to a city-specific page that talks about what’s going on in your city on your about us page. Is there a local carnival? If so, are you going to have a float or will you be donating anything for the town’s mayor to ride in or maybe even the carnival queen? If you donate to a local charity or belong to the Chamber of Commerce, it would be great to talk about it on one of your localised pages. Are there any upcoming charity walks or do you donate to a local charity? Let us share pictures and write about what you’re doing to help boost your local reputation and connections to the community around your dealership.

Contact us today to find out how our SEO services, local SEO services and experienced in-house teams can help your car dealership grow and expand.

Competitor analysis is something which many companies fail to even consider as some may perceive this to be a weakness. We think otherwise – in fact we know otherwise. Analysing the footprint of competitors operating in the estate agent/property management sector will highlight where they are going wrong and also where they are succeeding. This can be priceless when putting together a long-term plan of attack.

While we have covered what some may describe as the headline factors, there are also many other issues to consider such as:-

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