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Dentists and The NHS

"healthcare" is an extremely competitive keyword and ranking it on search engines could be a challenge.

Our SEO Services For Healthcare & NHS


We really care about the success of the healthcare providers we work with at Rivmedia, and we provide customised strategies designed to naturally increase the exposure of their organisations over time and in moments when access to more knowledge about our health and general well-being is desperately needed

SEO for healthcare

How Can SEO Help The Healthcare Sector & The NHS?

Healthcare SEO is A Crucial Long-Term SEO Strategy

The journey to finding a healthcare professional, doing NHS research and finding information begins on Google for those looking up their symptoms to patients wanting appointments, private healthcare or more information.

Approximately 1% of all Google searches – millions every day – are related to medical symptoms. In fact, 75% of the UK public admits that they are using health information and advice they find on search engines.

The opportunity for healthcare providers to raise awareness of their brands, goods or services through search marketing is immense, especially if you stand out or want to stand out in your field. 

Get Unique Healthcare Insights

As a professional healthcare marketing agency, we have access to granular insights into just what your patients expect from their online experience.

We know exactly what keywords you’re supposed to rank for.

Keywords are in the heart of SEO. Ensuring that your web pages contain appropriate search words for your company and the specific services can have a huge effect on the efficiency of your search results and the quality of the traffic that you will receive.

Our keyword discovery involves a thorough analysis of your target market, audience and competition, coupled with our proprietary market data, to find all the most useful search phrases for your company.

Doing this right will expose untapped opportunities that will increase your search exposure and speed up the enquiries created by your website.

Get The Technical SEO Services You Need

Google’s growing focus on consistency, accessibility and usability implies that technological optimisation is not only an essential part of growing your organic search efficiency but also ensures that you retain those top Google positions once you have achieved it by alleviating algorithmic penalties and devaluation.

We carry out technical audits that detect any problems that adversely affect your ability to rank well within Google. We will then fix any problems that run contrary to Google’s guidelines and ensure that there is an ideal set-up to achieve organic growth.

Gain More Insights With A User Experience Audit

Our user experience audit identifies ways of streamlining the user’s path through the web, with as few obstacles as possible between them and key details or conversion points.

This includes the creation of a well-structured Information Architecture (IA) to determine how pages and content flow across the website. Logical site maps also make it easy for search bots to understand what each page is about so that they can be indexed correctly.

More people than ever are turning to the Internet for advice on their medical issues. In reality, 58 percent of web users are searching online for information on specific medical treatments and procedures.

Seeing your hospital or health practise turn up in natural search results is a perfect way to outsmart your rivals and make sure you stand out to potential patients. But how do you make this happen when healthcare is so competitive?

Healthcare Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO) campaign that specifically targets these potential patients may enable you to appear higher on the Healthcare Specific Phrases Search Engine Results (SERPs) list. With the rising popularity of medical searches and search engine references, Hospital SEO is quickly becoming a must in today’s fast-paced, digital world.

Marketing Services for Healthcare Providers & NHS

Through using the right tactics and avoiding organic black hat tactics, you can reach higher search engine rankings for your healthcare practises. Black hat SEO refers to the use of “hidden tricks” to bring pages to the top of Google and other big search engines. The problem with this is that Google’s algorithms are constantly evolving, and steps have been taken to thwart these strategies of SEO black hat, penalising healthcare practitioners who pursue them.

If you’ve ever been approached by an SEO “organic marketing specialist” making guarantees about getting you “fast results” that sound too good to be true, they’re probably too good to be true. 

Best Healthcare SEO is a long-term approach involving three main SEO basic techniques.

What is SEO For Healthcare Providers & The NHS?

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the method by which your website is improved to allow search engines such as Google and Bing to rank your site within search results. The SEO Campaign consists of a variety of measures and best practises to ensure that the site is presented to the right audience, and the Hospital SEO can easily become very precise, depending on your specialities and needs.

SEO also keeps the site up to date with any improvements that search engines make to how users view content. Without SEO, the popularity of your site can fluctuate greatly and prevent you from reaching potential patients as your competitors step ahead of you on the search results page.

This is one reason why it is important for the SEO Campaign for Hospitals and Healthcare to be carried out on an ongoing basis rather than on a one-off basis, in order to adapt to search engines according to their regular updates.

Tradesman & Construction SEO?

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How Can We Help With Your Hospital's SEO?

At Rivmedia, we understand that you are working in a time-sensitive industry and that it might not be possible for you to keep the SEO process running by yourself. This is where we can support you. We will take care of all facets of your SEO hospital campaign, from content development to outreach and local optimisation, to ensure that your precious time is spent serving those who need you most: your patients.

Our team of seasoned Internet marketers are here to help you find the success you’re looking for on the Internet. We conduct thorough research on your rivals, current rankings and target markets before developing a plan that aligns with your business objectives to launch your SEO campaign into the stratosphere.

By hiring us for your Internet Marketing Services for your Hospital or Healthcare Organisation, your website will benefit from increased traffic through rankings in the top search engines, as well as building authority as a company through the development of unique content and tools for both patients and other medical professionals.

Effective hospital, practise, or healthcare association websites promote patient contact and help you win more of the patients you seek. But that means nothing if patients can’t find the website online. To get to page # 1 for Organic Search, you’re going to want a strong SEO marketing agency, a strong blog, but an even stronger SEO healthcare plan and a tactical SEO team.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and refers to the art and science of placing Google and other big search engines at the top of the organic search results. A successful healthcare SEO agency strategy needs a commitment of time, resources, or both to find your website on the search engine page # 1. SEO needs unwavering focus and extensive efforts for your SEO Healthcare Agency.

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Local SEO for hospitals

This can also be assisted by the use of local search variables in your hospital or healthcare SEO strategy. Local SEO may help potential patients locate the appropriate material quickly for the region they are in or are searching for.


Your local SEO campaign should also involve setting up a new or current Google Places profile. This will improve your local listing in location-specific outcomes — for example, if a potential patient in Dallas is looking for Dallas hospitals.

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Advice: pay attention to physician and service pages

Many health provider websites show limited details for each physician. But pretend that you’re a potential patient. What kind of facts would you like to see in order to encourage you to make an appointment?

Your website should provide key information about each physician, such as qualifications, specialities, office locations, and a photo. You may also take this a step further by adding some personal information and comparing it to the publications they contributed to.

And, consider making pages for the different programmes provided by your healthcare facility. This will raise your rankings for service-related information and allow you to demonstrate what makes your hospital special.

Make sure your website addresses important questions such as what insurance you accept, where clients can park, and how to get in touch with you. This will improve conversion by motivating patients to pick up the call!

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The importance of a mobile-friendly website

Having a website that is mobile responsive is also an important factor to consider as part of the website optimisation, especially in the medical field, where users may be looking for urgent information about illness or condition when away from the desktop.

44% of smartphone patients schedule appointments after finding hospital details online, which means that providing a website that is user-friendly is a priority. In addition, Google adds mobile convenience to its ranking factors, so it’s important to consider how your site’s popularity could be influenced by its design.

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What Are The Benefits of SEO For Hospitals & Healthcare Providers

If you are looking to increase the number of patients coming through your door or increasing the number of procedures taking place in your hospital or practise. SEO Healthcare Campaigns are the easiest and most cost-effective way to reach potential patients and boost the authority of your business in the medical industry, not to mention ROI growth. 

With 77% of patients referring to search engine results prior to a hospital or local practise appointment, it is important to capitalise on these searches by making your website as visible as possible, whether you are a large hospital or a small local practice. SEO offers you the ability to rank higher in SERPs for very specific words or specific place phrases, such as “Philadelphia Cardiology Unit.”

High-risk or expensive therapies are also the most searched for medical terms. For example, prospective patients may be searching for “laser eye surgery” rather than non-surgical vision therapy, and an intensive SEO health care campaign is ideal for taking advantage of this.

SEO and lead Acquisition for Healthcare practices, dentists and NHS oraganisations

When searching for a product or service, the first thing Internet users often do is type the appropriate search words into their favourite search engine (usually Google). If your site has the correct content/keywords, your site should be included in the search results.

To begin with, we’ll do all the keyword analysis to understand exactly what your clients and prospective clients are searching for online, so we know the best words and phrases to hit with our digital marketing strategies.

Content marketing is a mission-critical growth strategy for most businesses as one of the most effective ways to increase public interest, boost the brand identity and drive sales.

Content marketing is important because it answers the concerns of your audience. You can build trust with your audience through content marketing, improve conversions, connect with your customers, and generate leads. In addition, consumers are seeking high-quality, trustworthy content from their favourite brands in today’s era.

Best practises for SEO can be difficult and confusing. Most companies don’t know how to do SEO on their own, or just don’t have the time to find out. They will also find it difficult without the right resources to maintain their rankings.

This is where Rivmedia comes in. We specialise in helping medium to large-scale logistics, and transport companies become effective online, and we do so through personalised packages made up of various SEO components that your site needs to be effective.

Going beyond keyword rankings makes it easier for marketing teams to clarify what really matters, such as how organic search sells businesses. Fortunately, one of the best SEO evaluation methods is readily available. This is probably already activated on your website.

Since each organisation is different, and each website has many metrics that matter, Google Analytics is a great way to report on the success of the SEO activities and to show where improvements can be made.

Data goes beyond just social media, email, and YouTube videos. Successful companies are not just generating and consuming data. It is used to strengthen, gain knowledge and direct their decision-making and to achieve the goals and objectives of the business.


A significant first step in any local SEO strategy is to confirm and review the Google My Business (GMB) listing of your business.

Qualifying local businesses can claim their Google Business Listing and include their company information such as their address, telephone number, business hours, website address and accepted types of payments. If configured correctly, your business could feature local search phrases in Google’s Local Pack, Local Finder, Google Maps, and Organic Search listings. Having a Google My Business listing would boost your chances of getting to the locals who are interested in using your trade or constructions services.

In addition, Google has added a range of great features to Google My Business over the last few months that companies can take advantage of, which boosts the Google My Business listing and helps attract audiences’ attention, which can improve your ranking in local search results.

SEO focuses on increasing on-site traffic. Lead generation focuses on growing the number of clients and potential customers of the company. However, SEO can improve lead generation strategies by raising awareness by driving organic traffic to the website.


The implementation of an SEO lead generation strategy will not only ensure that your ongoing marketing strategies are highly likely to succeed in an oversaturated market, but the strategy will also allow your website content to be future-proof by leveraging the potential for generating new leads with a strong online presence and improved user experience.

The process of establishing relevant, inbound links to your website that will help your website achieve higher ranking with the major search engines and drive targeted traffic to your site,  we use high quality and authority building link building techniques.  Safe, sustainable and long term SEO is what we excel at.

As a matter of course we will carry out a full website/SEO audit which will focus on both weaknesses and strengths in relation to the visibility and performance of your website. This allows us to build an actionable list with an achievable timescale for you to consider.

For any industry player, an analysis of the competitive forces in the market when planning a strategic business plan is crucial. To succeed in doing so, we will need to build a competitor analysis model that analyses any search term that a prospective customer will use to locate a business like yours.


This is the best way to understand underserved markets, track customer trends, and incorporate strategies that separate them from your rivals. The introduction of a general competitor research model tends to limit the ability of an individual organisation. Yet an industry-specific competitor analysis model will dramatically change its expertise and change the attention of companies to growth rather than competitiveness.

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