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LOw risk - brand building - quality seo practices

In order to fix this issue and get ahead of your business competition, it is necessary to consider using one of Essex’s’ best search engine optimisation companies. You will raise your web traffic, get more customers and increase your revenue if you invest in local SEO services.

Essex is famous for its financial stability and prosperous firms. While a strong economy is good for business in Essex, it also means that there are typically many businesses in the area selling the same kind of product or service. As a result, competition is tough, particularly for service providers in the region.

Marketing Services For Businesses In Essex

Rivmedia provides expert SEO services for companies in Essex because the marketing landscape has changed so much that it has become digitised, and some companies need help adjusting to the change in how they find their customers. Digital marketing companies are using online channels to help businesses expand accordingly.

Despite this, some companies in Essex are sticking to conventional advertising tactics rather than switching to digital methods. Traditional marketing methods in Essex are considered to be a little difficult for business owners in this time of digital evolution, and many offline marketing methods have even become obsolete, here are a few reasons why:

Local SEO Services Essex

Conducting a local SEO campaign is a successful way to promote your local Essex business online. It helps to display your goods and services to your local customers right when they’re looking for them.

There are a number of varying aspects to local SEO, all of which allow Google to make a decision that it considers to be the right companies to view based on the question asked by the searcher. 

We offer an extensive range of SEO services to clients in and around Essex. Using our experience and expertise, we will collaborate with your company to enhance its online presence.

Contact us today and find out how our Essex Local SEO services will help your company succeed online.

Essex SEO Consultants

Essex is one of the most naturally beautiful and tranquil places in the UK, and it’s no secret that we love and are extremely proud of this home county. For that reason, if you’ve got a small business in Essex or covering the Essex area and you would like to take advantage of our local SEO services, we’d love to hear from you, we enjoy working with local businesses.

When it comes to search engine results, SEO is an integral part of the top-ranking factors, particularly for local keywords in both Google Map Packs and Organic Search results. If you are an Essex based company, your potential clients are likely to search for a keyword such as “SEO Essex” if they cover more localised phrases in Essex then they will probably type in something similar to “SEO Chelmsford.”   

SEO for Essex-based companies involves making specific improvements to the website, including geo-tagging, creating local citations and online brand mentions, receiving press from local media outlets, and using Essex-relevant social media accounts to advertise yourself.

To be appealing to your potential clients – your site must have relevant content and pages that are specifically crafted to cater to the Essex area or more specific areas within Essex itself like Ongar, Chelmsford, Rainham, Romford, Braintree, Brentwood and more. Our Google business listing management service is included in our local SEO plans by the use of blended organic and Google map listing strategies.

Your website needs to appear in the search results that are carried out by people in the local area or those searching online for the products or services in the areas you cover or supply to. If your target market is in or around your operational area in Essex, it won’t make much sense for your website to appear in Sussex searches, will it?  

Although we can not “guarantee” you’ll be on the number one spot in search results, we pledge to dour absolute best to get you there and provide you with consistent long-term results. 

Ranking your site in the top 3 google maps listings first comes with the optimisation of your Google business listing.  If you havent already, we can help with the  verification and setup.  Once the listing has been activated, it can be optimised and organised correct by us ready for the next stage of your Google Maps Campaign.

Your maps listings need to be maintained, kept up to date and loaded full of useful content, photos and reviews. This helps build a rounded, well balanced online reputation and brand awareness, in turn pushing you up the map listings so that more local customers can find you. As a professional SEO company we manage all aspects of the map listing optimisation, including citation and brand mention marketing, onsite optimisation,  landing page adjustments or creation  and monthly maintenance to ensure over time your business is in a position to generate you leads.

Our SEO campaigns are usually very unique and custom made for each company and target area. We strive to increase your ROI with every campaign, offsetting your monthly expenditure and expense of the SEO services we provide.

The pricing of SEO services, even in Essex, will vary because different approaches are needed for each location. We always focus our campaigns on monthly retainers. We don’t believe in “one-hit wonder” and aim to discourage “consultancy” fees because it needs to be an ongoing process entirely controlled by us to achieve the best results.

Our Google Map pack and localised Search Engine Optimisation packages start from £250 and as a guide, and our national coverage starts at £550 per month and up. These are starting fees, dependent upon coverage, competition and expectations. The truth is that the SEO requirements for each company we work with can vary.

For a long-term presence in search results and a perfect way to get noticed online in Essex, SEO services are still the best method. We work with strategies that include location-specific content on your website, as well as link building, geo-tagging and finding trends and marketing opportunities in the area that you can take advantage of.

Why not contact us today to help your company get noticed in Essex!

Drive More Enquiries and Targeted Customers with Local SEO In Essex

We provide the very best local SEO and local marketing for Essex based companies looking for more locally based visitors. Our local SEO packages deliver so much more than map pack optimisation; they include a good mixture of Google business SEO, citation building and repair and organic SEO for relevant local search terms.

We deliver SEO to more than 20 companies based in Essex, some of which we have worked with since 2009. We consider customers long-term partners of ours and are happy every year to have reached their company goals year-on-year.

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Norfolk SEO content writing

Content Marketing

Creating great quality content that is relevant to your site is important for both users and search engines. Understanding what potential customers are searching for, what their intent is and how to harness that for your site’s content and outreach is where we come in. You see, content is a big part of our SEO process. 

Let us sell your business with rich materials to the right online audience. We’ll use our content marketing methods to harness sales, increase your site traffic and gain relevant backlinks from natural sources, and more. Google will love it! 

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing love new content just as much as us users do, we put that new content on your site and on external sources to raise your brand’s authority, help you gain more exposure and to give your business a long term online goal that is results-driven.


Local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a procedure for optimising the website to make it appear more prominently on Google’s local search results pages and other major search engines.

Search engines interpret positive social signals (likes, shares, votes, views, pins, etc.) on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube as trustworthy and persuasive endorsements of your business.

Google My Business (GMB) is a web page Google offers for local businesses. It helps you to display details about your business on Google+, Google Maps, Google Search and other Google services.

Name Address and Phone (NAP) is important to local businesses. It is critical that your NAP is accurate and consistent not only on your website but also wherever it appears throughout the Internet.

Getting good Google feedback and completing your Google My Business listing – adding images and videos and choosing the correct categories – would increase your company’ chances of showing up on Google Maps.

Customer reviews are one of the highest-ranking variables for local SEOs. They have a strong effect on how businesses are classified in Google’s local search results. Customer reviews show the confidence, importance and timeliness of both the search engine and the searcher

Helping Your Business Succeed In Essex

Low Risk - Brand building - Quality SEO practices

We make your website work for you so you can spend more time running your business than working on your technical SEO issues. We work to increase your search presence – raise brand awareness and increase your company’s online authority.

On-page Optimisation

Our Essex SEO Expertise

As a leading SEO organisation covering Essex, we ensure that we remain experts in all areas of search results. We carefully combine the three main pillars of SEO in order to increase the visibility of our clients’ websites. With industry-leading technologies and business experience, we are continuing to grow our client strategies into successful ones. We ensure that meaningful outcomes stay at the core of what we are doing.

On-page Optimisation

Industry-Specific Experience

Because of the broad variety of industries we have worked with in the past, we have experience in offering insights into the possibilities other businesses campaigns and what they can possibly look at achieving.

We also have a clear policy of no conflict of interest; this ensures that we will never take on two customers operating in the very same niche or target area as each other.

On-page Optimisation

Full Service SEO

SEO is a complex discipline that requires consistent dedication, testing, and analysis. Trying to do it yourself is likely too time consuming to make it viable and hiring someone (or a company) that doesn’t practice what they preach will probably not get that return on investment. We’re different, we provide the highest of quality, up to date methods and have over 12 years of experience in competitive niches. Give us a try.​

How Does Local SEO Vary From Regular SEO?

There is a basic distinction between our standard SEO practices and our local SEO practices. 

Standard SEO – is based on generic query words. This is where the searcher is searching for answers to questions with phrases such as ‘How to…’ or ‘Best Ways to’.

Local SEO – comes into play when a question has more purchasing intention behind it. This includes searches such as ‘a florist near me’ and ‘best florist in Essex.’

As Google now understands the local meaning behind these search words, the results will be displayed to match the search intention. In fact, if Google is aware of your location or if you’re using Google Maps, it won’t even need a ‘near me’ or ‘geo modifier’ to understand your local Search.

This has been a significant development for small local businesses. This is because it now allows them to compete with larger international corporations who would have easily beaten them to the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) positions back in the day.

Flexible SEO Contracts

We believe that for a business relationship to work both client and service provider need to know their place. For the protection of both parties to limiting confusion, a flexible contract is exactly for that purpose. Allowing us, as a service provider to work effeciently.

Our contracts are rolling monthly contracts with a 2 month cancellation policy,  we qualify businesses properly, ensuring client expectations meet their budgets and time scales.  As a result we are careful only to take on clients that are a good fit for our process, removing short term prospects and ensuring the client is fully commited and can “comfortably” sustain their SEO budget for at least 12 months.  

Dominate The Essex Market

There are a few things that business owners in Essex can do before moving on to online marketing. We ask business owners to complete our Analysis Form to provide an insight into their business and to appreciate their appetite for more customers. Here are a few considerations for your online marketing strategy:

Your budget for this strategy – As a digital marketing firm, we provide three different packages for our services. This will allow business owners to select the search engine optimisation packages that they can easily afford and fulfil their needs.

SEO services that you think will work for your company – the digital marketing strategy industry is comprehensive, and there are a range of services that experts can provide online marketing to business owners. These range from setting up a professional website and enhancing the overall look of the current website to increasing Google rankings and uploading quality content on a regular basis. Although your search engine consultant will recommend what works best for your organisation, business owners should consider the services they would prefer.

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Our strategy is to use Search Engine Optimisation to improve the amount and volume of traffic on your website, thus increasing your customer base over time

content optimisation

Page Optimisation

We work on your website on and off-page issues to ensure that your site is free of any issues and is ready to rank in search engines.

content optimisation

Content Marketing

Quality content is the king of search engines, and we ensure that your site has the best content to help you rank online.

content optimisation

Site Analysis

Our advanced auditing process helps us to see where any problems are and to get to work quickly to resolve them.

content optimisation

Keyword Research

There would be no SEO without keywords. We find the best keywords to drive targeted traffic to your website, which in turn will boost sales and your branding over time

content optimisation

Social Media Marketing

Using the power of social media will improve your company in search engines and build a strong online brand

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New Business Startup SEO

If you are looking for a company to design a new website for your startup company, it is extremely important that you choose a developer (we do websites too) that develops for mobile, usability, SEO and conversions. Choosing a cheap alternative will theoretically place you on the back foot, right from the very beginning.

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Technical SEO

Recognising more technical aspects of your website and hosting environments, such as htaccess, redirect issues, robots.txt and server setup, beyond On-Page SEO is essential. A professional SEO audit would inform us exactly how your website is crawled and whether your site is being crawled effectively and efficiently.  

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On-Page SEO & Technical SEO Services

We perform a detailed analysis of all the weak and strong points of your website from both an on-page and technical SEO practices. This includes practices such as Internal linking, Page speed performances, security audits, content optimisation, robots.txt and htaccess optimisation.

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Local SEO Consultation

SEO consulting is a part of our packages. Our ultimate goal is to make your company successful in its locality and other local areas you cover so we may make direction and keyword recommendations which you can choose to leave or to act upon. As well as SEO services, we also have years of experience in website design, conversion optimisation, PPC campaigns, social media marketing and monetisation strategies such as affiliate marketing and email marketing and networking. In these consultation sessions, we’ll aim to help you get more from your website and business in the online world.

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Link Building & Outreach

We use high quality, authority building and link building techniques to create appropriate inbound links to your website that will help your site achieve higher rankings with the major search engines and drive targeted traffic to your site. What we excel at is healthy, sustainable and long-term SEO.

The link structure on your website is a way to show the search engines that other people vouch for your content and that you have quality content on your website.

content optimisation

Conversion Optimisation

We can improve marketing costs and increase a company’s conversion rate performance using analytics, user feedback and user tracking.  

We’ll take the time to improve and refine your website and specifically design it to encourage your existing visitors to initiate an action on your site such as checking out with a product or contacting you. 

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