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Norfolk SEO -

Search Engine Optimisation that offers Long term Value.

LOw risk - brand building - quality seo practices

High quality SEO and PPC strategies that will light up your business. We increase your websites visibility to get your business in front of the audience it deserves. Rivmedia are well equipped to provide a transparent and thorough expert opinion on technical SEO and search insights based on a 12+ years working in top end competitive markets.

LOw risk - brand building - quality seo practices

SEO Experts - Helping Norfolk Businesses be competative.

At Rivmedia we will thrive to help your business and  website rank higher in search results,  utilising Google-compliant SEO methods

  • Increase your visibility in the organic results of the search
  • Delivering sustainable traffic to your website
  • Rise in leads and eventually sales

We help businesses keep up with the newest SEO developments but build strong sustainable foundations for long term success, our aim is  to provide outstanding SEO services.

We work with you to decide the best approach to SEO,  your target phrases and over all strategy to boost your businesses positions in organic and local search, resulting in more traffic and eventually more customers.

Whilst the strong economy is good for business in Norfolk, it also means that there are generally several companies in the area that offer the same form of product or service. As a result, competition is fierce, particularly for service providers in the area.

What Is SEO?

SEO is a mixture of methods, plans and strategies put in place to maximise the number of visitors to a website through the acquisition of high ranking search engine search results (SERPs), such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

  • SEO stands for search engine optimisation
  • The ultimate goal of SEO is to customise the website for search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • The performance of Search Engine Optimisation can lead to consistent conversion and ROI.

To optimise your website effectively, it is important to understand how search engines work and what are the most prominent areas in SEO to get your website ranking as soon as possible.

How Does SEO Work?

Onsite SEO – (Infrastructure, content and technical SEO)

  • Improving the technology and functionality of your websites
  • The targeting of the best keywords
  • Development of fresh and exciting content

Offsite SEO ( Factors Off the website )

  • Link Building- Obtaining high quality and reliable links from authoritative sites
  • Active participation on social media
  • Relevant Citations

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Norfolk SEO Consultants

Norfolk has to be one of the most naturally beautiful and peaceful places in the United Kingdom, and it’s no secret that we love and are immensely proud of our home county. For this reason, if you have a small business in Norfolk or the Norfolk area and would like to take advantage of a local SEO services company then we would love to hear from you and enjoy working with local businesses.

SEO is more critical than ever in the competitive market of today. Hundreds of thousands of people use search engines every day to find solutions to their problems and to answer their questions.

SEO is about focusing on the targeted traffic strategy. Efficient SEO can mean the difference between being on the first or second page, which doesnt sound much of a difference,  but it will almost certainly mean the difference for conversions and potential customer visits. It is important to realise that ranking on the second page significantly reduces the chances of seeing potential customers by more than 60 per cent.

If potential consumers use a search engine to find information, they are far more likely to be searching for a solution to the problem or a service to aid their search. Research shows that 93 percent of the issues are resolved on the first page of the SERPs. If your site doesn’t show up on the first page, you’re not going to lose business, but you simply wont be in the running to gain that business. Well-written and original content is what gives a search engine the ability to solve a searcher’s dilemma with your knowledge and website.

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Why Is SEO So Important for Norfolk Businesses?

If your target audience is in or around your Norfolk business area,  then our services maybe for you,  having a website, great content is all well and good, but that alone won’t propell you to the top 10,  at least not in a reasonable amount of time.   We make that process quicker,  we make it sustainable and we make it stick long term.

While we can’t “guarantee” that you’re going to be number one in the search results, we promise to do our utmost to get you competing in the top 10 and deliver reliable long-term seo results.

How Do You Build A Better Online Presence To Get Noticed In Norfolk?

We work with tried and tested strategies and techniques that include location-specific content, citation distribution, exceptional on-page and technical SEO, as well as link building, geo-labelling, and identifying trends and marketing opportunities in the region that you can take advantage of.

Why don’t you contact us today to help your business get noticed?

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How To Rank Well In Google Maps Listings For Norfolk?

The optimisation of your Google business listing can be challenging if you don’t know what you’re doing. You should always focus on ranking your company in Google’s top 3 map results; this is known as Google’s three-pack. 

If you haven’t already achieved this, then we will assist in checking and setting up your Google My Business account. Once the listing is verified, we will correctly refine and optimise it ready for the next step of your Google Maps Campaign to further enchance those positions and visability.

How Much Do SEO Services In Norfolk Cost?

Our SEO campaigns are custom-made for each business as no website is business is ever the same or needs the same amount of work.  We aim to raise your ROI with each campaign, offsetting your monthly expenditure and the cost of the SEO services we provide.

The prices of Norfolk SEO services, will vary because different approaches are needed for each location,  it’s competition and the work thats needed to get your business to where it needs to be.

Our Google Map bundle and regional Search Engine Optimisation packages start at £ 350 and start as a base guide, and our national coverage begins at £550 per month and up. These are start-up fees, dependent on coverage, competition and expectations.


Marketing Services For Businesses In Norfolk

We perform a comprehensive audit of your digital marketing activities, discover your ideal customer and perform an in-depth review of your competitors in order to identify places where changes or fixes are required.

Our experienced team of digital marketers will focus on designing a tailor-made marketing strategy to help increase brand recognition, drive online sales, enhance customer relationships and overall business performance.

Through a variety of carefully selected analytical tools, we constantly evaluate and track your online results, using this useful knowledge to further improve your online presence.

Whatever your industry or business model, our professional digital marketing team in Norfolk will build a tailor-made strategy that fits both your audience and your budget.

SEO for Norfolk businesses

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation is essential because it will allow us to lower the cost of customer acquisitions by getting more value from the visitors and users you already have and already attract. By optimising your conversion rate, we can increase the revenue per visitor, get more customers and grow your business more sustainably. 

content marketing value

Email Marketing

Email marketing helps promote your business in a local area, as well as internationally. By creating personalised email campaigns for your subscribers and past customers, we can deliver what they want, directly to their inbox on a regular basis. This helps to keep your brand relevant in their minds and keeps them interested and often open to purchasing more from you in the future. 


Social Media Marketing

Social networking allows for direct contact and input from the consumer. Businesses should also respond to their customers right away. With almost half of UK consumers using social media to ask questions about goods or services, it is highly necessary to have a social media customer support strategy. It’s also a great place to get reviews, promote your products and services and grow your local and national customer base. Good social signals can also boost your sites search engine ranking. 

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Norfolk SEO -

Content Marketing

Content marketing lets you provide significant value beyond your products and services. It gives customers more reasons to pay attention to you. Good quality content can help people and companies who are willing to help people are often looked upon as being more trustworthy and seen as being more professional than companies who do not have a content strategy in place. 

Understanding what potential customers are looking for, what their purpose is and how to harness it for your website’s content and outreach is where we come in. You see, content is a major part of our SEO operation.

Let us market your business to the right online audience. We will use our content marketing strategies to harness sales, increase your web traffic and gain relevant backlinks from natural sources, and more. Google is going to love it!

Local SEO Norfolk

Conducting a local SEO campaign is a good way to promote your local business online in Norfolk and surrounding areas. It helps to show your products and services to your local customers just when they’re looking for them.

There are a variety of different aspects to local SEO, all of which make it possible for Google to make a decision that it considers to be the best companies to view on the basis of the query posed by the searcher.

We offer a wide variety of SEO services to clients in and around Norfolk. Using our knowledge and skills, we will work with your business to improve its online presence.

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How Does Local SEO Vary From Regular SEO?

There is a fundamental difference between our standard SEO practises and  our local SEO practises.

SEO Standard-is based on generic search words. This is where the searcher is looking for answers to questions with phrases such as ‘How to…’ or ‘Best Ways to.’

Local SEO-comes into play when a question has more buying intention behind it. This involves searches such as ‘a florist near me’ and ‘the best florist in Essex.’

As Google now recognises the local context behind these search words, the results will be displayed to fit the search purpose. In fact, if Google is aware of your location or if you are using Google Maps, it won’t even need a ‘near me’ or ‘geo-modifier’ to understand your local search.

This has been a big development for small local businesses. This is because it now helps them to compete with larger multinational companies that would easily beat them to the top of the SERPs ( Search Engine Results Page) positions back in the day.

Drive More Enquiries & Target Customers with Local Norfolk SEO

We have the best local SEO and local marketing to Norfolk-based businesses searching for locally-based clients and customers. Our local SEO packages offer far more than map pack optimisation; they provide a nice mix of Google business optimisation, citation building and repair, and organic SEO for the related local search words.

We offer SEO to more than 50 Norfolk-based businesses, some of whom we have been working with since 2009. We consider our customers to be our long-term friends and are delighted to have accomplished their company targets year-on-year every year.

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Dominate The Norfolk Market

There are a few things business owners in Norfolk can do before they move on to online marketing. We ask business owners to complete our Review Form to provide insight into their business and to increase their demand for more customers. Here are some considerations for your company’s online marketing strategy:

Budget – As a digital marketing company, we provide three separate packages for our services. This will encourage business owners to choose the search engine optimisation packages that they can easily afford and meet their needs.

SEO services that you think would work for your company – the digital marketing campaign industry is comprehensive, and there are a variety of services that experts can offer online marketing to business owners. This ranges from setting up a professional website and improving the overall look of the current website to rising Google rankings and posting quality content on a regular basis. While your search engine consultant will suggest what works best for your company, business owners should consider the services they prefer.

Flexible SEO Contracts

For a business relationship to work and for it to be effective, both client and service provider need to know where they stand. For the protection of both parties and to limit confusion, a flexible contract will be put in place. This will allow us – as a service provider – to work efficiently, in the knowledge that both the business we serve and our company know what the plan is and what the goals are.

The contracts we put in place are rolling monthly contracts that allow for a two month cancellation period. We qualify businesses properly, ensuring consumer demand meets with the budgets and time scales put in place.

As a result-driven business, we are careful to only take on clients that are a good fit for our processes, removing short-term prospects and ensuring the client is fully committed and can “comfortably” sustain the SEO budget for at least 12 months.

Why Choose Rivmedia?

At Rivmedia, we understand how search engines evaluate websites and how they choose the order in which they rank. Our job primarily includes enhancing the importance and confidence factor of our client’s website. From this, search engines tend to prefer the website over others and thus start to increase their rankings higher in search results. At the end of the day, the target is to get the website placed on page one or even the number one spot on Google for your primary keywords.

As an SEO company, we want to make it easier for your customers to find you on search engines, outperform your competition and attract more customers. We give free SEO audits to help you determine whether SEO is right for your company. Once we have carried out an SEO audit and have the findings, we will be able to determine whether SEO is right for your company.


SEO is the way you get listed in the modern phonebook: Page 1 of Google and Bing. Instead of being based on alphabetical order, it is based on which website has the most web presence and relative content to whatever the searcher is looking for.

It will give you qualified leads who are ready to purchase your goods or services, sometimes on the same day they browse.

Many of the business owners we network with tell us they’ve traditionally got their leads via their network and referrals. These are the kinds of customer leads. Inbound online searching is another kind of lead: one that brings customers to you that have not heard of you before.

Yes! Generally, B2C businesses that need to make a lot of individual, point-in-time sales like plumbers, roofers, real estate agents, cafes, used car sales and more. 


For someone like a business coach who wants to meet 10-20 CEOs in the area, LinkedIn will probably be a better tool than blogging and hoping that these 20 people will come to his website after a relative search.

If the keyword research reveals that hundreds of people are looking locally every month for what you’re offering, and you don’t appear at the top of page 1.

Remember, you need to review your SEO with a private browsing window to eliminate what Google knows more than you realise about you. This knowledge is based on your search history, Gmail, and location.

Hire an SEO company like Rivmedia to make a keyword research report so that you know what the market is in your area. If you’re running Google AdWords campaigns, you can try using your Keyword Planner Tool to see your projections.

A successful SEO strategy should usually concentrate on a handful of primary keywords with a strong search rate, a high searcher purpose (meaning someone that is Googling is ready to buy) and a competition that can be defeated in less than a year.


This depends on the organisation’s aims and objectives. Most local businesses do very little-to-no SEO, and in this instance, a 6-month effort to bring all the necessary changes is usually enough to see results for years to come. It’s also possible to do less if businesses want to move more slowly as they tackle each stage.

Don’t take the directory companies that claim to only list you across the web; you need a complete campaign to make a difference. Directory listings are just one slice of the SEO cake. 

In reality, small companies should expect to be paying at least £350 per month for good starting point SEO services. 

Remember that you need a strong website with simple “calls for action” (such as Call Now or Email Us) so that the user traffic that comes to your site contacts you or goes to your physical location.

  1. Keyword research
  2. Ongoing content creation and link outreach.
  3. Directory & Citation building
  4. Onsite SEO
  5. Offsite SEO
  6. User Experience optimisation
  7. User intent.

Not nearly as well, but it’s possible to build and access a Google My Business page for free. They can show up in the Map 3 pack if the competition isn’t too tough for your local area.

Social networking can be a way to promote the content of your blog and introduce users to your website for content that they find useful. Give first in the form of information, and then receive custom second.

Google and Bing search the web to search your business details, so make sure it’s accurate around the web, and you’ll see your rankings go up.


Note that if you’re receiving calls that say things like, “Your Google listing isn’t up to date,” that’s not Google calling you! Unless you’re in the process of verifying your Google My Business page by phone, Google will never call you.

We regularly see companies with less or worse scores appear higher in the Google Map 3-pack shown on the results tab.

Generally, the reviews will improve your SEO

When the reviewers mention your keywords in their reviews,

Once you’ve got five reviews, your stars are beginning to show, which is likely to make more people click your result than rivals who don’t have noticeable stars.

You can send a link to your customers to leave you a Google review and use our email template to ask for a review on Google.


  • Google autosuggest in the search box
  • Neil Patel’s – Ubersuggest
  • Google AdWords Keyword Planner
  • related searches at the bottom of the results page


  • SEMRush
  • Ubersuggest Premium
  • MozPro
  • Majestics


You’re expected to do both wisely if you have a budget, and they both support each other.

AdWords lets you jump to page 1 right away, but you have to pay for every click. SEO could be more economical for long-term website traffic and business growth, but it may take a longer time to see any results.

Search Engine Marketing (AKA SEM, pay-per-click, PPC, or Google AdWords) will show you the queries that led to clicks on your website.

Plus onsite optimisation will improve your Ad Quality Score, which can lower your per click (CPC) rate. Google wants the landing page to represent the searcher needs exactly, and to assess the quality of that page in the same way that it tests its SEO.

Google Analytics is now shielding the questions people have searched when they visit your website organically. This means that running an Ad campaign on Google is a good way to see what people are clicking on to get to your website. This could also help better determine better focus keywords for your organic SEO campaign. 

Our clients mostly leap to page 1 in 4-6 months, but competitive keywords can take longer.

As mentioned before:

  • Keyword research
  • onsite SEO optimisation
  • You can also do a Google search for a local SEO checklist.
  • directory citation building
  • ongoing content that answers your prospect’s questions
  • offsite SEO
  • link building and outreach.


Back in 2010, Google launched two new meta tags for news articles: the original source and the syndication source. These two tags have been created to allow news curators to publish another website article on their own website, without the possibility of a Google penalty for plagiarism or duplicate content.



Keywords are words and phrases that you would like search engines to reference to your site so that when your keywords are typed into someone’s search, your site is visible.



Google is constantly changing, and its developers are developing more intuitive ways to display responses to users’ search queries. ‘The rich response’ is one of their latest inventions.



In the world of SEO, hCard was best known as the microformat standard used for the creation of structured data; data was generated for the benefit of human search engines. This allows search engines to have a deeper understanding of the content on web pages.



NAP is short for your name, address, phone number. For search engines such as Google, such information establish a specific marker that separates you from someone else. By correctly listing your NAP information, you represent your presence in a specific area and your ability to rank for location-based searches.



Citation, link or reference in any digital content implies endorsement, authority and trust. SEO co-citation refers to the interaction that arises when websites address interrelated topics, ideas and refer to each other. The meaning of words that surround links is a key aspect of co-citation. Implementing co-citation can help explain how to rate keywords that you don’t even apply to, thanks to the words and quotes that you normally identify with.



Vertical engines are search engines that specialise in various search styles. Google’s image search, position or map search, news search, and site search will be called vertical, for example. These can basically be regarded as independent search engines, all under the Google umbrella.



In 2011, Google launched the Schema markup. It’s a kind of microdata created in collaboration with Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Yandex. The goal was to create a specific tag language that would allow webmasters to convey the meaning of web pages to computer programmes that read them, including search engines.



In early 2011, Google released Panda’s search results algorithm, which filtered out low-quality websites. This was the beginning of a series of large-scale quality management tests. Google Panda effectively stripped search results pages (SERPs) of poorly designed and spammed content, allowing higher-quality websites to climb to the top.



Event tracking refers to monitoring activities on a website after the loading of a web page. Event monitoring supplies data on how web users interact with the website, making it possible to refine SEO and PPC marketing strategies to the fullest possible effect.



The site has an overall domain ranking. This is the total number of positive link metrics associated with the website as a whole. The Domain Rank is determined by the cumulative PageRank of all pages on the website.



A 301 redirect is an instruction that tells the browser: “The requested page is no longer accessible at the URL you have, you will find it at this new address.”



User reviews are a very critical aspect of SEO and digital marketing. Google is more likely to reward sites that have favourable user feedback with higher rankings, and feedback may also serve as a powerful promotional tool.



Local searching is always changing. For a company that wants to draw customers to a physical venue, ranking well in local search can be a key factor in any reliable marketing campaign and has quickly become SEO’s top priority.



Conversions happen on a website when the customer performs an action that takes them further down the purchasing cycle. For example, a conversion can be achieved by asking for a quote or by purchasing the product completely. The website of a business should always be designed in order to have a successful conversion rate.



Link Building is the process of getting links from an external source that leads to your site. These links allow both search engines and users to visit your site and get it on the search results map.



The rel = canonical tag is a snippet of HTML code that distinguishes web pages that are at risk of being viewed as duplicate content. Through using this tag on pages with similar or identical content, webmasters are able to forward to search engines which are the original page-the ‘canonical link’-and which are subsequent copies.



Spam is linked to a wide variety of unwanted links, pop-ups, data and emails that we face in our everyday internet interactions. Spam can be clearly unwanted, but it can also be very deceptive, damaging and disruptive to your site in a variety of ways.



URL parameters are used to specify how search engines can handle parts of your site based on your URLs to make your site is more effective. This refers to the directories in the URL string.



Hummingbird is a Google-implemented search algorithm. Introduced in August 2013, it was used to replace the previous Caffeine algorithm and has an effect on about 90% of Google searches.



According to Google Analytics, the bounce rate is the number of sessions in which the user left the site from the page from which they reached the site without interacting with it.



Branded search results will be shown when the user searches for your brand name. If you’re a new start-up or a big national company, you’re going to want to rank number one for your branded search. It’s not always simple, however, to be the top list, even for your own brand.



The content is possibly the most critical SEO element. Strong SEO agencies maximise content by generating information that both consumers and Google would enjoy. This is known as content optimisation and will help make the website more accessible while searching.



The nofollow tag enables publishers to warn Google and other search engines that they do not support such links to other sites.



Google launched these features in September 2011 to fix the issue of duplicate content. Rel = Prev and Rel = Next are added to the site’s HTML code to let search engines know that a series of consecutive pages should all be indexed together.



A crawler is software used by search engines that search the Internet to gather and index data.



Robots.txt and meta robot tags are used by search engine optimisation companies and webmasters to order instructions for crawlers to access and index a website.



The NoScript tag is an essential tool for web developers, providing content on JavaScript, Java, Flash or AJAX-enriched sites to users whose browsers do not support dynamic content hosted in these ways. Notices like “Your browser can not read JavaScript” while attempting to load a website is an example of the NoScript tag in motion.



Historically, search engines find it difficult to read any details or links that do not appear in HTML format inside the source code of the website. The continued development of Google Image Search, which is becoming an integral part of the search engine algorithms, has enhanced this somewhat.



One of the most important considerations for both SEO and User Experience ( UX) is site navigation. A well-designed, well-organised site with easy browsing will not only boost the UX of your site but will also help search engine bots crawl the site by helping them locate all the content of the site and make more effective use of their crawling budgets.



If your business is changing or rebranding, or your website has to be transferred to another server, your onsite content needs to be transferred to your new location. If your redirects are not correctly completed, your new website will be rife with 404 File Not Found errors, which may minimise user experience, resulting in an increased bounce rate and thus lower page ranking.



First Click Free is a Google-based tool that allows bots to crawl and index content carried behind forms, mainly on subscription or registration-only sites such as The Financial Times.



In the SEO world, the words’ white hat’ and ‘black hat’ are very familiar. Essentially, white hat refers to good SEO practises suggested by search engines, while black hat refers to poor SEO practises that violate the search engine rules.



Heading tags are important to user experience and page rankings. For a website visitor, a heading tag can change the look and feel of a heading or subheading, typically making it larger and bolder.



Meta tags are text fragments in the HTML portion of the web page. They are not accessible to site visitors and, if properly implemented, they can have a major impact on SEO.



Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages, also known as AMP, is an open-source project created to increase the speed of upload and readability of content for mobile users. Think of it as a mobile page update.



Directories used to be SEO staples. Conceived as an Internet response to the Yellow Pages, the web directories housed large lists of links, mostly broken down into useful categories for the reader.



Announced in April 2012, Google Penguin is an algorithm update aimed at eliminating web spam, penalising sites that have breached Google’s Webmaster Guidelines by using black hat tactics to gain links and influence search engine rankings. It also awarded websites with high-quality link profiles.



The Knowledge Graph is Google’s method for organising information about millions of well-known entities: individuals, locations, and organisations, to chart how information is interconnected. It is an information base used by Google to improve its search results by using human language technology ( e.g. object recognition and linking) and the semantic web (linked data graphs).



A sitemap is a resource that you create for your website to be discovered by Google and other search engines. Providing a metadata resource in the form of a sitemap is a crucial way to place the content to appear in the search.



Link Metrics is the name that refers to the search results ranking criteria. They reflect the value of any given website on the Internet and provide some measure of domain authority, relevance and trust. It’s a method of evaluating sites not by how important their webmasters say they are, but by how authoritative, appropriate and trustworthy other web users say they are.



Social media optimisation is carried out in combination with search engine optimisation as there are clear correlations between the two services.



Anchor text is the text of the outbound link that can be clicked and readable to both the user and search engines.



Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is an Internet communication protocol that protects the privacy of user data between their device and the site they use.



Google Analytics is a free web service that offers detailed statistics and analytical resources for SEO and marketing purposes. Analytics tracks traffic to the website and gathers data on how users communicate with the website.



This is a popular URL redirect code. The server invites the web browser to take an alternate route to a website that is potentially only temporary.



A 307 redirect is somewhat similar to a 302 redirect, but the difference is that the process and body are not updated when a redirect request is created.



This is an error message that you’re likely to find on your journeys across the World Wide Web! This specific sequence of numbers indicates that the browser was able to connect with the server, but was unable to locate what was requested.



This error code means that the page is ‘not found’ like 404, but actually, it’s gone entirely.



A term with an origin in the physical world and rather a literal sense, ‘above the fold’ means the top half of a newspaper when it is folded for delivery;



This is the Google Ads Site used by both large and small companies to advertise online.



Answer Engine Optimisation offers search engine results for voice-operated commands and information.



A valuable tool for many online personalities and influencers.


AHREFS is a website that offers an online toolkit providing indicators and features for all SEO related items.



Another SEO service provided by Amazon covers all the basics as well as some more in-depth technical information.



Logically, this applies directly to the Google search algorithm and the fact that it has been modified.



This text is used to explain the image and is not normally displayed to the regular user of the site.

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