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Do you appear on the first page of search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo) for terms that match your company or the industry you work in? If not, you are missing great opportunities for your grow your business.

If you’re looking to improve your visibility in search engines for your business,  resulting in more calls, sales and enquiries.

Let us help you accomplish that, being found for organic, non-branded searches is half the battle.

“The Norfolk SEO Company that you want in your Corner”

Rivmedia is a leading Norfolk SEO service provider with a passion for helping local businesses and expanding brands succeed online. With over a decade of experience in search engine optimisation and digital marketing, our experienced professional Freelance SEO consultant is dedicated to delivering results-driven SEO services tailored to your business goals. From dominating local search results to making a mark on the national stage.

As a Norfolk SEO consultant, we understand the importance of implementing both local and national SEO strategies to ensure your business’s growth and success. Our customised approach combines in-depth keyword research, technical SEO, content creation, and link building to drive more traffic to your website, improve your Google rankings, and ultimately increase your bottom line.

SEO Strategies for Local Businesses

We take pride in offering SEO strategies specifically tailored to local businesses in Norfolk.

Norfolk SEO Services for Expanding Brands

For brands looking to expand their reach and visibility beyond the local market, we offer a wider reach SEO service that goes beyond a location based target market.

We leverage industry leading tools tools like Majestic SEO, Ahrefs  and SEMrush to track and monitor the effectiveness of our campaigns, ensuring your SEO success is on the right track.

What does our Norfolk SEO Service Provide ?

We’ll work with you to develop a customised SEO strategy that meets your specific needs and budget. While tracking your businesses progress and make adjustments to your strategy as needed.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, contact RivMedia today for a free consultation.

We’ll show you how SEO can help you attract more customers, increase your sales, and grow your business

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SEO Audits Onsite and Technical

We offer a comprehensive audit of your digital marketing activities, including your previous SEO work, current social media presence, press releases, and brand building efforts. Our Norfolk SEO Specialist will help you identify your ideal customer and conduct a thorough review of your competitors to identify areas for improvement.

Our focus is on creating a marketing strategy that will increase brand recognition, drive online sales, improve customer relationships, and enhance overall business performance. Using a variety of analytical tools and manual knowledge, we constantly track and evaluate your online results, using this information to further improve your online presence.

Regardless of your industry or business model, we are here to help you thrive. Please note that our audits are only available as part of our SEO monthly retainers and are not offered as an individual service.

Conversion Rate Optimisation​

CRO ( Conversion rate optimisation ) is essential,  it will allow us help you lower the cost of customer acquisitions, get more value from your visitors and users you already have.  By optimising your conversion rate,  we aim to encourage more leads, sales or enquiries,  from the existing visitors already landing on your website.

We do this through various measurements and assessments,  using tools such as Google analyics, heatmaps, visitor trip recorders such as hotjar and of course, our experience and knowledge.

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Content marketing Norfolk

Content Marketing

Content marketing allows you to provide value beyond your products and services, giving customers more reasons to pay attention to your brand and remember you. High-quality content can help establish your company as trustworthy and professional, and it can also help you connect with potential customers by providing the information they are looking for.

At Rivmedia, we specialise in understanding the needs and goals of potential customers and creating content that resonates with them. We use content marketing as a key part of our digital marketing strategy, and we can help you market your business to the right online audience.

Our content marketing strategies can help increase sales, drive web traffic, and earn natural backlinks which helps with the link building process, all of which can improve your ranking on Google and other search engines. Let us help your business succeed online.

Local SEO and Google Maps SEO

If you’re a business in Norfolk, conducting a local SEO campaign can be an effective way to promote your products and services online to local customers who are searching for them. There are various aspects to local SEO, including Google Maps and the “map pack” listings that appear in search results. These placements are highly valuable and can help your business gain visibility and attract customers.

You’re looking for a Norfolk SEO agency right? We not only help you improve your visibility on Google Maps, but also your organic search for localised phrases. We believe that every business needs a strong presence in both Maps and organic search rankings in order to maintain a solid online presence. Let us help you reach your local customers and grow your business.

Why You Need SEO

If you want to be successful, you need to have a strong online presence. And one of the best ways to achieve that is through SEO.

SEO can help you rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), which means that more people will be able to find your website. When more people find your website, you’ll get more traffic, which can lead to more sales and more revenue.

SEO can help you build brand awareness and credibility. When people see your website ranking high in SERPs, they’ll know that you’re a reputable business that offers quality products or services.

If you’re serious about growing your business, then you need to invest in SEO. It’s one of the most effective ways to get your website in front of the right people and achieve your business goals.

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Our Freelance SEO Expert : Passionate, Experienced, and Results-Driven

Adam Hardingham

Founder and Freelance SEO Expert at Rivmedia

With nearly two decades of experience in the SEO industry, Adam Hardingham is a leading expert in search engine optimisation (SEO).  As the founder of Rivmedia, one of the UK’s most professional freelance SEO services, he has helped numerous businesses out perform their competitors and achieve unprecedented growth online.

Adam is passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise to help businesses succeed online, especially in his local area of Norfolk

FAQ's about our Norfolk SEO Services

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the practice of optimising your website to rank higher in search engine results.

If your primary focus is localised leads or sales for your Norfolk business, this means increased visibility to potential local customers in the area.   If you are looking for a more nationwide approach,   we offer a comprehensive SEO service that not only focuses on local SEO targetting but also national or international.

Our SEO services are tailored to the Norfolk or local target markets, focusing on local keywords and strategies that can help you reach your target audience effectively within the region.

We have a proven track record of success with local businesses in Norfolk.

You deal with a single consultant ( Me, Adam ) and not a big team of instruction followers,    which means your campaigns and strategies are focused,  with the majority of your monthly budgets spent on useful resources and time accounted,  not agency overheads.

Yes, we provide a comprehensive SEO strategy that includes both on-page optimisation (content, technical and CRO) and off-page tactics (backlink building, local citations, outreach,  CTR and social etc.) to boost your website’s ranking.

SEO results vary depending on various factors, but our goal is to show noticeable improvements within a few months. Consistent effort is key to achieving long-term success.

We typically quote a 6 – 12 month time scale for significant improvements,   not because thats how long the process takes,  but more often than not, the biggest gains are during Google’s algorythm updates which can happen anywhere between 2 – 6 times a year for various parts.   One of those updates is a core update,  which is when we see the vast amount of improvements from the work done in the months previous .

Absolutely, optimising your Google My Business listing is crucial for local SEO success. We’ll ensure your listing is accurate, complete, and appealing to potential customers in Norfolk.    In fact,  Google maps listings and SEO is something we are extremely good at,  likeihood is you’ve found our website via a Google maps or Google my business listing for phrases such as “SEO Norfolk,  “Norfolk SEO Services” and alike.

Our pricing varies depending on the scope of work, but we offer competitive rates for local businesses. We can provide a customised quote after assessing your specific needs such as your requirements,  reach, competition and time scales.

But on average our services range between £350 per month upto £3000 per month.    Most small businesses looking for local custom would fit into the £350 – £600 a month range.

We provide regular reports and updates on your website’s performance, keyword rankings, and traffic. You’ll have full visibility into the progress of your SEO campaign.

We offer flexible engagement options, including monthly contracts. We believe in delivering results, and our clients can choose to continue working with us based on their satisfaction.

Although we always make sure a customer can sustain their monthly plan long term for at least a 12 month period,  as anything else would be counter productive for the customer,  as the true results wouldnt have been seen.

Of course,  we can’t all see in to the future,  so if there was a need to cancel,  we’d of course accept and just ask for the typical 2 month cancelation notice.

Certainly, we have helped numerous Norfolk businesses achieve higher search engine rankings, increased traffic, and improved online visibility. We can provide specific examples upon request.

Certainly, we have helped numerous Norfolk businesses achieve higher search engine rankings, increased traffic, and improved online visibility. We can provide specific examples upon request.

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