How to Make Money from Your Personal and Business Blog


Most businesses have their own blog these days but more often than not, they don’t get the attention they deserve. A lot of businesses end up implementing a blog due to recommendations from their web design or SEO company (as a blog can be beneficial in terms of SEO and marketing) but many never use them.

It’s perfectly understandable, as writing quality blog content can be a time-consuming process that many business owners simply don’t have time for, especially considering the fact that it can often seem like a rather pointless task. In the early days of blogging, it’s unlikely that many people will read your blog posts, so why bother writing them?

Well, what if you could actually use your business blog to make you more money or increase interest in your products or services ? This isn’t as crazy as it sounds and there are actually a number of ways that you can utilise your business blog to do this, even if you don’t tend to sell any of your products or services online.

We’ll be discussing a few of the techniques you can implement in this post.


Display Advertising


Perhaps the most simple and widely used blog monetization method is to feature display advertising on your blog. It doesn’t matter what your blog is about, you can implement display advertising in just a few simple steps.

What exactly is display advertising? It’s essentially visible ads on your website. You’ll see these on a lot of blogs and sites (as it’s how a lot of webmasters make money). They can come in the form of text ads or banner ads and they can be a great way of earning extra money from your site with very little effort.

Google’s Adsense program is probably the most widely used display advertising ‘provider’. Google effectively partners with millions of other sites who pay them to advertise using the Google platform. Google then displays these ads on third-party websites who join their Adsense program and give webmasters a cut of their ad revenue.

Implementing Google Adsense ads on your website is as simple as adding a bit of code. If you use WordPress, you can use the Quick Adsense plugin and implement these ads in a couple of minutes.

You should be aware though that by displaying adverts on your “business” site you open up the possibility of advertising your competitors,  for general blogs of which you don’t offer any kind of product or services display advertising is an idea method of making a few pennies but it isnt something we’d recommend for a business.


You can also use sites like Bidvertiser or if you prefer not to use Adsense.


Lead Generation


More and more businesses are using their blogs to generate leads for their businesses using content marketing practices. Essentially, content marketing is the art of creating content that attracts your target audience to your site where you can then convert them into leads and/or sales. You can read more on content marketing here.

Your content marketing efforts can consist of a variety of different types of content, but blog posts often work perfectly well. For example, let’s say that you own a plumbing company based in London. You might write a guide to finding the best plumber on your blog, or perhaps advice on how to install a boiler or unclog a blocked toilet. A lot of people are probably searching for this information every month and guess what, they probably have a plumbing related problem.

Although they’re searching for information on how to fix the problem themselves, they might be inclined to hire a plumbing company if the job seems too complicated (as installing a boiler likely is for most people). This is great as they’re now on your plumbing company’s website; chances are that they’ll convert to a lead and give you a call.

This works for a variety of businesses, especially those that are in the ecommerce sector or sell membership/subscription services online.

For example, created their beginners guide to SEO (which is essentially one long blog post) with the aim of both establishing themselves as an industry expert website and also, attracting targeted leads for their services. offers a subscription service that gives SEO’s access to a variety of different tools. So, when people come to their site to read their epic content, they’re inclined to check out their services and in some cases, actually make a purchase.


Create + Sell A Product


Another great way to increase your revenue using your business blog is to actually use it to sell a product. You can sell literally anything online and many people that have a business blog of their own will write an eBook to sell to their visitors (like Sitepoint does above). Others will create a membership site and use their blog as a lead generation method.

For example, if you website design company, you could use your blog to not only generate leads for your website design business, but also sell a product such as an eBook. Chances are that you’ll have a few different types of visitors to your blog. You’ll probably have people that are willing to fork out the money on a bespoke website design with your company (which is great), and some that are more likely to try and do things themselves on a budget.

You can cater to both of these people by not only offering web design services but publishing an eBook entitled something along the lines of “How to create a beautiful website on a budget”. You could then sell this for $10, $20 perhaps even $30. You just need to make sure that this doesn’t compete with your other products and that it’s aimed towards a different kind of consumer.

You can do this in almost any industry.


Neil Patel (founder of uses his blog to both generate memberships to the PRO section of his site (in which he basically sells an eBook) and also, to generate leads to which is his SEO freelancing website.

This is a good example of how to use a blog to cater towards different types of consumers and generate a great amount of revenue.



For most people just starting out in the world of blog monetisation, display advertising is the simplest and most straightforward monetisation method to implement as it can be done in just a few minutes.

However, it all depends on your goals. Most businesses will generate a significant amount more revenue from generating sales or leads when compared to display advertising, so it’s worth thinking about what you want to achieve.


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