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Promoting Your Business at an Event? Here’s How

Events have become a valuable tactic for any kind of business. Marketers and event planners are well aware of this and every young entrepreneur or every entrepreneur in general should be aware of it too. Events help with recognition, relationships with customers and they even help with sales through product exhibitions. As you can see, the benefits are plenty. So, let’s see what you should do if you decide to promote your business using the power of an event. Take a look below.

Audience as a key factor

If you are looking for events near you and you plan on promoting your business there, you should also inform yourself about the audience. In other words, what kind of crowd will be there? Are they suitable for you? For example, if you have a company that deals with food or crafts, any fair or festival might be a great opportunity. Cross of that might. Fair or festival is a great opportunity for you in that case. However, if you are a small tech company, being present at a fair or festival probably won’t do the trick. Think of what interests your customers have and then see whether an event attracts that kind of people. If it does, it’s a sign to go. If not, wait for a better chance or host your own event.

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Do your homework and research

Before you decide to reserve a booth or a whole stage at an event, research for a while and see whether that event is a profitable opportunity. If your guts tell you that it is, go for it. However, make sure that you don’t become a part of an event that is bound to be a bust. If the organizers invite 500 people and only 80 or something show up, you will have failed. A strong track record is something you should look for when it comes to choosing events you want to be a part of. You can also contact the organizers and ask them about the details such as the number of people that usually attend, how often the event occurs, etc. Mind your budget for the event. Don’t let it go to waste just because someone else sucks at organizing a good event.

Be a ‘big guy’ wherever you are present

Yes, it may sound odd but you’ll soon see that it makes sense. Events allow people to meet your business and events allow you to meet your business’s objectives, right? Well, if you want your business to become a notable name in the industry, you have to behave like a big guy or a big player. So, remember to position yourself well and use these events to present yourself as an important factor there. Don’t just show up at an event for the sake of showing up. Taking a booth at the end of the hall right where the exit is might do your business more harm than good. Instead, take a good spot and pay more if you have to.

The power of social media

Use the power of social media. It’s plain and simple. Being present at an event needs to be known online. If you’re hosting your own event, you simply have to inform everyone about it. Use platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram and tell the world where you will be and what you will be doing. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your own event or you’ve simply paid for a spot at someone else’s. For example, you could do a bit of live coverage of your own event or live updates of the happenings at your booth.

Customer info

No matter where you are, following up with your customers is important if you want to have a stable customer base that always comes back for more and plenty of referrals. Respect your customers and find good ways to gather contact information. Many companies just bombard people with ads and many customers hence forget about the actual vendors. Also, don’t make people listen to 20 minutes long speeches about your company, leave a box or a jar and ask people to put in their business cards there. It’s simple and effective. Of course, print your own business cards with contact info. Also, if you can, make a wi-fi hotspot where the attendees need to sign in and leave their e-mail address. That is a great trick.


Getting recognized out there isn’t easy. Take as much as you can from this article and always look for new ways to promote your business. Rivals never sleep when it comes to the business world.