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Promoting Your Business Events through Social Media

If you haven’t started using social media to promote everything that has something to do with your business, you need to start doing so ASAP! First of all, there are numerous platforms where you can spread the word and it’s really cost-effective. Second of all, well, everyone’s present on social media. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or LinkedIn, it doesn’t matter, all it matters is that you have to be there. And remember, if you plan on hosting an event, there isn’t a better way to attract attention to it than by talking about it on social media. Well, in order to maximize your social media marketing efforts, take a look below at a few tips.

Social media marketing

Event Page

Besides having a Facebook page or a LinkedIn page for your business, you have to create a page specially designated for your events. For example, if you decide to promote your business event on a Facebook page, you will most likely get great exposure. Followers who come by occasionally to check your main page will see that you have an event and they’ll check that out too. The best thing here is that there will be no people who wander and get lost and reach your page that way. Facebook has its algorithms that make sure that every user reaches the pages best suited for them. You surely won’t get football fans on your business’s event page if you’re selling furniture.

Social media platforms often have options for businesses where you can pay a certain amount to get your ‘ad’ through. If you want to advertise your event, a good social media promotion strategy is for you to actually spend a few bucks on paid promotions. Of course, when you create a new page on Facebook and on other networks, you can’t just invite everyone with a single click. And that’s where these paid promotions can help. Oh and you can rest assured that the right audience will see your ad. Facebook has acquired Instagram a while back so you can also rest assured that folks there will most likely hear about your event.

Event hashtag

Thanks to Twitter, hashtags are a thing. And they are really powerful. You just need to figure out a cool, short hashtag for your event and people will find it easily across platforms. When you post anything related to your event, include the hashtag, when you send out invitations for your event, include the hashtag, include it on the promo material, put it up everywhere. Also, organize competitions on your events where participants need to use your hashtag to compete. That will sky-rocket you online. The more participants, the merrier.

Brush up your social media accounts

Before you start investing and organising your campaigns, brush up each and every account of your business. Update info, create good headers, involve designers, if needed, to put up cool pics to your existing pages. Then embark on that campaign. But, pay special attention to hashtags, optimize ‘about us’ sections and always interlink all of your social media pages. On Facebook, include links towards your Twitter page, Instagram page, LinkedIn, everything, absolutely everything. The more they click, the better. Well, the more they click on links towards your pages. And hence, they will learn about your events.

Content matters the most

In order to make people engage with your posts, in order to make people want to learn more about your events, you have to provide your pages with quality content. That content determines how many potential attendees you’ll have. Include good articles, photos, ticket sale posts, industry news and lifestyle content. Make it fun, engaging but not overly promotional. Also, you cannot use the same content for every social media platform. Not all platforms share similar styles, so, you cannot use the same content everywhere. Tailor content for each social network. Tailor content for your event page. Never duplicate and most of all never copy stuff from other pages and sites.

Use influencers to promote your event

Every marketer knows very well how influencers can boom their business in every possible way. The same goes for your events. If you manage to include them on social media and announce them for your events, you will see that it will pay off. Have them come and talk to people during your events. They have huge armies and they can be a part of almost any marketing strategy. On top of all, most of them don’t even charge, they get paid in merch. But, the big players always come at a certain price. Do know that.


No one can argue that social media isn’t a good tool for promotions. Why not spread it and include your events too? Implement similar strategies to make people come and hear what you have to say.