Stay at Home, Stay Safe, and… Change Your Career!


These previous months have been tough on the entire world and everyone’s routine has changed to a certain extent. While we all felt changes brought upon by the pandemic and different parts of the world have experienced or are experiencing the peak at different times, we are all yet to see what the full aftermath will be in terms of the world economy.

A lot of people have lost their jobs, and those who are still officially employed have started questioning the stability of their current professions. For this reason, besides binging on Netflix, reading, and doing numerous push-ups, you should squeeze in a bit of time to ensure that, no matter what happens, you never feel helpless again in terms of your finances.

Change Your Career!

Explore your starting point

Start by taking a hard long look at your current budget, expenses, and whether you are expecting any certain income in the recent future. This will give you a realistic point of view in terms of the urgency of this plan and of course, investing in your knowledge and skills. The next step which can be equally uncomfortable is assessing your knowledge, experience, and ambitions.

If the discrepancy between them is not so vast, you are among the lucky crew who already know what they want and are close to achieving their goals. On the other hand, if you lack some fundamental skills or knowledge to make the career change you desire, there’s no need to worry – the amount of free time that you currently have on your hands gives you the perfect opportunity to learn everything that you need.

Tackle any gaps in knowledge you may have

You know where you are but you are not certain where you want to be? That’s OK as well, most people just want stability, especially in terms of profit. This is the time when you allow yourself to think in terms of financial gain besides stability and ask yourself which profession among those you researched can bring you that combination and also be interesting for you?

Once you’ve got that covered, you are ready to finally tackle the gaps in your knowledge in that particular line of profession by applying for a course or volunteering to learn by doing. By immersing yourself in a popular field and enrolling in, for instance, a cyber security course online, you stand to gain knowledge which is both practical and lucrative, and most importantly – a profession that is here to stay. Any such investment will return manifold benefits in not so distant future.

Explore your employment options

For many job-seekers out there, now comes the least favorite part – searching through numerous ads and applying. There will be some disappointment and you even might take it more to the heart than you usually would not only because of the psychological pressure of this situation but because of the covert urgency of the failing economy.

However, one thing that this situation will teach you is that you have nothing to lose. That will make you bolder and you will apply to some ads that you would perhaps feel uncomfortable applying due to some personal insecurities unrelated to your knowledge and experience. And the general truth is, the more you apply, the greater chances are that you are going to get that one call that is worth the wait.

Get the word out

If online ads fail you, there are other opportunities for you to pursue and explore. Just let your mind wander and try to remember whether there were some business offers you refused or some you parted ways on agreeable terms? Yes, it may be awkward to contact them but you never know if they require talented hard-working people to substitute the people who quit.

Besides those previous business contacts, do you know of any friends who have their own businesses or who work in companies that are looking for employees? You may not know it now, but your dream job may be currently being done by your next-door neighbor who is in dire need of some help on a daily basis. Don’t be afraid to get the word out that you are looking for employment because it may reach the right people.

Exploit the business side of social media

We are social beings made to consciously create a social distance between us. This enticed us to migrate and build contacts in another realm – social media. They are there, we use them daily to exchange photos of cute dogs and cats, protest, raise awareness, and keep in touch with our loved ones and friends, so why not use them to create business opportunities?

Among the first one on the list of those you need to pay attention to is LinkedIn as a network established with this idea in mind. Also, you may resort to exploring Instagram and Facebook, depending on your field of interest, and openly ask whether that particular business is looking for new people. Many will appreciate such a confident stance in these days of uncertainty.

Wrapping up

Times may be tough, and everything may be in turmoil including your thoughts – but this doesn’t mean you are helpless. It’s the perfect time to take your career into your own hands and dare to chase after positions you always wanted!