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Ten of the Most Inspiring Text Only Logos

When you are looking to create a logo for your new website or business, then you may often choose to use some form of symbol as a logo. A lot of businesses do this as it gives people something to remember their business by. However, a lot of businesses never really consider how effective a logo that only consists of text can actually be. Here are our top 10 most inspiring text only logos.

1. Chandelier

This is a beautifully designed logo and really shows just good good a simple text only logo can look.

2. Nicky Romero

This is the logo for a DJ and features only the DJ’s name, however the logo looks stunning.

3. Soak

This is the logo for a digital marketing agency and really shows what can be done with just text on a white background.

4. Verona

This is another lovely lgoo and it has a really classy feel to it. It really shows what a few curves can do.

5. Run

This is an extremely simplistic logo and features only 3 letters on an orange background. However the logo does establish a great brand.

6. Tesaduf

This extremely clever logo uses the text of the name of the company to create a heart in the middle of the logo.

7. Point Nine

This logo uses the ‘I’ as its main feature and a lot of company logos use this effect.

8. Christo

This is a great and simple logo that shows how you can use pictures to make letters in a logo.

9. Femina

Once again this is an extremely classy looking logo that creates a great brand image.

10. Sweet Land

This logo really shows how you can make text stand out and portray what the brands is all about.