12 of The Best Web Designs 2023



THe best Web designs 2023

Trends emerge as often as the seasons, and new technologies, fashions and architectural styles influence web designs too. Web design trends usually follow what is currently on-trend and easy on the eye. Customers appreciate great design, and it sets the president that you are a current and forward-thinking company who strives for the best image and reputation.

A customer’s first impression of your company will essentially be of your website so making sure you give the best first impression possible is what CEOs and directors should be aiming for.

The latest trends can be seen on high net turnover companies, but it doesn’t have to be limited to them alone. If you can’t fathom or decide what is on trend or you know the kind of style you would like to incorporate but haven’t seen a website that’s hitting the current web design trends then take a look at our 12 web design trends for 2023. These suggestions will surely provide you with a great base to decide which on-trend website design you would like to for your own website.

Websites Setting The Best Web Design Trends For 2023


virgin website design

Virgin has one of the best websites in the world where airline websites are concerned. Airlines sites are considered to be fraught with big usability problems, but Virgin’s website has a focus on usability, accessibility and responsiveness. In reality, it has been described as the first fully sensitive airline website, hitting a new high in not just the Airline industry but for the world of web designers who will need to get themselves up to date with this kind of design and usability.

The design is a simple magazine-style layout with an emphasis on users being able to see what they need.

Virgin has also invested a lot into its Virgin Galactic site, which is our number 2.

Virgin Galactic

virgin galactic website

With most of us in awe at the sheer idea of being able to one day travel into space, Virgin Galactic has decided to play an introduction video into what travellers might see and experience on their mission out of the stratosphere.

The intro video is in 3d and shows off excellent graphic design and videography skills. It creates the user and consumer with a sense of excitement and a belief that this is the future of travel.

Feed Music

feed music website

The Feed Music site has won site of the day awards and uses a similar approach to graphics with an animated video background, dark colour scheme and an excellent user interface. The site is mobile friendly and a hidden menu which is excellent for site visibility. It also has a unique scroll down feature which takes users between interesting segments on each page of their site.

ETQ Amsterdam

etq website

The ETQ Amsterdam website is sleek and simplistic but still has enough character to entice customers. The simple but stylish layout of the site enables buyers to see what is available and showcases the products in a rather unique yet minimalistic way.

It makes them look like a modern, fresh and most importantly, on-trend company. As ecommerce sites go – this is one of the best.

Mikiya Kobayashi

mikiya kobayashi website

Mikiya Kobayashi is a Product Designer who showcases his work on his site using a minimalistic portfolio. His focus products are rotated behind the site intro at the top of the homepage in a header banner one can only describe as inspiring. The site features subtle animations, string product photography, and the website can be effortlessly translated between Japanese and English demonstrating how it can be easy to streamline international scalability through reliable onsite translations.


woven wbesite

The Woven Magazine is an online magazine honouring designers, artisans and creators alike. They represent a confirmation to me that publications can (and should) have beautiful, easy-to-read content engaging pages. Free of distractions such as pop-ups and irritating advertising, this site is all about the content itself.


stripe website

Stripe is a payment processor for online merchants and has an impressive, modern website design with captivating colours and an easy on the eye layout which represents their forward thinking approach to the future of the online world and ecommerce. Behind the front-end experience, merchants also have an impressive data based backend system which looks like a front-end, and is simple to use. Each of the sites pages tell a story of the products and services that are available on the site and there a bunch of great tutorials developers can use too.

World Of Swiss – Swiss Airlines

world of swiss website

SWISS airlines created an extremely engaging site that tells their storey and explains what flying with them is like — and they literally did too much of a job to overlook. Powerful graphics and animations introduce the user to different parts of the web filled with details that goes beyond the normal sales and marketing pitch that is so popular today.

Rainforest Guardians – Save The Rainforest

rainforest guardians website

The Rainforest Guardians had one of 2016’s most immersive, independent, not-for-profit websites. In an attempt to raise awareness about deforestation, the website allows users to “visit” the various towns, natives and rivers that make up the Amazon Rainforest. The site places interactivity at the core of the user interface — a smart choice if your goal is to get people to relate to your cause and turn them into volunteers.

Protest Sportswear Store

protest sportswear website

According to The Awwwards, the Protest Sportswear site is like a shoppable lookbook. This website has reinvented the way they advertise their goods as an apparel outfitter: Instead of selling clothes, Protest Sportswear promotes “looks.” This makes the company’s merchandise the most enticing aspect of the website itself, using a collage of styles to build a homepage that changes as much as the styles of its customers do.

Teacher’s Guild Website

teachers guild website

The Teacher’s Guild is a professional educator organisation whose web site publishes content that discusses the most important educational issues of today. What makes this website prize-winning is how it combines different types of content — services, strategies, approaches and partnerships — without overwhelming its guests. Not only are visuals of their surroundings prominently displayed, but they also use white space to accentuate written calls to action at the bottom, as seen in the screenshot.

Simply Chocolate Shop

simply chocolate website

One look at Simply Chocolate’s website, and you’ll be craving their chocolate which just so happens to be proof that the website build works and works well.

This appetising website is that of a chocolate maker from Denmark called Simply Chocolate. To advertise each chocolate bar, the site uses a range of colours (and imaginative product names). As you scroll down the page you skip from one product to the next, they all tend to remain brand consistent and look great. The three-dimensional look of the chocolate bars makes you feel like you can snatch it off your computer screen, while the top-left “Add to Box” CTA is perfectly positioned for users to pick the items they want when browsing.

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