Conversion Rate Optimisation tips for Contact Pages


One of the most important parts of any website, the Contact Us page is all too often overlooked. Though it may not be the most exciting part of your site, it’s the page that many of your most valuable leads and contacts will get in touch with you through. Getting your Contact Us page just right will not only help to make your site complete, but it could also contribute to encouraging, even more, users to get in touch with your business.

Do: Make it quick

Even if a visitor to your site is hugely interested in the products or services you offer, they’ll soon get bored if you ask them to fill out too many forms. Instead of stuffing your Contact Us page with row after row of mandatory fields, keep it short and snappy. As long as you get their name and email address, any other snippets of information you need to qualify them can be retained at a later date.

Make your contact form convert

Don’t: Make it annoying

If you use a contact page that’s come straight from a mass produced template, your Contact Us page will look generic, impersonal and boring. Instead of using a standard form, try creating your own, using graphics, illustrations and even video to keep visitors interested.

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Do: Make it personal

The more personal you can make your Contact Us page, the more visitors will trust your site and your company, even changing the “submit” button can make all the difference to encourage interaction, something a little more friendly like “email us” can result in improved form conversions. As well as using graphics, illustrations and images to personalise the page, list some employees at your business (and their role within the company) so that visitors know who they’re getting in contact with.

Make your visitor want to contact you

Don’t: Ask for Captcha

Companies use type in Captcha to help them filter out unwanted automated submissions and prevent spam from reaching their inbox. Though this may be more convenient for you, it’s annoying for your customers. The extra step could even be too much for some visitors, and it’s possible you could lose some potential clients as users click away from your page.

Don't put your customers off


Do: Keep it relevant

If you’re asking visitors to fill in a form, make sure you keep all of your fields short and pertinent. If a single line isn’t enough for your visitors to describe their reason for getting in touch. Provide them with a larger text box so they can write out their query in full, it’s also worth considering what info you need upon the first contact to qualify the customer, too many “required” fields….especially phone number mandatory fields can put people off considerably.

Keep it relevant

Don’t: Hide your contact details

Even if you provide a full contact form for visitors to fill in, it’s a good idea to list your email address, phone number and postal address as well. Customers like to know that you’re a real business with a real address and seeing a Google map listing your location, alongside other contact information will help to put their minds at ease.

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