Top Photography Apps for iPhone and Android


It’s difficult to know which are the best photography apps for iPhone and Android? Not least because there is so many to choose from.

We all want to take great photos. And no doubt, smartphones, with their powerful cameras help us do that.

But can we rely on our phones built-in camera and native photography app to produce the best photos?

Of course, camera skills play a part. There is no replacement for a photographer’s eye.

But photography apps, do make capturing the initial image easier. We can then correct our mistakes in post-production with impressive photo editing apps.

Gone are the days when a photo brought back a holiday memory then got left in the drawer. Nowadays, smartphones help us document our lives.

From a business point of view, they also help us connect with our customers on social media in real time. And for the greatest impact on social media and to offer a human touch you need quality images.

So, to help you, we’ve drilled down into app reviews on iTunes and Android. And curated opinion from trusted photography resources.

The result, not only the best iPhone and Android photography apps, but the most useful to.

Best iPhone Photography Apps

Native iphone camera app

#1 iPhone Native Camera App

Don’t underestimate the power of your native iPhone camera app. Designed to work with your phone and more than adequate for the majority of photography situations.

And, as new versions of the iPhone are released, the app is updated and new features added to work with each model of iPhone.


  • Point and Shoot
  • Multiple Capture Modes
  • Manual Focus Capability
  • HDR Mode
  • High-Quality Video
  • Free

#2 VSCO App

VSCO on Iphone

Accepted as one of the best all-purpose iPhone photography apps. The VSCO app is for the more creative iPhone photographer because it offers more control over the initial image capture.

Any good photographer will tell you, the ability to control and manipulate an image is important.

The more control you have at the start of the process, the less manipulation you need during the editing stage. Over-editing can lead to a reduction in the quality of the final image.


  • Better for Creativity
  • Manually Control Shutter Speed
  • Manually Control ISO Settings
  • Manually Tune White Balance
  • JPEG and RAW Capture
  • Free (Paid Extras)

#3 Camera+ 2 App

Camera+ 2 On iphone

If its more features, control and options you need, Camera+ 2 app is for you.

The Camera+ 2 app is for more serious photographers, and will definitely help you take your iPhone photography to the next level.

Camera+ 2 isn’t free. But the extra features and creative control over the VSCO app more than justify its small fee.


  • Slow Shutter Mode for Blurring Movement
  • Portrait Mode for Blurring Backgrounds
  • Macro Mode for Extreme Close-ups
  • Action Mode for Capturing Moving Objects
  • Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps

Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps

SnapSpeed IPhone app

#1 Snapspeed

Across the spectrum, Snapspeed is hailed as one of the best photo editing apps for iPhone.

Not least because of the apps sheer amount of photo editing options.

Favoured by beginners and seasoned iPhone photographers alike. Snapspeed should be high on any photographers list of must-have editing apps.


  • User-Friendly
  • Huge Selection of Editing Options
  • Free

#2 VSCO Photo Editing App

VSCO on Iphone

As mentioned earlier, the VSCO app is a great all-purpose photo app.

As well as improving the capture of images, it also makes editing your images a breeze.

What sets VSCO apart is its huge selection of filters. Whether you use filters as is or if you prefer control over the strength of a filter, VSCO can accommodate you.


  • All the Basic Editing Tools You’d Need
  • Large Selection of Filter Options
  • Expandable Filter Catalogue via Subscription
  • Basic App Free

#3 Afterlight 2

After light iphone app

Another comprehensive editing app for iPhone. Afterlight 2 has the added advantage of incorporating a selection of useful creativity tools.

Although this is a paid app, if creating masterpieces during the editing stage is your thing, Afterlight 2 won’t disappoint.


  • Easy to Use
  • Advanced Features including Shapes and Blends
  • Expandable Filter Packages
  • Add Graphics to Images

Best Android Photography Apps

#1 Camera FV-5

camera FV-5 Android App

Described as one of the best DSLR apps for Android phones. Camera FV-5 has a big reputation to live up to.

Camera FV-5 is designed to give the photographer control. Emulating DSLR functionality, the app offers manual control of shutter speed, ISO, focus, light-metering, bracketing and white balance.


  • Enthusiast and Professional Level
  • Easy to Use
  • Free and Paid Versions

#2 Camera Zoom FX

Camera Zoom FX android app

There are two versions of Camera Zoom FX, free and paid. To achieve DSLR control, you need the paid version.

Without question, the paid version of Camera Zoom FX features more control than any Android photographer could need.


  • Multiple Picture Modes
  • Manual Control ISO, Shutter, Focus
  • File Type Choice JPEG and RAW
  • Voice Activation

#3 A Better Camera

A Better Camera Andriod App

At first glance, A Better Camera app looks a bit gimmicky. It is in fact, a useful photography app to have in your toolbox.

A Better Camera is intuitive and features “Best Shot” mode which chooses the best photos from a series of images.


  • HDR and HD Panorama
  • Multishot and Best Shot
  • Night Camera
  • Low Cost Paid App

Best Android Photo Editing Apps

#1 Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express Andriod App

Serious photographers already know that the Adobe suite of photography apps blows most of the competition away.

Adobe Photoshop Express is no exception and has the added advantage of syncing with Adobe programs on your computer.


  • Quick, Easy and Powerful Editing App
  • All Essential Editing Features
  • One Touch Filters
  • For Enthusiasts and Professionals

#2 PicsArt Photo Studio

Pics Art studio andriod app

More than 100 million downloads mean PicsArt Photo Studio is one of the most popular photo editing apps on the Android platform.

What sets it apart is the vast array of photo editing options. In fact, there may even be too many options to master.

If you enjoy manipulating images on your phone, you’ll love PicsArt Photo Studio


  • All Standard Editing Features
  • Built-in Camera
  • Social Network
  • Free with In-App Purchases

#3 Pixlr Photo Editor

Pixlr Andriod photo editing app

Pixlr is a smorgasbord of photo editing wizardry. Whatever the edit, effect or addition, Pixlr is most likely of all the apps to have it.

Pixlr, although more than capable of producing professional standard edits is more at home in a hobbyists hands.

A huge selection of effects, overlays and filters lend itself to social media selfies. And to that end, the app offers direct sharing.


  • Ability to Create Library of Favourite Edits
  • Various One Touch Edits for Speed
  • Free with In-App Purchases

Which is the Best Photography App for iPhone and Android?

We’re sure you’ll agree? That’s a pretty impressive list of iPhone and Android photography apps.

The popularity of these apps earns them a spot on our list of Best Photography Apps for iPhone and Android.