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Transferring a domain away from Godaddy

Why Transfer to different registrars?

There are many reasons why you may decide to transfer domain names to a different registrars including simple consolidation of your domains, poor services, or price differences when “renewing” or “transferring” a domain. Planning ahead can save you expense and delay going forward so this is certainly something to consider for the future.

We recently transferred 60 of our domains which were due for renewal and even a relatively small saving per domain can make a big difference when you transfer large numbers. As we are writing this review the cost to renew a with Godaddy is £6.50 (for a one year renewal) which you may think is good value (which to be fair it is pretty good). However, did you know that transferring a domain to someone like NameCheap can work out considerably cheaper, so much so when you realise that Namecheap are currently offering a domain transfer and 2 year renewal for just £2.99!

Transfer UK domain Away from Godaddy

So is there a catch?

Well, in our experience transfers away from Godaddy to any other registrar have in general been fairly painless and executed perfectly APART from the transfer of TLDs. For some reason GoDaddy seem to hold out on replying to tickets and/or can’t change IPS tags in time for the transfer to initiate through normal support. When moving registrars you have a set period to change the IPS tags before the transfer is cancelled therefore if GoDaddy miss this deadline the transfer fails and you are back to square one.

So what can you do?

Well, because TLD’s are governed by Nominet you can cut GoDaddy from the equation completely. You have the ability to login to your Nominet account and change the IPS tag yourself…..while this will cost you £12 per bulk change (not singular domain) it does save time and potential grief in the future. If you don’t have a direct Nominet login you can contact them to set one up for you which will cover all of your domains. You will however need to ensure that your WhoIs details are the same for each domain to hold them all under one account.

Godaddy change ips tag

Companies such as Godaddy often benefit from the perceived time, effort and cost of transferring elsewhere because you may, like many people, wonder whether the £12 Nominet charge is really worth it? However, on the flip side renewals are cheaper with Namecheap (with a near 50% saving) which makes it worth the hassle in the long run. While we are on the subject, why do some companies continuously offer new customers better deals than existing ones? Do they not value our custom? When you have as many domains as we do the small things matter!

GoDaddy are a great company but there are cheaper options out there and if you control a lot of domains it can be well worth your time looking around for the best price and the best service. Keep the big companies on their toes and don’t settle for anything less than the best service at the best price available!

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