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Using Twitter to contact like-minded people

Those with an online business will be well aware that social media is one of the most fluid forms of advertising available today. How many times have you heard that Twitter is the future, the easiest way to contact customers and you are foolish if you ignore it?

However, how do you actually contact like-minded people on Twitter and start online conversations with them?

Focused Twitter followers

We all know of accounts with tens if not hundreds of thousands of followers that seem to look extremely busy. Have you ever stepped back and wondered how many of those followers are actually active? How many make use of the services available or the products for sale? As your own Twitter following grows you will soon realise it is not the number of followers which matters but why they are following you.

Using Twitter to contact like-minded people

Finding like-minded Twitter accounts

One of the easiest ways to find like-minded Twitter accounts, and one often ignored, is to use the simple search facility on Twitter. This is located to the top of the screen when you login and sits there asking to be used. You can search on particular subjects in tweets or you can search using the hashtag and then a particular keyword or keywords. This will allow you to find accounts which are specifically related to the services/products which you have to offer. These are your customers of the future.

Contacting like-minded users

Once you have a list of like-minded Twitter users, whether you find them using the hashtag option or the simple keyword search, take a look at their accounts in more detail and if they look fairly active follow them. Then you need to put together a simple tweet to grab their attention and make them think, although you need to ensure it is on the topic they were talking about. If you find a number of accounts talking about the same subject on Twitter then simply add three or four accounts onto the same conversation starter and post your tweet. They will receive notification that they have been mentioned in your tweet and hopefully they will take a look.

It may not happen overnight, and you may need to tweak the system, but eventually some of those users will open conversations with you on Twitter. Once they have responded to your tweet you know they are potentially interested in your services/products and very slowly you can begin to introduce yourself.

Find People on Twitter

No hard sell

It is not very difficult to keep the conversation going once the channel has been opened and this is when you can begin to expand on the subject matter, ask their opinion and potentially offer them some kind of discount or special offer further down the line. However, it is imperative that you do not move to the hard sell as soon as they have responded to your conversation starter because then you will lose them forever.

If you can keep the conversation going it is highly likely they will follow you and you can contact them sporadically to keep them “warm” as potential customers of the future. This is one of the simplest ways to not only increase your Twitter following but to increase your focused Twitter following. There is no point having a massive Twitter following if there is no chance they will ever buy from you. It would be far more beneficial to have a significantly smaller following focused on the type of services and products you offer.

Friends of friends

Many people also forget that if those you are in conversation with decide to follow you then this opens you up to their following as well. The chances are that at least some of their Twitter followers will also have an interest in the subject matter you discussed which opens up new opportunities – new customers and new Twitter followers. If you repeat this process on a regular basis you will very quickly find an increase in “real” Twitter followers who have more than a passing interest in what you have to offer.