What do we offer?

vBulletin is a widely known forum platform that has virtually endless potential. It allows you to have complete control over your online board without the need of installing any additional plugins or addons, and simultaneously it provides your members with a simple, easy-to-use interface and great user experience. Some of the notable features of Vbulletin are:

  • Spam Management
  • Social Grouping
  • Extended Profiles
  • Reciprocal User Friendships
  • Thread Tagging and Searching

Vbulletin services,upgrades and conversions

Forum software is usually quite tricky to deal with and Vbulletin is no exception. If you want to avoid unnecessary headaches and

upgrade your forum to latest Vbulletin version or convert your current software (MyBB, PhpBB, xenForo, etc..) to Vbulletin, then we are willing to help you!

With over 300 upgrades and conversions in the last 5 years our experience is unmatched. We guarantee that your forum data will be retained after an update or convert and we have a long list of clients to back that up. We pride ourselves on a fast turnaround time and flawless execution.

PSD to Vbulletin conversion

Custom design is always a great choice if you want to stand out from the crowd, In some cases you may wish to take care of the design yourself or indeed copy the design from your main website on to the forum.

If you have a PSD design ready, then we will handle everything for you from this point. Perhaps you have source files from your design for business website or a blog, doesn’t matter what it is – if you like your design, we will handle conversion for you. Our team is extremely skilled and not only do we have different people specialising in different area’s, each and every person is an expert in their sector.

Vbulletin Custom Skin Creation

Want an affordable custom design for your forum?. We will create a custom design that will satisfy your dreams and desires. It doesn’t matter what niche, how graphical you wish to go, our designers are able to create unique and memorable design for your business.

We will gladly install the end product on your forum, free of charge and provide you with the source files for future usage.