What Is Link Building And Why Is It Important? – The Beginners Guide


A link is what users are directed by when moving from one page to the next — search engines like Google list sites and the most relevant links in their search results. Link building is a great way to move your site links up in the search result listings.

Link building is the method of getting links ( Mentions ) to your website from other websites. SEO experts, company owners, authors, and other website owners spend a great deal of time, energy, and money on their link building campaigns to build the credibility of their website so they can rank higher for their desired search criteria.

what is link building and why is it so important_

Why Is Link Building Important For SEO?

Following the update to Penguin, Google underlined the significance of building links in SEO. Link building is one of Google’s top ranking factors. It sent SEO-ers all over the world into hysteria as they struggled to wrap their heads around the PageRank algorithm for Google in 1996.

While link building and backlinks are essential for your website, it is vital to remember that not all link building is good and its incredibly easy for businesses to get in a sticky situation rather quickly doing things on the cheap.

What Are Examples Of Good And Bad Link Building For SEO?

Some bad SEO companies use poor SEO techniques which we know in the industry and being ‘Black Hat Techniques’

Why Blackhat SEO Is Bad

Many methods used in this process is extremely spammy, and many websites that were being managed by seemingly reputable SEO companies lost their google search rank positions due to having spammy links when Google’s Penguin update was released.

Because this method is based on quantity over quantity – when buying backlinks online or from a spammy backlink seller, your site could end up being open to some pretty heavy scrutiny. The backlinks are often generic with no particular relation to your niche or your company. Spammy backlinks should be avoided at all costs and will often end up costing businesses their reputation long term.

Examples of Spammy Backlinks For Sale

bad backlinks

Why Whitehat SEO Is Safer

The best method is to build good quality links from sites that relate to your industry or from informative, trustworthy sites that already have traffic and authority,  this shows that there is some trust signals in place and gaining links from these places can pass that trust through to your site.  While no linkbuiling is really “whitehat” ,  it is the safest form of link building if done properly.

White Hat SEO methods include publishing relevant content and articles that add value to the users reading and the sites they belong to, if you gain a backlink from that content to a relevant page on your site, this will organically help your websites positioning.

There are many online blogsites and websites that allow for guest bloggers to post on their site, providing their content meets their requirements the site isnt made just to accept guest submissions and has some great content of its own then these can be a great resource.  Some sites charge to publish on their sites, but because they rank so well with little effort, the backlinks they provide can sometimes be invaluable.

How Will Quality Link Building Affect My Website?

The more high-value, relevant backlinks that point to your web pages, the more value you add to your website. It’s that simple.

Insiders Tip: You can use a website called Majestic to calculate the number of backlinks your competitor has to find places you could place quality backlinks, usually by publishing content.

How Do Links Influence Search Engine Results?

Search engines use links in two ways, one to discover new web pages and two to decide where in the search results they are listing the sites that are most relevant to the search term that has been searched.

Search engines such as Google use PageRank internally still to calculate a web page’s consistency based on the number of links that lead to it ( aswell as other ranking factors ). More recently, Google is defining the context of those links to assess its importance.

Although we don’t offer standalone link building as a service,  we do offer full scale SEO services which include brand building and Authority link building as a rounded plan to get your small business the results it deserves,  get in touch today to find out more.


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