What SaaS Solutions Do Small Businesses Need in 2022?


Growth is one of those overarching goals every small business focuses on every day, and they embed this key principle into everything they do and the strategies they choose. Naturally, this main motivator then shapes business processes, human interactions, as well as client relationships, all in the service of that single, mutually-beneficial achievement. In that noble pursuit, more small businesses should turn to technology, and more specifically various SaaS solutions to drive further business development.

Software has become essential in any small business endeavor. It helps streamline financial decisions and accounting, it preserves cybersecurity, and it effectively manages all channels of communication. In 2020, the spectrum of SaaS options will be as impressive as it is today, but companies will need to ensure they do have access to a few specific solutions in order to drive growth.

SaaS Solutions

Without further ado, let’s glance at several of the most effective SaaS options perfect for small businesses that you can incorporate into your 2020 strategy and drive your brand’s success!

Project management tools to the rescue

Your web development team might focus on creating those brilliant web stores, while your marketing gurus enjoy sifting through piles of freshly-collected data. Both teams will collaborate on a mutual project down the line. All of them, however, have one thing in common: they’ll benefit from using a PM tool to streamline their interaction and assign tasks and deadlines. Let’s see, what else?

  • Easier collaboration with your remote teams, as well.
  • Seamless data exchange and access to documents via the cloud.
  • Simpler milestone management and project completion thanks to clear deadlines.
  • Built-in notifications so that your team members can focus on work.
  • Access to the entire process so that you can find gaps in your strategy and prevent future project issues.

Consider adding trusted PM tools such as Asana or Zoho Projects, and your team will appreciate the effort.

Manufacturing made simple

When your small business handles the manufacturing process, too, it means that fewer people need to tackle more responsibilities. To stay competitive, let alone be a favorite brand for your customers, every single cog in your production machine needs to work as smoothly as possible.

To simplify your inventory management, work order handling, and generate daily reports, you can use a comprehensive MRP software solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing system. In case you need further convincing, here are a few additional perks you can expect:

  • Anticipate demand and regulate production with the data your MRP collects.
  • Automate various processes to ensure your employees work on more hands-on tasks.
  • Integrate with accounting tools to make smarter, data-driven budget predictions.

In-house communication streamlined

PM tools aside, your teams sometimes might need to exchange quick ideas, bond, joke, make lunch plans, figure out their Christmas party plans, and the like. All of it is more than possible via chat platforms that easily integrate into your business, and Slack is just one simple example of a tool so many small businesses love.

This is also a brilliant way to make your remote teams feel like a part of the family and join in ongoing conversations at the office, which they’d normally miss. Company culture depends on these interactions, so it’s important to keep these communication channels more relaxed than your official, PM tools strictly for business interactions.

Accounting solutions for better automation

Money does make the world go ‘round, but it’s also the backbone of your business. Instead of forcing a slew of tiresome, tedious tasks onto your accounting team, you can actually implement simple accounting software tools that help your finance department tremendously while your employees can focus on more meaningful tasks.

  • Automated accounting saves hours of number-crunching time for your team.
  • Preventing and reducing human errors in calculations.
  • Built-in reporting and cash flow management to help you get a realistic overview of your business’s finances.
  • Automated invoicing and notifications to help clients stay on top of their payments.
  • Simplified tax compliance to prevent legal issues, fees, and additional budget issues.

Customer satisfaction with digital solutions

Larger companies rely on CRM software without hesitation, but smaller and medium-sized companies can be reluctant when it comes to these solutions. It seems that in 2022, with your customers being present on virtually every digital platform out there, it will benefit your greatly to consider the option for your small business to use CRM tools, too.

Your customer service department will have a much easier job on their hands, since they can use the information on each customer to personalize their interaction, provide the necessary answers to their queries, and thus inspire loyalty over time.

Add to that, with access to customer data neatly packed in a single place, your sales teams can be more efficient at lead generation and lead nurturing. That will in turn fuel your marketing strategy, your cross-sells and up-sells, and allow your small business to find a unique marketing “angle” for your target audience.

Thinking of upgrading your own small business with some advanced digital options? Consider these your go-to solutions for 2022, and you’ll give your company a fair chance at stealing the industry spotlight with your efficient operations and a greater focus on making your customers happy!