Why Is SEO So Important For My Business?


SEO is important for businesses for reasons that are often overlooked, especially by those who are less tech-savvy.

SEO is an acronym of Search Engine Optimisation and is applied to and around businesses online, so they rank higher up in search engine results for the keywords their customers are using. It’s a great way to increase your company exposure and sales leads.

Let’s take a look at some of the crucial aspects of SEO that you should consider investing in for your website.

Why Is SEO So Important For My Business_

SEO To Build Brand Trust and Authority

If you have ever looked for something you want to know or need to buy online, the chances are you have used a search engine. In 2020 this is usually where we locate all of the things we need.

Naturally, you would probably be more inclined to select a company that appeared on the first page of Google as opposed to the company that didn’t invest in SEO and who’s site sits on the 10th page of the search results.

Customers realise the relevance and significance of companies placed in the top results and are often inclined to believe that these companies are the most reputable and must be good at what they do as they are ranked in the organic results, not in the paid ads section.

build brand trust and a better reputation

To Increase Traffic & Sales Leads

More traffic is like having a shop located in a great position with great footfall and parking close by! Having a website that ranks on the top spots on search results can be more valuable than gold if you’re targeting the best keywords.

The higher up you rank in search engine results, the more people will visit your website and the more sales and enquiries you will receive. It, therefore, makes its common sense to spend time on your SEO because its an incredibly valuable tool for online businesses.

Those ranking first in google’s search results will get 30% of the keyword traffic go directly to their website. Even those who rank 5th will get 5% of the overall traffic coming to their site, so it’s extremely valuable.

Those placed on the second page will only get around 1% of the overall keyword traffic if they are located on the second page.

If you consider the percentage of traffic that will be directed from search engine results straight to your site and relevant website page – it’s easy to see how you could benefit from investing in your sites SEO.

The gap between the second spot and the tenth spot will mean the difference between getting a dribble of visitors every day from a mothballed website to a flourishing online site that moves your business forward.

PPC vs Organic SEO

Some companies decide its a good idea to pay per click and advertise their site on search engines like google so they can appear at the top of search results however studies have shown that people now scroll past these and go straight to the top organic search engine results.

Another issue with PPC is that once you have stopped paying for the ads your site will come off the top spot on Google and your customers will no longer be able to find you. Your traffic will lose momentum, and your company could come to a complete standstill.

In comparison, SEO is built to last and is seen by more prominent companies as an investment. For SEO, all of the research you’ve done before is focused on your current success. All the content you created, the connections you generated, and the optimisation you conducted on-site.

The work does not go away overnight, and the traffic does not go away, either. You can sit back and watch the traffic flow in for months or years without doing anything at all if you boost your SEO and gain a good ranking spot.

seo is important for business

Get An Insight Into Your Customers

Another great benefit of focussing on SEO is that you can use tools like Google Analytics which offers trackable and quantifiable findings that can be used to make your SEO strategy more tactile.

From the most common keywords and traffic statistics to conversion levels and keyword rankings, you can track almost every aspect of your work.

All of the experience will help you better understand your customers. And knowing your customers, their priorities, pain points and expectations will help you to target them better.

A High ROI – A Benefit Of Investing In SEO

We have shown you so far that SEO provides excellent brand recognition, authority, sustainable traffic, conversions and insights into the customers your site gets. But most of all, it can offer a very high return on investment (ROI), if you do it right.

Unlike other marketing campaigns that have huge outlays of money, SEO is basically free. You will need to spend money, though its easier to spread the cost and rather than spend all of your ad money on. You’ve got to bring blood, sweat and tears (unless you hire an SEO company). To reach the top spot, you need to devote a lot of hours to your SEO campaign. You’ll reap the benefits and rewards for doing so, but it may take you a little longer to rank first than using PPC.

Nail your SEO, and you can increase your sales, subscriptions, or whatever your end goal is, without increasing your marketing costs. We certainly think that it is a worthwhile investment. Click Here to get some help with your websites SEO to ensure you don’t get left in the shadows of your competitors in search results.