Why VPN is a Must in for Modern Businesses


We live in the digital age where no one seems to be safe. Even corporate giants like Sony fall prey to hackers and face dire consequences. This heightened risk is due to various factors, such as proliferation of mobile devices, almost universal internet access, and increasingly sophisticated online threats. So, taking data security and safety for granted does not cut it.

Businesses are better off taking proactive measures and putting sturdy networks in place. One of the key tools in the digital arsenal is a Virtual private network (VPN). Despite what some people think, it is much more than a tool for expats seeking to overcome geo-blocks: it empowers business users to address rising cybersecurity concerns and keep criminal threats at bay. It encrypts the communication and data channels and provides a verity of other benefits.

Private connection

In a nutshell, VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between a company’s computer and the great digital outdoors, the internet. That is to say that it acts as a proxy or a relay that prevents third parties from poking their nose in your business and seeing what data you transmit. All in all, the employees’ connections are protected with a heavy-duty encryption method.

Vital VPNs

In other words, the sensitive data on the business network becomes much harder to target via hacker attacks. That way, businesses can implement Bring-Your-Own-Device policies without having to worry about increased security risks. Note, however, that VPN does not offer protection against malware and viruses. You would have to use other tools to boost safety in those areas.

Safe telecommuting

Many businesses employ VPN solutions to bolster telecommuting cybersecurity. Namely, this business practice is increasingly popular across industry sectors and one of tactics for attracting and retaining talent. The only problem is that it also creates security loopholes. Indeed, accessing a business network from a mobile phone in via a free café Wi-Fi is not the most prudent course of action.

Therefore, one of the main objectives of using VPN is to enable workers to assess company resources remotely and do it in a safe manner. Thus, VPN should be a no-brainier for companies that have remote teams or employees who use public and untrusted networks on the go. There is no need to risk tarnishing your reputation and public image.

Transcending restrictions

One other issue for those who go on business travels encounter is a matrix of local content restrictions. There are many shapes and forms these manifest in. For example, messaging apps and VoIP services are often blocked in countries of the Middle East and Asia. States with authoritarian governments also tend to impose limitations and interruptions to social media usage.

These annoying obstacles could prevent entrepreneurs from using websites and services they need to perform work-related duties. But, the good news is that VPN can make short work of any obstruction.  It allows you to connect to the server that is not in the country you are currently situated and “fool” other websites that way. Non-business users take advantage of this feature to access regionally-restricted content on services like Netflix.

Thwarting cybercriminals

In this day and age, one has to be careful at every turn. Data leaks and breaches make headlines almost on a daily basis.  We see various security measures being used, from issuing strong passwords to installing anti-malware programs. Here, as indicated above, VPN represents a way to the clear, one of the staples of modern security systems.

It provides an extra defence layer that shields all online activities, be it regular browser surfing or handling financial transactions. This is thanks to the reliable security protocols that make the work of criminals much harder. They might not even feel confident attempting to penetrate your cyber stronghold. Just do not think you are ever absolutely safe.

Customer online safety

Some types of businesses, such as coffee shops and restaurants, might want to ensure safe browsing for customers. We already mentioned lackluster security measures public Wi-Fi owners undertake, but you do not need to make that mistake. Setting up a VPN is a simple way to secure the router and encrypt customer’s online activity.

That being said, to block all unauthorized access, you should be aware that VPN is not end-all and be-all of cybersecurity. Add other measures like firewalls and antivirus platforms. People will no longer have to worry when connecting to your hotspot. You will gain their trust and loyalty, which gives you a nice competitive edge in the market.

Leveraging tailored solutions

The range of VPN products available to businesses is vast. Some companies opt for large-scale, corporate-grade VPN technologies. They capitalize on the fact that there are providers offer various benefits to entrepreneurs and small organizations.  Others, mostly small and medium business owners, prefer more affordable, B2B VPN services.

In general, most tools are easy to use, even for beginners. Then again, if you possess know-how, select something more robust. Assess different encryption protocols and cherry-pick the one that suits your business needs the best. Note also that using a VPN slightly impedes your download speed. Therefore, it is probably a good idea to take advantage of the fastest VPN solution you can find.

Scaling up

Choosing a suitable VPN facilitates the process of scaling your business. It enables new systems to be connected with minimum friction and configuration requirements. This comes particularly handy when a company opens a new location. Employees are able to add new features and services to the corporate network with a lower investment of time and resources.

Along the similar lines, VPN solutions hold the power to facilitate industry standard compliance and help businesses steer away from financial ramifications and penalties. In the EU, for instance, new General Data Protection is rolling in and shifting the regulatory climate. The bar is constantly rising elsewhere as well, so keep up the pace.

Online marketing boost

One benefit that often flies under the radar is related to SEO and digital marketing. Namely, VPN is effective in optimizing as well as managing international search rankings and ad campaigns. That is why it is popular with SEO companies, digital agencies, and organization carrying out internet presence fine-tuning.

To be more precise, VPN improves the ability to view, monitor, and alter ads and relevant keywords on a global scale. The web you view can be same for whatever country you are now because changing your server location is as simple as ABC. Besides, reputable business VPN services most often have servers all around the globe, meaning you have a wide array of choice.

Better safe than sorry

In the wake of spectacular hacker attacks and business-sinking data breaches, the demand for VPN services has been rising steadily over the years. Incorporating these solutions should not be considered optional anymore. After all, they let business users plug any security gaps and dissuade third-parties from tracking online activity.

VPNs also pay off for those who want to make the most of work-from-home and telecommuting policies. So, you cannot afford to lag behind the best security practices, industry standards, and preventive measures. Stay on the safe side and repel cyber attacks coming your way. Preserve data safety and privacy— gain a much-needed peace of mind and earn your online freedom. Do it sooner rather than later.

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