Why Your B2B Company Should Create a Gallery Page


You already know relevant, unique images bring your website to life. They showcase the best of what you offer and give readers a visual break from massive amounts of text and information overload. A gallery page provides benefits you may not have thought of, such as showcasing projects you’ve completed or reaching out to current customers.

According to Forrester, B2B commerce will top “.8 trillion in the United States by 2023. With the size of the market comes a challenge of standing out from the crowd, though. Photographs lend credibility to your brand name and paint a picture for users. The old saying a photo is worth a thousand words often stands true online. You can convey a lot through an image without using much text.

A gallery page can help you in several ways. Here are six key benefits of adding a gallery to your B2B website. We’ll also look at a few examples of companies utilizing photo collections to their best advantage.

1. Show Off Your Ability

B2B companies offering services sometimes have a difficult time highlighting just what they do. The range provided may be vast and depend upon the needs of each client. One way to highlight how personalized your services are is through case studies of the work you’ve done for others. A gallery page allows you to show the finished result.


SRETKS creates videos and visual assets for businesses. Its gallery offers screenshots of various projects it has worked on. As you scroll down the page, you see image after image. Click on any of the choices to go to a detailed page about the project. From there, you can see what was done for the client.

2. Entertain Mobile Visitors

More people access the internet from their smartphones than ever before. They may have a few short minutes to check out your site. Reduce the amount of readable text and replace it with headlines and photos to keep those on smaller screens engaged. Adding a photo gallery is just one way of making your site more mobile responsive, but you’ll also want to check how elements look on a smartphone or tablet.

3. Inspire Potential Customers

When people land on your page, they’re looking for information on how you can serve their business needs. A photo gallery offers inspiration to those planning an event or wanting to make changes of some sort. Your creativity is a big part of why other companies pay you for your expertise. Show them just what you’re capable of with a collection of images detailing your best work.


Blueprint Studios creates event displays, helping businesses from concept to on-site installation. Every single design is unique to the companies it serves. By offering a gallery of past setups, other organizations find inspiration in what’s available. Seeing all the varied work may also reassure leads your company understands you’re a unique firm and have a statement to make.

4. Enhance Branding Efforts

You want your target audience to see anything associated with your brand and immediately know it’s from you. Even the style of the images in your photo gallery help create an impression with site visitors. Stick with a similar size and style for all your photographs. At the same time, let the visuals speak for themselves.

You don’t need to place a logo on every photo. If your work is unique, your style becomes evident in the shot itself. A professional commercial photographer can develop a style guide for your visual assets and ensure everything remains uniform.

5. Help With Research

There are stages in the buyer’s journey. Many start with awareness by the time they arrive on your site. The next step is an information-gathering stage, where the person does research on products and perhaps your brand. You can make this easier by providing before-and-after images of your work or even comparing what you offer to your competition through a table or visual comparisons.

HubSpot conducted a survey and found there are some preferred channels in the buyer’s journey. Search engines topped the list of information sources. Coming in a close second, 48% of consumers said they headed right to a business’s website. What you offer on your site can make or break your conversions.


Set the Stage is an interior design firm. It has beautiful galleries showing their commercial work for apartment buildings and other industries. Click on any of the main images on the gallery page, and you arrive at a full collection of project photos. The company reduces the legwork of potential clients by sharing part of its process and the scope of work. Site visitors see what types of projects the firm takes, and can decide if they provide the full-service model needed.

6. Provide Relevant Content

Some of your customers may come from highly targeted advertising on social media. One way of engaging leads is by offering the content they want to read. A gallery works perfectly for fulfilling these needs. Add images and then write a description of the product or service. The picture is a must for social media advertising, and the more detailed information provides additional awareness for anyone who clicks on your link.

In a Forrester survey, researchers found about 82% of technology buying decisions happen after the business leaders read examples or case studies. Galleries are a natural segue into content your users need to decide to buy from you.

Add a Gallery

Are you convinced you need a gallery but feel overwhelmed at the prospect? You don’t have to start big. Add a few photos and detail what they’re showing. As time passes, add more content to your image portfolio. Pay careful attention to the areas you specialize in and the best way to share what you do with others. Before long, you’ll be converting visitors and seeing the payoff.