A Norfolk Based Digital Services Agency

Welcome to Rivmedia, a digital services company based in King's Lynn, Norfolk. We are a unique and innovative group of people with a difference, our team work remotely from various locations across the UK in the comfort of their home offices/buildings. Breaking free from the day to day restraints that hinder brick and mortar web services companies. We deliver a personal & tailored service which suits all clients desires regardless of size, budget and location. This sets us apart from conventional brick and mortar agencies tied to that 9 am - 5 pm window.

About the man behind Rivmedia

Hello, I'm Adam...Proud father, workaholic, passionate about everything I put my mind to.  I'm an enthusiastic Entrepreneur, investor and start up enthusiast with a drive for Marketing and Small Businesses.

I've been an SEO consultant for a world renowned software brand since 2009 and now manage the SEO clients as Rivmedia's only SEO professional; I manage websites boasting over 50 million page views a month and have purchased, sold and built high-value websites of my own for the best part of 10 years.

My interests include Business, domain investing, Marketing, technology, Amateur photography, poker, golf and newly found love in CFD trading and Cycling.

I keep my Facebook & Instagram to family and friends only so please respect my privacy,  but if you'd like to connect in a more professional capacity id love to connect over at any of the following :

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Adam Hardingham

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