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Perfect for your business if you want to target potential customers searching within your local area.

Google Maps SEO Services

Google’s local three-pack refers to the top 3 results that appear on google maps after a locally targeted search is carried out. It is more commonly known as the Google Maps 3-pack.

You can help improve your chances of appearing in your own areas Google local pack by making your website mobile-friendly, delivering great locally targeted content, and connecting with other businesses in your local area through backlinking and online networking. Another great way is to have news articles published on your local newspapers website and local online directories such as Yelp and Trustatrader.

Facebook and other social media platforms are also a great way of connecting with local customers, and you can boost your chances of getting in the three-pack by adding your trading address and areas you cover to your social profiles.

Our Local SEO Results

Geographical Or Local SEO is big and its only going to get bigger, being the most cost effective form of SEO and Google’s Map pack being in Position Zero on Search results pages its really a no brainier for small businesses to gain visibility at a lower more localised cost.

With Local SEO we target phrases which attract local custom, highlighting your company within Google and other business listings to be prominent to your potential customers.

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What We Do & How We Do It?​

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Why Is Local Pack SEO Important?

When a businesses website appears in a local pack, they get more direct traffic and as a result – more customers. Compared to other marketing or advertising approaches, Google Maps Search Engine Optimisation is an essential and cost-effective choice to consider.

High ROI ( Return on investment )

Company websites that are designed with local searches in mind will produce more sales than those who have a local presence. 

Those who provide services locally will want more consumers looking for their company in that local area. 

This means that if you invest in the right web design and SEO services, you could expect higher future growth than those who don’t invest in these kinds of services.

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How We Can Increase Your Chances of Ranking In Google's 3 Pack

Businesses with a higher rank on Google maps listings should predict more traffic than those with a lower rank. But it’s hard to rank near the top on your own without expert support.

Brand Recognition

More people looking for your keywords will find out about your brand. This will help your company stand out in a competitive market today and make your brand more conscious tomorrow.

Raise Your Conversions

Since the keywords we aim for yield conversions, the traffic you get would be very useful – traffic that would otherwise have cost you a lot in Google AdWords or other PPCs.

Does Local Pack SEO Work?

According to Google, 4 out of 5 of its users use search engines to find local businesses.

Approximately 58% of local searches are made on mobile devices, a number that is increasing every year.

In addition, 82% of local searchers will be calling or visiting a store (TMP / comScore). And 61 percent of local searches lead to a purchase (Search Engine Watch)— especially if they’re on their mobile phone.

Why Google Maps?

Google Maps is one of the most successful ways to get new traffic, phone calls, and people to your location. It is so successful that you may see a dramatic increase in traffic within hours of being properly established on their maps listings. 

  • We can rank maps
  • We can make the unlikely, POSSIBLE

Google Maps SEO is one of the best and most impressive ways to generate revenue almost instantly for your company.

The only question you should ask yourself if you decide not to invest in Google Maps marketing is, are your customers going to be able to find you first or will they find your cleaver competitors who invested before you did?

How We Rank Businesses Higher In Google Maps

Local pack search results rely heavily on prominence — how well-known, trusted, or talked about is your local business?
Google uses three main variables to assess your relevance: local citations, feedback, and links.

We’ll Add Local Citations

Local citations are any mention on the web of your company. They also include the company name, address, and phone number, all known as NAP. 

The most common local citations are directories such as Google My Company,,, etc. Yet Google also counts citations from blogs, newspaper pages, event listings and social media accounts.

Set Up Ways For Your Customers To Review You

Reviews of your company are very crucial. 

What do people say about your business on sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, local business magazines, etc.? 

Google counts the amount and quality of feedback to help you assess how your content ranks in local search results.

We’ll Get Backlinks To Improve Your MAP pack SEO and Local Organic Search

Referring links to your website that come from well-established local sites are the final main component of Google search algorithms. 

This includes educational websites (.edu), the Chamber of Commerce, local news websites, or local networking communities.

Here’s a list of questions you need to address in order to ensure you have the best chances of appearing at the top of local search results and maps listings: 

  • Do you have highly focused keywords in the title of your web page?
  • Are you using a safe, SEO friendly URL?
  • Is your company pursuing and optimising  NAP for all directories?
  • Do you have an up to date blog or social medium where your company appears to be active.
  • Does your website look good and work on your mobile phone?
  • Is your call to action (CTA) seen prominently?
  • Is your phone number seen prominently?
  • Is your address on your website?
  • Are the navigation menus on your site indexable?
  • Does your website offer value to the searchers intent!

Check out our Local SEO &
Google Map SEO plans

Bronze Local


Upto 5 Phrases ( Locale Specific )
Google Business Management
Analytics Integration
Monthly Reports
On-page Optimisation
Basic Keyword Research
Citation Management

Silver Local


Upto 10 Phrases ( Locale Specific )
Google Business Management
Analytics Integration
Monthly Reports
On-page Optimisation
Basic Keyword Research
Citation Management

Gold Local


Upto 15 Phrases ( Locale Specific )
Google Business Management
Analytics Integration
Monthly Reports
On-page Optimisation
Full Keyword Research
Citation Management

Low Risk - Brand building - Quality SEO practices

If you believe you may need something a little more powerful with more reach and exposure please get in touch to discuss our national or international organic. These options start at £550 Per month please contact us.

Doing Nothing Means You Will Fall Behind​

In 2022, it’s vital that you have an up-to-date, local and mobile-friendly website, otherwise you, like many others get left in the Google black hole,  never to be seen while your competitors invest in SEO and get stronger and stronger.

Investing in local and organic SEO is the best long term, sustainable way to bring local customers to you, rather than your competitor – your company! – more accessible to locally based customers.

It’s never been more important for small businesses and tradesman such as — mechanics, plumbers, electricians, garage door repairs to be found, quickly and in prime positions for people searching in Google. Since these people are likely to search for solutions on their smartphones and make a phone call,   they wont be wading through 10’s of results,  they will want quick answers to their search.

Only a few years ago, most organisations did nothing to improve local searches. But today, you’ve got to run faster and harder just to maintain your current positions. Your competitors are probably already investing which means you’re already behind…but its not to late, get in touch today. 

Our Local and Small Business SEO Packages

Our Local SEO plans are a cheaper alternative for small businesses wanting to be seen in search engines for terms/phrases surrounding their local area; I.e “Builders Kings lynn“, “Plumbers Norwich“, “Metal fabrication Norfolk“. These phrases focus on bringing local customers to your website rather than a national or global audience that maybe required for an e-commerce store.


Local SEO is search engine optimisation that optimises your website on-site and off-site, so it appears in search results that appear for local searches and searches online that relate to specific areas. Businesses utilise local SEO when they operate in certain areas so that local people can be made aware of their presence. If you are a plumber who provides services in Norfolk, then you’ll want to target keywords like ‘plumbers in Norfolk’, not just the keyword ‘plumbers’ which would only be useful if you were operating a nationwide plumbing service as it’s no area-specific. 

One of the easiest ways to establish yourself locally online would be to claim and optimise a Google maps listing which appears at the top of local Google (and other search engines) results pages. To set this up, you will need to get yourself a Google My Business listing. Over 50% of businesses have not claimed their google my business listing, which is a staggering number. There is much more that can be done to optimise a site to gain a local presence; however, a maps listing with sites like google, bing and apple to name but a few should be the place to start your local SEO journey. A professional SEO company like Rivmedia can do the rest and can even get your map listings set up and optimised on your behalf.

Local SEO allows companies to market their goods and services to local consumers and prospects. It’s also allows companies to collect data for local search. Search engines depend on local indicators such as locally related content, local news stories, social media accounts, local connections, locally placed backlinks and map citations to provide the person searching with the most relevant local results. Rivmedia can do all of this for you, taking the stress out of your local SEO and rankings. 

As well as optimising your website with better title tags, meta descriptions, header tags and on-site content we will work on your off-site local SEO which includes optimising your Google My Business, improving your backlinks, ensuring your name, address and phone number are correct and consistent online, creating and engaging on social media pages and much more! 

This is a question that almost everyone asks us, and the answer depends on the business you have, how competitive your industry is, how many similar businesses already rank well locally online in your target areas and if your website and domain are new or old. 

If you already have a website and some local web presence then it will be much easier and quicker to get you ranking, we’ll probably just need to make a few tweaks and a lot of content, and you’ll be ranking in no time. If your website is new and we are building the site from scratch, or you’ve not long had it built and put online then we’ll need to do a lot more work, results may be slower at the beginning however will soon pick up once google starts picking up the new online data and correlating it to your site. If you are in a more competitive industry and the number of similar businesses in the local area is high, then it will take a lot more work to get you above them, but the good news is that we can check what they have done to get where they are, replicate it and then add to it in volumes to push you ahead of the rest! 

The cost of local SEO services can vary too. Not all companies are the same, and therefore one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to our SEO services. We prefer to get to know what our customers want and need, how much local SEO they require and what their competition is doing. You will always know exactly where your money goes, and we will give you our full strategy before we get started. 

If you are in a competitive industry, then you may need to invest more money in your local SEO. This is because we will need to create and publish a lot of content to build your domain authority and online presence to outrank your competitors. If you have multiple locations and require local SEO in various areas, then you can expect to pay per location. If you want to promote individual items or multiple services in their own local areas, then this will also be factored in. The more work we need to do, the more the price will be. Get in touch for more information. 

If your budget allows, SEO is 100% an investment that you should start sooner rather than later. If you keep putting it off, you’ll never get to where you and to be and the wait to get to the top of those local search results will get longer and longer. If you have a small company you should know that local SEO is very important, while other people in your local area are getting more and more sales each day, you’re not there to grab any of those sales! If it’s too much for you to handle the local SEO yourself, then it’s best to hire an agency like Rivmedia to do it all for you, we’ll work on your budget and let you know what we can do! 

The answer to the question, is local SEO worth it? Is YES, 1 million percent! If done properly, it’s an invaluable asset that you and your company would be investing in for now and for the future of your company. 

If you’re looking for an SEO agency in Norfolk then we are you people! We know the local lingo, the best places to advertise locally, the local press and we already know many of the places they visit online! As a company that ranks for its own services which promotes ranking other people’s sites, we are in a damn good position to say that we can definitely help you promote and benefit from ranking your company using our local SEO services. Get in touch to see how we can help you! 

Act Now - Rivmedia Help You Win At Local SEO

In Google local pack searches and local organic phrases, we will help you rank higher by:

  • Optimising the quality of the website for local searches
  • Study keywords to evaluate the most powerful and high-volume keywords
  • Creating and optimising existing content based on relevant search terms
  • Ensure that your website template is streamlined and mobile-friendly.
  • List your website on local business listings, such as yelp or google locations with a consistant NAP.
  • Correcting and increasing the number of local quotations
  • Helping you get local feedback on google
  • Build local backlinks to your website to increase organic traffic
  • And a lot more

Key: It doesn’t matter how large the rivals are or what they’re doing right now. Partner with us and within time we get you into the mix.

Here’s the bottom line: Regardless of company size,  its still possible for a small business with very little visibility to compete with a national chain or larger local businesses who are dominating the Map Listings.  Giving you a slice of cake in a very competative world.

That’s how effective a local SEO pack can be,  Google wants to give users a positive experience by trying to display the results of a search that’s genuinely local,  we can help you take advantage of that.

Who We Can Help

From Solicitors to high-tech companies, carpet cleaners to locksmiths, consultants to retailers, we’ve helped hundred of small business customers rank higher in local searches – Get in touch today to find out how Rivmedia can help get your business or organisation to the top of local SERPS and in google maps’ 3-pack.