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Starting out with your first website is always difficult to allocate funds to an "unknown", don't put a great looking website on the back burner. Check out our cheap website options for low budget businesses.

WordPress Help, Design and Maintenance Services

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We offer business website and blog design and Developement based on the WordPress CMS, creating WordPress templates from scratch or using pre-existing CSS frameworks to suit your requirements.

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Need someone to fix a problem with your current WordPress website? We fix, update, repair and secure any problems with existing WordPress websites, Tell us all about your WordPress problems.

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If you’re looking for a reliable, trustworthy company to look after, maintain and perform regular monthly maintenance on your WordPress based business website, you are at the right place. Sign up to one of our WordPress Care plans.

Wonderful WordPress theme design

With our WordPress Design and Custom theme service you will receive everything you would expect from a custom design.
  • High Quality Well Structured Markup
    Giving you get well written code with a pixel perfect output, which has gone through our rigorous testing and processes before being delivered to you.
  • Mobile/Tablet Friendly
    With such a high usage of mobile and tablet devices now its imperative for websites to work effectively on all devices, our testing prior to hand over means a seamless compatibility across all devices and screen sizes.
  • Solid Framework
    Themes are created on Bootstrap, foundation or completely custom CSS frameworks,  we prefer not to customise pre-made templates but we can if requested.
  • User friendly and easy to edit
    We try and include as many easy to use functions as possible without creating bloat,  we do not use or recommend “page builders”.
Wordpress web design

Your Friendly WordPress help and Support Service

We offer a premium WordPress Support Service providing professional WordPress help to businesses for their WordPress based websites.

Most Popular Support Requests

On-page Optimisation

Unfortunately websites being hacked and blacklisted by Google is a regular thing, good job we are on hand to resolve and offer prevention methods to stop it happening again.

On-page Optimisation

WordPress Performance Optimisation

Google loves super fast websites, we help WordPress sites get to a respectable performance rating for both user experience and Google page speed testing.

On-page Optimisation

Woocommerce is no different to WordPress, it has its own plugins which break functionality when themes, plugins and settings are not kept upto date.

On-page Optimisation

WordPress Hosting Migration

Want to move your WordPress website to a new host or server ? Maybe you need recommendations based on your situation? Get in touch and we’ll have a chat.

WordPress Maintenance & Care plans

WordPress Maintenance, Security, Backups & Support

Our WordPress Maintenance and care plans cover every eventuality, letting businesses take the hands off approach to their website maintenance. **Please note, a care plan is to maintain a working website, if you have something that needs fixing first, please get in touch about our help services.

Hobby Maintenance


Business Maintain


Large Business

£150+ pm

Business websites have evolved from the set and forget philosophy, they need care and attention on a regular basis whether its updating to prevent security issues or to ensure everything is functioning properly on a daily basis. Our Website Maintenance services and WordPress care plans are ideal for those that have little time of their own to maintain and manage software updates. Or make regular changes on their website and create redundancy with off-site backups.

We provide all that for a monthly fee. Our plans are setup for the average business which should cover most businesses , however if you would like to have a chat and/or need help to find the right Care plan for you then please get in touch.

What do our WordPress Care plans cover ?

Have peace of mind knowing someone is looking after your business website so you can take care of the business.
Wordpress Support


WordPress is a super powerful blog and content management system which is open source and written in PHP code. Although it’s a great platform to use for your website needs, it can be a complete headache to get right – this is because there are so many plugin options, updates and security issues. 

WordPress was designed with usability and flexibility in mind and is an excellent solution for businesses of all sizes. Many designs can be achieved by installing your preferred theme, which is a premade site template/design. Professional WordPress designers know the ins and outs of perfecting site designs and often only use a set theme and edit from there until the customer gets the desired look for their website. 

WordPress powers both the front end of your website, which is the side your audience sees and the backend of the website, which is what you and your developers see. There are plugin’s these days that can be installed so users and developers can design in a frontend environment which makes the design and development of a site much easier for some. 

Almost all websites you can think of can be designed using WordPress including e-commerce sites, blogs, business sites, booking sites, marketplaces like eBay, membership and subscription sites, news outlets, portfolios, review sites, forums, events, services, education and e-learning, gaming and more. It is possible for any type of need to be hosted on WordPress thanks to developers who have made millions of plugins that can be utilised by WordPress site owners for their own companies and organisations. From the woo-commerce plugin which makes e-commerce a breeze to Yoast, which can help you with your SEO – WordPress has everything – ready-made – for anyone to use! Big corporations like Playstation and The New York Times use WordPress as their platform but your local plumber probably does too. 

Launched in 2003 when none of us knew the first thing about CMS or blogging sites, WordPress has quickly grown to be the go-to place to create a website. From business owners to social media personalities -the possibilities for WordPress sites are seemingly endless. According to online reports – more than 500 new websites are created using WordPress every day! 

The reasons are simple – it’s easy to use, it’s free apart from web hosting and design, it’s flexible, it’s open source, you don’t need to understand or work with code, It’s fully customisable, it can be linked to most payment gateways, you can use the same features as other sites that you like if they use plugins. The reasons to choose WordPress are endless. 

WordPress can be quite complex for some people, especially if they’ve never designed a website before or if they’ve been used to using drag and drop platforms like Wix and Weebly. In today’s online world, WordPress is king and comes with so many more features, plugins and themes than other platforms, including the ones mentioned above. 

It’s also the most powerful platform, and you have full control over it after it’s been designed. WordPress services like the ones we provide – take the stress out of having a WordPress site, from designing the best looking site to installing the most reputable and most reliable plugins that your company can utilise for the greater good. Hiring WordPress design experts is a no brainer if you want a modern, on-point site to stand out from the crowd. 

There are many reasons why hiring a professional WordPress maintenance company to look after your website. WordPress releases an update every two or so months to fix bugs and a number of new features and functionality which can improve the performance and design of your site. There will be, however, a number of features and components on your site that need updating more frequently and managing your own site can soon feel like a chore. Maintenance service providers like Rivmedia ensure that your site is regularly updated, so it continues to run smoothly, without errors for any of your users. 

We provide services such as plugin management, detect and fix security issues like hacking, ensure your software is running smoothly, keep your WordPress core up to date, keep your theme up to date, update plugins, backup your site offline, fix broken links, remove unused plugins and features, remove and monitor spam comments. There are so many maintenance tasks that can be completed to ensure your website stays it’s best – the bigger the site, the more maintenance will be required. 

Rivmedia is a WordPress design, maintenance and management service provider located in Norfolk. We can provide you with all WordPress related services and can even provide you with SEO, digital marketing and bespoke design services. It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is and what your requirements are, we can work with you. 

We’ll do a consultation and share ideas on how to ensure you have the best WordPress website possible.WordPress websites have risen in popularity over the years and as more and more developers add super useful plugins and awesome on-trend themes, business and website owners are now flocking to get themselves a WordPress site. We can move you from your current website provider to a new site on WordPress and we can also upgrade your current WordPress site to improve its look and usability. Whatever service you need you can contact us for assistance! 

Reliable, Responsive Care for your WordPress Website

We make it no secret that we love and are very proud of our customer retention and support response times, we believe that our drive and enthusiasm to provide an excellent service is the single most important factor and reason behind our continuous growth, feel free to get in touch today to see how we can help you and your business.

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