Our Xenforo Services

Xenforo launched in 2010 by former lead developers of vBulletin, it has fast become one of the best forum script’s on the market. Xenforo has been designed with modern UI, is more user friendly than commercial alternatives, with a high standard clean code base.  By default it stands above competitors for out of the box SEO features, which allows owners to easily get the most out of their forum

Xenforo Migrations Services – vBulletin, phpbb, mybb and IPB

As early adopters of the Xenforo and one of the first to road test a conversion from vbulletin to Xenforo on some of our own forums we’ve grown with the script,  over the past couple of years we’ve converted over 80 forums of all sizes from 10k posts to 4 million posts…converting from phpBB, vbulletin 3, vbulletin 4 and IPB.

  • Attention to detail in retaining current search standings with appropriate URL redirects not only for threads/posts but also for categories, archives, attachments and member profiles.
  • BBcode Mismatch correction
  • HTML and Word processed code within posts.

Above are just a couple of things which make migrations a royal pain in the back side for the normal forum admin. With our migration service we thoroughly test your import a number of times and build a migration plan over a couple of weeks making notes and adjustments along the way to ensure your migration is completed with in hours on the day of going live with little or no bugs.  Our attention to detail,  old fashioned customer service and our before and after sales service is second to none. Our long list of repeat and long term clients which have followed us over the past 9 years across a numerous platforms is something we are very proud of.

We opt for planned execution and correction of issues before they are seen live, unlike others which bang out migrations on the fly and then have weeks of bug fixes which could drive away loyal forum members and give the totally wrong impression to a member base who already has to adjust to change, we may very well be more expensive than most but we know you wont be disappointed knowing you can be completely hands off with out having to worry whats going on.

Xenforo New Setup Installs, Updates, backups & Maintenance.

Dealing with forum upgrades and conversions can be tricky. Trying to upgrade your current installation might turn into a disaster if the correct precautions are not put in place.

Out dated templates, add-ons which require regular updates and small bug fixes, all things an updated version of a script can have the potential to cause issues with,  we have a number of payment plans from monthly retainers to an hourly rate. We guarantee that your data will be safe at all times and appropriate precautions are made prior to the update/conversion process.

As apart of the monthly retainers we run regular manual backups on top of your hosts backup plan which means we will always have a redundant off-site backup and historical record of your forum should the unthinkable happen and your host fail to retain a backup that you require months down the line.

Unique Custom Designs/Themes

Although Xenforo offers easy styling and customisation its not for everyone, you might want something more unique. A custom design that really makes your forum stand out from the crowd and doesnt look like the same framework everyone else uses.  Our basic theme framework is never the same for more than one client and for that reason we build options into the framework for purposes that the client needs, this cuts down on bloat from pre-made frameworks and also reduces the need for template work upon Xenforo version releases.

Xenforo Design replication and Wordpres integrations

A lot of our work comes from established sites which already have a design or already have a live website which is built on another platform such as, WordPress, Joomla or custom script. We can make your forum look and feel like your homepage design so it’s cosmetically seamless between two totally different setups, we make recommendations based on functionality and user friendliness across different script types which will not only benefit your community short term but also forward thinking to prevent long term issues as you progress and grow.  If you are looking to copy your existing website design into your Xenforo forum get in touch