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How to Build a Strong Online Reputation and Keep it

In the world of business your reputation often goes before you but how do you build an online reputation and, perhaps more importantly, how do you keep it? If you think of a well-known brand name, you’ll immediately associate them with a particular reputation. As your business grows, you want to be in situations where as soon as an individual sees your company name they know what you do and appreciate your reputation.

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Concentrate on specific areas

One of the biggest problems we have seen in recent times is an inability for business people to focus their operations. The goal of creating a business that will appeal to the mass market is the Holy Grail of the online world, but it does not happen overnight. Many of the successful online businesses that you see today began their life with very different goals and often very various services.

If you were to become the go-to person for a particular business service, then your reputation would go before you and business would boom. The focus of an exceptional service and attention to customer relations allows you to build an online reputation worthy of the care and it gives you foundations from which to grow.

Quality services at reasonable prices

Were you surprised that we used the term reasonable prices? Are you more familiar with terms such as rock bottom prices? While each of us likes the idea of grabbing a bargain, the fact is that in many areas of the modern business world you get what you pay for. Believe it or not, if you promote rock bottom pricing, then it has the potential to turn away higher value customers, sometimes those customers will look elsewhere because the deal looks too good to be true or because a “cheap” services don’t have room for movement. They appreciate the “reasonable costs” of the services they are looking for and the more sensible online business people of today do not want to compromise quality with value.

The idea of promoting regular offers to existing customers and those just starting their relationship with you is very different,  often you have already gained their trust. In this situation, they will see offers and promotions as a means of being “rewarded” and not a compromise of quality over price.


Customer communication

Everybody can run a business which is riding high, gaining excellent feedback from customers but where do you stand when problems start to emerge? Every business in the world will at some point have issues with their clients, whether these are legitimate or not,  these will need to be addressed.

In many cases, it is how you respond to criticism which will ultimately allow you to enhance your reputation and maintain customers who could very easily have looked elsewhere. Those who shy away or ignore customer complaints are putting their businesses at risk, people talk and reputations can very quickly be impacted. Addressing customer complaints promptly, make right any wrongs and be courteous/polite along the way then you could gain more kudos than damage.


It takes years to build an online reputation, and it’s worth its wait in gold once established, but it can take seconds to destroy a reputation. History shows us that the best and most successful businesses can address potential issues and complaints from customers head-on. Very often they will go overboard with apologies, freebies, etc. As a means of keeping customers on board and rebuilding the trust factor going forward.

The resolution of a customer complaint will bring into play many areas of business acumen. Maintaining a courteous and polite manner is vital, addressing the issues to hand goes without saying but also admitting you are wrong and apologising can do wonders. In many cases customers want to feel more in control when dealing with you and if this makes them happy and they keep coming back, is there a problem?

Does your business have a damaged online reputation? Get in touch,  our Reputation management services maybe able to help.