Malware infection or Hacked website?

We specialise the removal of malware from most popular website platforms such as WordPress, vBulletin and Magento. We use advanced scanning through your database and all your website files,  We don’t stop there…! We completely remove all core, plugin and theme files and reupload after a hosting platform cleanse ruling out reinfection from existing rouge file deeply embedded in the site structure.


WordPress Infection Removal Service

  • Complete Malware Removal
  • Google Malware or Virus Blacklisting Removal
  • Full Backups taken before and after completion of work
  • Server and CMS Security Review
  • Hidden Site redirects and content Scans both file and database based.
  • Mass Spam mail backdoor detection and monitoring
  • Hosting services with full DDOS protection ( If required )
  • Admin account review and recommendations
  • Brute Force Attack Prevention
  • Brute Force Attack Prevention

Why you need us..!

  • Hacked or repeat hacked website
  • Malware or Virus Warnings
  • Hidden Visitor redirects
  • Visitors from Search engines being redirected somewhere else
  • Browser and Safe Search black listing
  • Your website is sending out thousands of spam emails
  • Poor Hosting Environment

Database Optimisation & Cleanup

Once complete we give all clients a recommended path for improvements across the entire site,  not only for security but also for performance.  Sometimes recommending replacement plugins or themes for ones we see as a high risk,  either because of abandonment from the original developers or known and repeat security problems.